Sony Ericsson: Box.Net Offer Not Yet Live

Sony Ericsson says they have posted the Box.Net promotion details earlier than they were supposed to. The deal was that all Xperia device owners could get 50GB of storage free for downloading the Android app on a Sony Ericsson Xperia device and signing up for an account.

If you have tried but were unable to get the deal, this is why. The promotion does indeed exist, anyway. We just have to wait for Sony Ericsson’s word when it actually goes live. We’ll let you know when that happens. [Sony Ericsson]

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  • jjrudey

    I’ve mentioned this before but I have 50GB for free from a very kind person at XDA a while ago. 

  • Terrormaster

    What about those of us who signed up early because of the early press release? Will we get it or do we now need to sign up AGAIN with a new account?

  • Mental_Moose

    Looks like LG user also gets 50GB.
    Difference is: Theirs is supposedly already Live :D
    Part of my job is testing phones and I have shelves of them at the office.
    Guess who’s trying his box-account on a LG phone first thing tomorrow morning :D

    I wonder if I get 100GB if I also sign in on a Xperia phone when SE launches their deal … :p

  • G-Money

    I tried it on rooted Droid X and got 5gb for free