Rumor: Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus Going Up For Presale Tomorrow, Releasing on Previously Rumored Dec. 8th


There have been a LOT of rumors regarding the Galaxy Nexus and its launch date on Verizon. Dates have come and gone and the rumor mongering has just gotten silly. One of the most recent is that the device is coming December 8th – enough credible sources have claimed this date for us to put some actual stock into it.

How about an independent rumor of that date alongside a rumored preorder date? ComputerWorld hears it from who they call a reliable source that device presales will be going up tomorrow, November 29th.

Verizon usually only starts the presale parties a couple of days before a device launch but there have been a couple of special cases where we’d see devices go up for pre-order one or even two weeks ahead of a device’s launch date. Fingers crossed that all of this is true! I guess we’ll know in 24 hours’ time. [Computerworld via AndroidForums.com]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hopefully this time, the rumor is true.

  2. one can only hope. if not, on to the next rumored “confirmed” date

  3. The echo chamber that is the internet continues.  Hope the blogs are right, otherwise they’ll look like….blogs.


    1. I think “OH PLEASE VERIZON!!!” may work better, as it seems like God also can’t make VZW to release any date soon……

  5. I’m not getting my hopes up.  Actually, my hopes are about as low as they can get.

    1. Yep! My hopes are at the same level… tomorrow they might be higher, but most likely, not :)

  6. My blood pressure can’t take this.. really… it can’t. 

  7. I give up, the HSPA+ version will release whenever it releases…

  8. Can’t wait… (Droid Eris user since November 2009)

    1. Cyanogenmod  it!
      If you do, I guarantee you will love your phone. (until you upgrade to an ICS device)http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/HTC_Eris:_Full_Update_Guide

      Turn the volume off and check this video:

      1. Oh yes, I have it rooted to Cyanogenmod 7.1.0 with Gingerbread 2.3.7! But it’s still laggy when I have it customized with widgets, even after overclocking to 710 Mhz. I can’t even play Greedy Spiders well with it… been waiting patiently on the Galaxy Nexus.

        1.  Oh man do I feel your pain.  Im using the same ROM and even OCed to 768mhz I can barely get it to keep playing spotify when i get a text or an email.  Hell, even getting spotify running is a chore in and of itself as is most apps.  I cannot wait for the Nexus.  A friend of mine just got the Skyrocket.  If i wasnt granfathered into unlimited for verizon I would have been very tempted to jump ship a while ago, especially seeing as how Ive had an upgrade for so long

    2. Even with CM, it still blows…I’m still pissed that Verizon was allowed to sell me such a POS in the first place…nearly criminal…

  9. I hope so…This is getting really old and it seems like the UK is having a blast with these phones.  Does VW usually allow to preorder online and in the store or do they usually make it one or the other?

  10. Can’t wait for tmobiles.
    Hope u enjoy verizon customers

  11. This news sucks, I want it released tomorrow with same-day shipping. :(

  12. You know what…I’ve just reached my breaking point.  Verizon has until a week from Friday (Dec. 9) to release…not announce…RELEASE this phone or I’m jumping carriers and getting a Galaxy S II.  My employer pays my phone bill, and that is the ONLY reason I’m still with Verizon, but I don’t even care anymore.  It would be worth coughing up an extra $100 month just to be done with fricken Verizon!  

    1. So, let me get this straight.  If the Galaxy Nexus isn’t released by December 9th, your plan is to leave Verizon so you can not only pay your own phone bill (which you may very well have unlimited data grandfathered), but you’re also going to get a phone with a lower-res screen WITH Touchwiz-coated Gingerbread.  It probably won’t even see ICS until April or May.

      Oh, well that just makes no sense whatsoever.

      1. If someone told you, “I’ll pay your rent if you let me sodomize you with no lubrication on a weekly basis” would you take the free lodging along with the rectal annihilation?  Perhaps you would, but personally, I’m not into being anally violated.  That’s pretty much what it feels like sometimes being on my company’s Verizon contract.  I have no say over anything regarding my own line, and Verizon just makes it worse by screwing over their customers every chance they get.

        And I don’t know where you’ve been, but the Galaxy S II is easily the best Android device available in the US right now.  Even when the G-Nex comes out, many have made a case that the Exynos chip is superior to the OMAP.  All the GSII needs is an ICS update, which you know will come eventually, and it will be on a whole different level.  Even without ICS I bet the GSII benchmarks as high or higher than the G-Nex.  And Touchwiz can easily be terminated.

        Makes plenty of sense to me.

        1. Yes, because sodomy and a phone are so closely related.

          I have no doubt that the SII would benchmark higher than the Galaxy Nexus, given the fact that I don’t know of a single benchmarking tool that takes advantage of the acceleration in ICS. The SGSII still has a lower res screen, and it’s still not a Nexus, regardless of what cutom ROMs you can put on it, or the fact that you can get rid of TouchWiz. Still won’t receive official update in remotely close to the same time frame.

          To each his own, but setting an ultimatum to end someone else paying your phone bill is stupid no matter how you look at it. Especially given the fact that you know the phone will be in the coming week. Then again, you compared sodomy to your smartphone situation, so you’re clearly not that smart.

          1. Benchmarks aside, I’ve watched quite a few video reviews that showed some lag. With a dual core processor and hardware acceleration there’s no excuse for that. Throw in all the random bugs and ICS starts to look a lot less desirable.

            And putting a stop to someone paying my phone bill might seem foolish to you, but that’s because you are a Walmart greeter. I actually have beyond a high school education and was able to obtain a decent paying job. I have something called discretionary income. You’re probably not familiar with that term. How about you close your browser and go home so the person waiting behind you can use the library’s computer.

          2. So, you’re going to get the SGSII and hope it never gets updated to ICS, since it causes so much lag? Makes total sense.

            Your second paragraph is a good one though. My company pays my cell phone bill too. Difference: I own the company.

    2. Sounds like the Froyo issue all over again.  The fact remains, Verizon has the best nationwide coverage period.  This phone is far from the best on the market, so why bother getting upset over a release date regarding an inferior device, when there is much better to choose from?  Google experiece?  Who cares….root it rom it and be done with it.

      1. not everybody is a rooter, and dont under estimate optimization.  There’s a reason iphones are snappier than most androids with “inferior specs.”  There’s also a reason many sources claim nexus to be best android ever if not phone of the year.  So although thats a subjective point, “Far from best” is a little far from the truth.  

        Raw numbers from a spec sheet rarely ever tell the phone story my friend, especially when software is involved.  

  13. I’ve been told by a VZW employee and friend that Verizon is not allowed to discuss the galaxy nexus until Dec 1st.  I think this would also make more sense with respect to the Dec 8th release date.  I’ll be very surprised if pre-orders start tomorrow.  Usually employees are given at least a day heads-up … my friend still has not been given that heads up.   

    1. I got a text message from someone at Verizon telling me to be patient and that the phone has been CONFIRMED to release on December 8th and Pre-order tomorrow

      I just wish the CEO of T-Mobile would call me and let me know that he’s keeping a Gnex for me with my name on it 


  14. Oh Phandroid, why do you toy with my emotions?

  15. I waiting till the new year before I upgrade. Still rocking my OG Droid 1, running the newest Liquid ROM and loving it, for now.

  16. Hoping this time it is true although I am not going to get to excited until I see it on verizon’s site with the little button that says add to cart.

  17. Will the LTE Verizon GN have GSM hardware?  In other words if I am a T-Mo customer and I want a GN can I buy the Verizon version without subsidy?  Or do I need to order from England?

    1. Unfortunately not, GSM and CDMA/LTE versions different hardware wise, unlike the iPhone 4S.

  18. I’ll wait as long as it takes. The first true 4G LTE phone with ICS. The Galaxy Nexus was made with and for Android 4.0, yes other phones will get ICS but they were not made for it. PLUS no OEM crap, I mean come on people have some patience.  Wait till 2012?? naw I don’t want a quad core phone with what I am guessing to have such terrible battery life you will need an extension cord with you at all times.  I mean these dual core phones don’t have great battery life, what more from a phone do you want? Do you want it to wipe your a** for you? I watched the samsung/google unveiling again today, Watching it made me want to wait until next year for this phone and want it in my pocket right now at the same time. 

    1.  How many times do people have to be told that dual core improves battery life, as will quad core

  19. Gotta tell you, it feels really great and freeing to not give a crap about this phone’s release anymore. I just wish these sites would get over it already. 2/3 stories are about the damn thing and its not slowing down.

    I’ll be glad when its out and I can actually read interesting articles about android online. Its just a stupid device, its not going to change your world.

  20. this launch is disgraceful.

  21. News of the pre order is on yahoo news!!!!! I think I need new underwear.

      1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus pre-orders start tomorrow, Nov. 29: report
        There you go.

        sorry didn’t link

        1. “Confirmation” equating to second hand account of a reported phone conversation.

  22. Until Verizon says it I don’t believe it

  23. I just stopped by my VZW store (corporate, not 3rd party retailer) and was told “Here is what Verizon wants me to tell you…go to their nexus page and sign up for email alerts” I paraphrased…but whatever.  He said that he has no other news to report, they haven’t heard anything.

  24. Great, now when will the GSM version officially hit the US?!?

  25. WHELP!  It’s officially almost 10 minutes after 12am PST. and there is no sign of the Galaxy Nexus on the VZW site or any LEGITIMATE retailer sites.  Another “official” rumor fail! ;)

  26. No pre-sale yet! I check the website and no mention of the Nexus pre-sale.

  27. this rumor turned out to be true.  i’m being sarcastic.  who’s the idiot who said this and started spreading it?

  28. As we hold our collective breath… Let’s cross our fingers. Doesn’t really matter to me though. I won’t be pre-ordering. I picked up a Rezound “rental” to replace my aging Env Touch. The downside is that I have go in the store, return my current device and snag a Galaxy Nexus. I’ll probably have to take time off of work to do it too. :-(

    1. I’m in the exact same boat – I could care less about a pre-order – Just let us know when it will be in stores already.  The rezound is nice – but not ice cream sandwich nice.

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