AT&T Gives Us a Mobile Minute on the LG Nitro HD

Thinking of what AT&T’s service might look like on an HD display? AT&T social media rep Daniel takes on a quick one minute tour of the new handset, showcasing its 329 pixels-per-inch, 4G LTE connectivity, and picture-taking prowess. LG has been able to push out some impressive hardware in recent months but the company is still waiting for their day in the Android sun. Is the Nitro HD (Optimus LTE) a step in the right direction? The new handset will be available December 4th.

[via YouTube]

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  • BroodjeBami

    This thing is so… ugly.

  • toomuchgame441

    a little boring… 

  • G P

    No talk about processor brand? Sounds like nobody even cares about processor anymore. 

    Does it even matter?

    When I got my Nexus One, all I heard about was SNAPDRAGON being so great… 
    Now who is the top dog in processors?

    • Timbo1

      TI OMAP or Samsung Exynos.  Even back when the Snapdragon was released it was highly overrated.  Qualcomm seriously needs to get better GPUs in the Snapdragon line.

  • JoeOnDnet

    It is only rated for 3 hours of battery talk time. That kills it for me. My captivate is rated for 5 hours and most newer, high end android phones are rated for 7 or 8 hours.

  • Timbo1

    ^^^ How is it any different than any other black slab on the market, the bezels arent even that big.

  • randy cowles

    the screen stands out by a large margin. The talk time is defiantly concerning but the there are only so many options on att right now and this is the only one with a hidef screen. the talk time doesn’t bother me if it doesn’t reflect on the battery life of browsing and stuff

  • randy cowles

    and yes of course I want the gnex but who knows how long that will be and the screen is supposed to be better anyway. My biggest concern is dev support. If no one has it ics will probably be a long wait for this phone.