Cluzee Aims to be the Siri for All Devices (And Could Probably One-Up It) [Video]

Cluzee has released a personal assistant application in the Android market today and it adds similar functionality that has iPhone 4S users going crazy – Siri-like voice commands. While we’re not sure of Cluzee’s library of responses is as vast as Siri’s, their promo video shows it looks to be a lot more deep.

Instead of just reading off your meeting details or showing you the weather, it will apparently go a step further. Asking Cluzee what your next appointment is will not only tell you when and where it is, but it will tell you what time you need to leave to make it, which streets or highways, it can mail or message people relevant to that meeting with whatever you want and more.

Siri will still be ahead as far as the sheer amount of commands it can handle but with future updates Cluzee could become as great as it, if not better. Its claim to fame will be that it will be available on all platforms through HTML5. Us Android users don’t have to wait, though, as the application is already available (for free, no less) in the Android market. Give it a spin,will you?

[Update]: I have tried the app myself and am unable to do anything without getting a force close error. Many market comments also echo similar sentiments. Not a good first impression, I’d say. We’re sure it’ll be fixed quite soon.

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  • Nudo

    COOL! can you toss up a link to the market pretty please :)

  • Corey McAvoy

    all good and dandy, except the fact that a ton of people say it force closes and doesnt work on multiple devices…..

  • tdizzel

    Let the Apple lawsuit commence in 3…2…1…

    • stinkymeet

      sue for what?

      • Sean

        They will come up with something I’m sure…

      • acey_zero

        Didn’t you know?  Apple invented voice commands!  And voice recognition in general.  And the English language.

    • JMcGee

      Very true. My company has already let us know that we’re going to have to let our personal assistants go. Hopefully we’re not too late to avoid a lawsuit, now that Apple invented the personal assistant.

      • Ismael Rodriguez


  • Jon

    I’m running Samsung Fascinate with jt’s Ice Cream Sandwich. Unfortunately, it won’t even show in the marketplace for me. 

  • Corey McAvoy

    annnndddd, it force closed like everyone said. not working on OG Droid

    • stinkymeet

      works on mine.

  • BTLS

    Someone must have asked it when the G-Nex is releasing and it fried the whole system

  • rohdawg

    not seeing it in the market….pulled because of all the FC’s perhaps?

  • jonnywin


    • stinkymeet

      because you didn’t think of it, jonnyfail?

      • jonnywin

        Not at all….lame because it doesn’t work.  Your name says “stinkymeet”….did you mean “meat”?  As in, “I like to eat meat”?

  • furrba11

    Seems to work ok for me, HTC Desire HD

  • Thierry

    Samsung Nexus S: This item is not compatible with your device.
    HTC Sapphire/Magic/MT3G: This one is compatible
    Yep, look like an interesting product.Too bad it only run on 2 1/2 years old hardware only.

  • Jeroen Heijster

    Works on my Samsung Galaxy S II :)

    • Nipun Aggarwal

      how is it goin so far…is it good …pls tell

  • David Nguyen

    says it isn’t compatible with my HTC Sensation…wtf..?!?

    • Adrian Maynard

      Also is incompatible with G2x. Oh well…

  • Sue West

    Reading the reviews it appears that this app works on some rooted phones. I may be paranoid, but I suspect it requests a lot, if not all, permissions. Is anyone sure this is not malware (again, I may be paranoid, but common sense says don’t download apps that request a ton of permissions when you don’t know anything about it or the developer). Did anyone test the app before posting fabulous articles about it? Siri is the buzzword of the day. Everything about this app seems suspicious to me and I typically do not walk around with a tin foil hat. 

    • stinkymeet

      You are wearing a tin foil hat, suze

    • Loren Cogar

      It needs tons of permissions as this app can do everything for you.  I am loving it!!  Works better than anything else out there!

  • Mark Seven

    Shoulda tried it before u wrote about it Sherlock.  Can’t see the video at work btw…

  • wakkoman

    LMAO.. Phandroid writers can’t even spend 5 seconds trying to install it and back up their ridiculous claims… what kind of shit show do you run here?

    • ScottColbert

      Don’t you have an Apple to suck?

      • wakkoman

        Your mom’s boobs taste like apples.

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      So I can’t write about an app unless I’ve used it now? I never said I was able to use the app in the first place. I wasn’t going based on my actual experience, but rather the list of features promised and the video demos I’ve seen. I didn’t make any “claim” myself, simply said that it could surpass Siri with future updates.

      • gorkon

        Yeah you should at LEAST check your links.  TO be fair, Phandroid is not the only one who has a bad link.  I can’t find this on my phone or the web interface so it looks like they took it down.

        • Karin Lundquist

          The link worked for me from this story, but unless your device is compatible you won’t be able to find it in the search feature in the market on your phone. 

          • gorkon

            The link to the marketplace?  That should work from a desktop regardless of devices you have.  It should at LEAST tell you your devices are not compatible.  I just signed out of the market, tried the link and it still doesn’t work.  They took it off the market apparently.

        • Quentyn Kennemer

          They actually took it off of the market after I posted this story, likely due to the bug.

      • Aeires

        Vlingo, Iris, SpeakToIt, Assitant, and now Cluzee (and probably others as well), which one is the best?  Has Phandroid done an article on TTS apps recently?

  • Loren Cogar

    Working very well here on my Droid Bionic.  Out of all that I have tried this is the best so far.

  • Jayrock

    works on my droid x cm7

  • Jason Baum

    Works fine on my Thunderbolt. I just asked it the meaning of life, and it gave me a real answer! Pretty cool so far.

    • droid.

      works on my droid x CM 7 as well. Received a couple force closes but just a part of the app and not the whole application. 

  • Viper

    Apple made voice based software popular – even though voice commands have been existing since the early nokia phones as well

  • Jason Nguyen

    I guess I’m one of the few who isn’t interested in this at all. I’m not a fan of speaking to my electronics. I never use the voice commands on my car. I never use the voice command features built into Android. When Siri came out, it didn’t interest me at all. The only talking you’ll see me do on my phone is to a person on the other end.

    • pzoo

      I’m not one for talking at my phone either, especially in an office or public space, so I’m only mildly curious.  But I do have a work-mate who recently purchased the iPhone… we arranged a meeting, he spoke it into his phone, and it showed up on his Outlook calendar with a reminder.  It was pretty slick.

    • tjpeco

      You’re really missing out.

      On the way home from work and want to pick up takeout?

      “Call Fuji Sushi”


      Can’t find that bar that your buddy was talking about?

      “Map of Drunken Whale bar”

      Its so useful that I honestly couldn’t live without it.

  • duke69111

    Not even showing up in the market on my OG Droid. The online market says its not compatible. Funny how the end of the video say “For All Devices” in the bubble.

  • selonmoi

    This app is incompatible with my Nexus One and my Nexus S. Yeah, I know, I’ve got some pretty esoteric hardware.


  • John Howes

    Doesn’t work on the Samsung Galaxy S……that’s what I get for buying such an unheard of phone

  • Spence from KC

    I tried to install this on my T-Mobile G2x, but it would not let me. It said it was incompatible, even though I have the latest update for the G2x. Any suggestions?

  • Danny Spaide

    well, its not compatabile with ANY of my devices….come on

  • tjpeco

    So this is different than Iris, or Jeannie how?

    Already sooo many “digital assistants” out there.

  • John Landgrave

    Appears to have been removed from the market? Doesn’t show up in a search through the web interface…

    • droid.

      Showed up for me did you try the link

      • John Landgrave

        I get a link not found when clicking yours and the one in the article =( Not using a proxy server or anything, don’t know why it won’t work.

      • Randy Willard

        I just get this message
        We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.

      • Sean Reeser

        This just worked for me (web browser). At first it said it was incompatible, then I closed the install dialogue and it said it was compatible with all my devices. Clicked install again and it let me do it.

        Force Close on Samsung Charge.

  • Cluzee

    Hi, I am the creator of Cluzee. We are analyzing the FC reports and will post an update soon. Some of the users have reported that Cluzee does not show up on Marketplace from their devices. That means Cluzee does not support the device. If the phone uses the web link to download and install it, some of the features may not work or fc.

    • John Landgrave

      Did you all remove it from the web client search list?

    • Randy Willard

      I have a Samsung Galaxy S II and I can’t find Cluzee in the App Market. Are you saying that you don’t support new phones?

    • Karin Lundquist

      I have a Droid Incredible.  Totally sucks that it isn’t compatible.

      • Cleon Wilson

        What are you talking about I just installed it on my DInc directly from the Market, had 3 FC’s already but I wouldn’t call Shenanigans just yet.

    • The_ATL_Guy

      it works pretty well on my sensation. 
      Unfortunately though I gave it one star because while the list shows the reminders nothing else happens to notify me. 
      Sort of defeats the purpose of setting a reminder. 
      Looks like you have a lot of work to do

      • Cluzee

        If you set up reminders, they would show up during the daily brief. 

        • The_ATL_Guy

          So your saying the reminders went pop up to remind you? Should I tie string to my fingers to remind me to check my list of reminders?

    • AM16

      Don’t understand if you’re publicly releasing for Android phones it should be available to ALL.  You’re creating negative image for Cluzee by allowing it to be only available to certain Droid phones

      • Josh Fredrickson

        Most of the apps in the appstore don’t work for every Android Phone. Your post is pretty darn uninformed, and negative.

        Many phones have different operating systems, and hardware specs vary from phone to phone.

        • AM16

          seems I’m not the only one who feels that way currently the negative ratings outnumber positive in the market feedback. 

    • Aeires

      The Android community is cheering this on, hope all the bugs get worked out, it looks much better than Siri.

      • The_ATL_Guy

        Yes it comes with reminders that don’t remind you. It’s cutting edge

  • Freak4Dell

    Probably better to just stick to SpeakToIt for now, considering this one seems to be incompatible with a ton of phones and doesn’t work properly on the ones that it is compatible with.

  • Dan Fryling

    Installed on GsII works ok

  • jeremyseattle

    Bummer, not compatible with my Inspire (running Android Revolution HD 6.1.1).  It is compatible with my old Aria…  I’m not even going to try it on that thing, though.

  • Alexander Ramirez

    “Cluzee, search for the best porn.”

    Cluzee: “Found: Brazzers; The worlds best porn site. I opened up a premium account for you and set a few hardcore videos in your queue.”

  • Kevin brown

    ….compatible with Droid Eris hahahah  yea!!

  • nick

    This sucks. I wouldn’t even read my texts. I’m getting a 4s

  • Rob Klockman

    Galaxy S2 Epic Touch on Caulkin and not having problem with it. Just downloaded from the market and used for a few searches – No crashes. This will be interesting to see how it grows.

  • Haggie

    I’ll try it when the first 30 reviews are higher than one star and don’t have the letters “F” and “C” next to each other…

  • Pink Floyd

    Um, did the Phandroid staff take the time to read the reviews on the market?   Rhetorical.  This site is getting really, really shitty.

  • Ian Smith

    Stupid name but so is Siri

  • The_ATL_Guy

    It seems like Siri works much better. I also love the camera on my iPhone 4s. It’s SWEEEEET! Thanks apple!

    • Adrie H

      you spend an awful lot of time reading abt android apps. Bored with your iphone?

      • The_ATL_Guy

        no you’re just used to things taking forever to get something done with your android phone

        • The_ATL_Guy

          there was a study on c net that showed that apple users have a lot more free time than android users

  • iKing_2

    Wait a minute…..are you fandroids actually trying to TALK TO YOUR PHONES???? I thought you didn’t CARE about that? (not that I ever believed it) Looks like some serious Siri-envy in here! Lmao!!!

  • Xcelr8ion

    Sensation 4G not compatible damn that stinks! Wonder if I run CM7 instead of Insertcoin if it would work?