Galaxy Nexus LTE Images Uncovered in Verizon Site Source Code

We have no idea when Verizon actually plans to launch the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (though there is plenty of speculation), but whatever is going on Big Red is most definitely getting things prepared. Android Forum member Ytram did some digging in the Verizon website’s XML manifest and uncovered the images that will eventually make up the 360 degree preview of the handset. Consider it Verizon’s way of dangling the carrot right in front of our noses.

[via Android Forums]

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  • Max M.

    I’m gonna print out these pictures and tape them to my DX.

    • sc0rch3d

      funny, on so many levels

    • Adolfo Candray

      OMG!  This made me laugh pretty damn hard!

    • MetalWych

      Yeah, that made me laugh too! Good one!

  • FoyBoy326

    Stock photos buried in an XML manifest don’t exactly feel like a “carrot dangling in front of my nose” but… at this point, who cares!

    • Kazem Edmond

      Totally agree.

  • Paladaxar

    Whew…looks like she got a little chunky :)  But that’s ok…I’m willing to put up with a few more mm’s to get more time out of her :)

    • Josh Curtis

      Wrong on so many levels…

      • defrankjs

        But true…

      • Paladaxar

        Haha…that wasn’t intended to come out as dirty as it did :)

    • kidtronic

      Good news! You only have to put up with an extra half of a millimeter. 

    • 1ofdakoolkidz

      I thought the same thing, but consider this it is almost 1/2 mm thinner than the Fascinate.

  • Josh Curtis

    Can’t believe there is no Google logo on back cover…

    • Kelly

      me too, would much rather have a google logo than a verizon one, though I assume at some point someone will be selling iterations / customizations of the cover ( or at least I hope )

    • mvp31415

      I’m buying another back cover to replace the verizon logo with google’s. I refuse to let Verizon basterdize my Galaxy NEXUS!

    • Scott 

      video here shows no google too.

    • Kazem Edmond

      Yeah, what’s going on with that?

  • Kyle Beasley

    Always when I’m about to say screw it and buy a Rezound, there’s some new piece of info about the nexus. Damn you, Verizon. Stop playing games with my heart.

    • Alex Tadevosyan

      Rezound? You really enjoy sense that much?

      • Kyle Beasley

        I love me some sense calendar widgets…but that’s about it. I’m sure we should see some good ICS roms for it pretty soon. Also, my incredible looks like the screen got hit with a hammer. Compliments of some concrete stairs.

      • leenephi

        I just got my wife the black friday red Incredible 2.. and I’m not gonna lie..  Sense is pretty sexy =X  haha.. I rooted it for her right away and put on a custom sbrisson mod still with sense on it :P  Anyway, she was made when I tried putting Cyanogen on her first Incredible.. she didn’t like the AOSP look hehe

      • Magus2300

        Of the plethora of unnecessary UI overlay bull$#!+ out there… I have to say I like Sense the best.  It still sucks and is arguably the most bloated, but it is the nicest IMO.

  • markgbe

    cool, stoked. :)

  • Dan Carter

    Uh, I don’t need any more carrots. Nice to see it’s devoid of any Verizon branding on the front at least. It looks ridiculous on the Droids.

  • sc0rch3d

    Verizon did post a tweet a few hours back telling people to go sign up for updates in which I had two reactions…

    1. hopefully a sign the nexus is coming soon
    2. it’s not here, so FU

    • hfoster52

      I think its #2

      • Eric Rose

        Literal and listed #2 apply because Verizon is taking a crap on us and hopefully not putting crapware on the phone.

  • John

    Damn you vzw. Damn you.

  • jbank

    I thought there was a dock connector on the left side in the GSM version? Am I missing something here?

  • Jordan Pfingsten

    I give up.  Give my ‘Bolt ICS and I will be happy.

    • Magus2300


  • irishrally

    It’s not a real Nexus phone if Verizon is plastered on it.

    • Devinrob

      The front is clean at least

    • Kevin Cox

      It’s still a Nexus phone as long as they don’t put other apps…oh, nevermind.

      Joking aside. I can live with it on the back. A logo on the side of the phone I never look at isn’t going to stop me from getting this.

  • Sebastian Encina

    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

  • Christopher Seavey

    Sigh. I should have put this cash in a CD or something. At least I could have made some money off the 2 month wait….

  • Crazydog

    If this phone had come out already, this would never have happened yesterday! Damn you Verizon! :P

    • endone

      Could have been worse :P 

      If it was out already, you’d have it, and it would have happened to your GN :'( 

      • Nick Mantzoros

        Glass is on Amazon for 30 bucks. really simple to replace. Just go to ifixit or google a droid incredible teardown for a step by step way to take everything apart. there’s some ribbons in there that are delicate. That’s how I replaced my glass when my dog stepped on my phone (managed to step right on the trackpad :-/ )

      • Crazydog

        Na, the physics are all different! :P

    • sc0rch3d

      didn’t that UK guy post a video of throwing his RAZR (w/ gorilla glass) and nexus (w/o it) down a flight of stairs?

      the nexus came out unscathed while the razr’s glass was so shattered the touchscreen was unresponsive

    • kidtronic

      It’s uncanny how much this has been happening in the last few weeks. 

  • ckeegan

    I’ve been following smartphone launches since 2004, and this is easily the tightest “lid” I’ve ever seen.

  • goldemi

    This Chiquita Banana sticker from the banana I’m eating should just about cover up that vzw logo, with no loss of looks (hate that logo)

    • Guardian4673

      Monster Energy Import sticker for me. I have one on my Nexus S 4G and there is no good reason for it. :-) btw first post using Disqus on a mobile, not very fluid.

  • GarnetRuggedVanterpool

    Why is verizon playing with my emotions..

  • Cody Taylor

    The soft buttons look ugly with the gray background….

  • CoolBreeze_777

    If the phone is not released in the next 2 weeks im saying fuck it and jumping ship. fuck u verizon right about now!!!

  • Cody Taylor

    Why are the soft keys gray?????  The black looked infinitely better

  • creektrails

    I finally sent verizon an email and complained about “NO INFORMATION ON RELEASE” and a rep called me about an hour ago.  She apologized “so that made it all better” and said that it would be out before the year end.  SHe sent an email also and this is how they word it.  (we are still on track to announce the availability of the Galaxy Nexus
    by Samsung this year. As advised, I encourage you to sign up at" rel="nofollow"> so you will be alerted when this device becomes available.)  Her expanation for the delay was that they wanted to be absolutely sure it would work flawlessly on their system.  Do you all feel any better?I dont really.

  • james

    Looks like the curved screen is gone. That’s my favorite part!!!

    • Daniel

       no, it’s still there.  verizon cant change the design of the phone

      • james

        They did just that when they added the Verizon logo, two apps and changed the color.

  • Clayton Anderson

    I don’t care that there is a VZW logo on the back of the phone. I just don’t want any VZW inside my phone! Is that so wrong?! GIT YO HANDS OUTTA MY NEXUS, VERIZON!…oh and RELEASE INTO THE PHONE INTO MY HANDS NOW!  – disgruntled, impatient Verizon contract holder.

  • Vinod M

    I work for a company which has a verizon rep stationed – she told us Dec 7th is their ICS training day ~ so 8th seems logical. She also told me originally the training was Nov 23rd and it got pushed to Dec 7th now (2 weeks after thanksgiving..damn it)…

  • Fixxmyhead

    Pass. I don’t want a Verizon tramp stamp on the back of my nexus

  • sherry

    ye gads, i have “order prime” on my calendar for Dec 8. we are all totally nuts. I’ve had to buy a samsung galaxy tab 8.9 to pacify myself. just had to do it!

  • Nudo

    now that’s some hardcore journalism right there

  • Tomato88

    Oh noes! Verizon brandings! My eyes! My eyes!!

  • Guardian4673

    Monster Energy Import sticker for me.

  • Jdog25

    Well guys I officially don’t care anyone about these rumors since I got this bad boy today.

    • cubbey

      Good for you jdog… let us know how you like it :)  Did you order the GSM or the HSPA version? (ie the slim one or the fat one?) 

      • Jdog25

        I ordered the GSM/HSPA+ version (they are the same one) and I love it, ICS is so fast and smooth. I am still moving everything over from my Nexus S at the moment. I actually installed 4.0 on a Vibrant the other day and it dramatically sped up that old phone, even faster then CM 7 did. There are a lot of features that Google doesn’t even mention in 4.0 and I need to write them all down when I get a chance. The screen is so clear that when I did a comparison between it and my Nexus S the Nexus S looks all blurry now, LOL. This is not a small upgrade like previous ones. I have always gotten upgrades first since I have used every Google phone since day one of Android.

        The thick Nexus is the CDMA/LTE model.

        • cubbey


          I’m really looking forward to this device.  If you get a chance, I’d love to hear about some of the features that aren’t necessarily being shouted from the mountaintops.  Coming from a Droid Incredible, this is going to be a HUGE update for me.

          And yeah, stupid me – I meant CDMA but typed GSM.  lol.  Guess I should have had more coffee this morning.  :)

  • Kyle

    Question. My OG Droid contract is up on the 11th. Will I lose the opportunity to be grandfathered in with unlimited data if this thing isn’t released or made available for pre–order by the time my contract expires? Noob question, I’m sure, but I wouldn’t put this past these clowns to delay things in order to minimize the OG Droid contract roll–overs…

    • sir23joe

      It grandfathers in man, you’re fine. As long as you dont cancel of course

  • Maggie DiMarco‎‎

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