Dish Network Advertising Logitech Revue with Android 3.1, Update Nowhere to Be Found

Shortly before Google announced the rollout of Android 3.1 for Google TV (Google TV 2.0), Logitech began shipping their final batch of Revue set-top boxes with a sticker advertising the new software. The manufacturer confirmed with us that the new version of Android did not come installed out of the box and would rather touch down as an over-the-air update at a later point. With Sony devices already receiving the new version of Google TV along with access to the Android Market, owners of Logitech boxes have been left out in the cold.

Further adding to the confusion, Google TV partner DISH Network is now advertising the Logitech Revue as shipping with the latest update and access to “the apps you love.” This simply isn’t the case, not at the moment. Anyone buying the Revue on grounds of the newly advertised features will be disappointed out of the box. The most they can offer us is an update on the status of the Android 3.1 software for the Revue, which is now said to be coming by the end of the year.

We like the Logitech Revue and eagerly await the fresh Google TV 2.0 makeover, but for anyone receiving the Revue as a gift this holiday season it might not have the functionality advertised. It’s just a smaller side effect of the larger issue of Android fragmentation. Despite Google’s best efforts to unify their platform, manufacturers are not delivering updates in the timeliest of fashion. It hasn’t been the kiss of death for Android phones, but for a struggling platform like Google TV it doesn’t help one bit. We understand that Logitech had to get their last batch of Revue boxes out to retailers in time for the holiday shopping season, but slapping the “Android 3.1″ sticker on top might have been a bit premature.

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  • Scott Tompkins

    It’s coming “In the coming weeks… ” haha

    • NightAngel79

      So completely sick and tired of the ‘in the coming weeks’! I even got a email saying that a month ago.


      • Scott Tompkins

        Haha, No Kidding! I’m convinced this “soon” and “coming weeks” is an inside joke at Google… Remembering back to them announcing the N1 getting Gingerbread “in the coming weeks”… well, technically 2 months later was in the coming weeks, though any time in the future fits that criteria!

  • zachariah smiley

    Thats funny because thats why I bought mine from dish 2 and a half weeks ago. The customer service people for the most part aren’t even aware dish carries a logitech revue. I use mine all the time would be a whole lot user friendly with the update though.

  • Will Herrick

    I bought a Revue about the time the Sony devices were receiving the update. 

    2 weeks later the update was still ‘a few weeks’ away so I returned it because, frankly, it’s a piece of crap. I built a HTPC instead and have been much happier.I usually like Logitech’s products but the Revue really sucks. I just can’t fathom why they’re taking so long with the update.

    • roebling

      Had 3 HTPCs before buying this Logitech Revue and I know it’s no PC.  But the Revue’s keyboard’s the best, web surfing on it’s good, plus the Revue makes my $200 Walmart DVR into a TIVO, minus the $20-per-month TIVO programming charge.

  • Rafal Krawczyk

    This “mirage release date” is starting to be annoying.
    Get your sh*t together Logitech!

  • ColorblindMonk

    I took mine back to Best Buy a few days ago. It just wasn’t worth the wait for me. I can see why there won’t be a follow up to the Revue from Logitech.

  • gallery69

    Logitech must be sleeping with Verizon.

    • James Friedman

      I wish they were so they would make Google TV Fios babies…

  • Tim Swann

    I reached out to Logitech and got a response that stated “by the end of the year”.  I still find that unacceptable since this was promised last year to be “coming soon”

    • JRomeo

      well, “by the end of the year”, and “within the next 31 days”, and “soon” are really all the same considering within 31 days ACTUALLY IS soon…. its a month….

      • Uncle Paul

        Yes but they said “soon” months ago :P

  • Anthony Moore

    I like the Revue. Bought one at the $129 bundle price point and sold my Apple TV. I REALLY wanted a browser and Apple TV was too much of a hassle to J/b and the browser was limited. However w/o the update, th Logi is basically WEBTV circa 1996. I took it back and got the Sony. I like the Revue form and keyboard better than the Sony, but functionally, I have access to apps (well some)- most importantly (or so i thought) was Google Music. Google Music rejected 300 of my songs and I don’t like the way the box processes audio. Apple TV did a decent job at that. Hey at worse, I have a Blu Ray and a Netflix player for $159. I wish either Apple, MS, or Google would get it right. Apple does my music from iTunes great to the Home Theater- but no browser or social media interaction while watching content. Google does browser and some social media pretty well but the music part sucks. I had a Mac Mini as my HT hub last year, but was not happy with my video being limited to the DV output of the Mac and the audio analog. There are mac Mini’s that now have HDMI but that’s out of my price range at between $400-$700. Hopefully someone will develop a good media player for the Google TV to complete what I’m looking for

    • Uncle Paul

      Google Music is working great for me

  • david brand

    Buying a Revue simply because an update was “coming” and then bringing it back because it didnt receive it fast enough for your liking is lame and childish. the Revue even without the market and apps is amazing, I use it every day because it delivers on the promise of using the net on my TV.. that is the whole purpose of internet TV, I thought that was obvious….

    Guess u idiots missed the point

    • Uncle Paul

      While I agree to some degree, someone can just go out and buy a Sony or other device and have the update. Logitech pretty much screwed the pooch killing off their GoogleTV line, which is surely making people think twice about buying a Logitech Revue.

      • david brand

        honestly I think in the long run Logitech “screwed” themselves. I know they said if GTV swings up theyll get back in the game, but I think by then it will be too little too late, for them anyways.

    • Tech_Man

      That’s your reason for using it.  It’s presumptuous to think that everyone uses a product for the same reason or the same way as you. Other people want the apps. It’s lame and childish to think everyone is like you.

  • Scott Stafford

    This is some bullshit. I expected better from Logitech.

    • samagon

      i’ve expected nothing of them, less disappointment that way.

  • BradKnepper

    Update aside the Revue seems cool for what it is. At 300 plus or what ever it was when it first hit, that has to be hard to swallow it all but to me it does not seem like such a bad product at the 99 price point

  • Jerry Peña

    Looks like they only have a month left, they did say it would come out before the end of the year after all.

  • Sean Nebel

    I bought mine recently.  I use it daily.  I have no pay tv save netflix and i am satisfied.  Honeycomb will be nice when it comes out but as-is it beats the hell outta the 4 year old dell laptop i was using.  I know longer need to be within 5 feet of the tv to read text.  All that and i bought the webcam bundle for $105 then turned around and sold the cam on ebay for 80. So for $25,  it was a steal even without gtv 2.0.

  • samster11

    Can someone explain to me why Google TV would be based on Android 3.1 and not Android 4.0?     

    Surely one OS across phones, tablets and TV is the way forward?

    • Uncle Paul

      Tell that to Logitech who spoke the word of death to all their GTV devices.

  • Seun Ogunlegan

    Those Bastards at Logitech need to hurry up with this damn update.  If they are so disappointed by the whole GoogleTv experience, why not just release the update and wash their hands of it.  Why keep wasting time?

    • Individualist_Conformity

      Download the 3.1 update (a beta), drag to a USB stick, rename, put the Reuve into recovery mode, and install. Then setup as before.
      All together, about 20 minutes.

      Links here,

      Definitely worth it and, when they do the update, it should install itself or just go through the same process with the final. Only thing not working I saw was TV & Movies. Downloading apps works fine in the market. Overall, definitely worth it for such a superior interface.

  • Ethere

    I, like others, couldn’t fathom buying the Revue at the $300 price point it came out with. So I recently bought it at $100. I do love the fact I can now surf the internet on my 46″ TV. That almost makes the Revue worth the hundred bucks. I am looking forward to the update. TBH, I’ve loved every Logitech product I own. Even the Revue in it’s current state.

  • johncl1

    It looks like Google has done their part. Sony has the update. Logitech Revue does not. Logitech will loose my business forever if they keep this “in a few weeks” crap up. My feeling is that they have no financial incentive to get this update out so they probably really just don’t care. Like I said they are about to loose my business and a lot of other people’s business forever by not taking care of their customer after the sale. Shows what type of company they really are.