Rogers Launches Motorola RAZR at Birthday Cake, Cake Loses

Motorola’s ads for the RAZR feature the super-slim handset slicing through all sorts of objects. The display of strength and cutting edge techonology was no doubt the result of digital effects and post-production magic. Rogers took the concept one step further, launching the RAZR from a high-powered air canon. For real. The target? An egg and a birthday cake. The result? Expected. Spoiler alert: the RAZR survives. The cake does not. Need more be said?

[via MobileSyrup]

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  • Derek Wolfe


  • Ken M

    That’s certainly better than the awful secret agent commercials Verizon’s been running for it.

    The Droid schtick was cute at first, but the Bionic and Razr ads have ruined it.

  • TrennisHostetler


  • sc0rch3d

    poor cake, it never had a chance

  • Ibzan Perez

    what a perfectly wasted cake!

  • srickert12


  • woohaaha

    why does the egg float up?

    • Kevin Proudler

      the air blast from the canon.  the candles went out as well i think

      • barry99705

        Yea, they had to keep it close so they could hit the targets before the phone started to tumble.

  • Jack Ruppel

    It’s a shame the cake never existed.

    • Cris Tate

      The cake is a lie!

      • Alexander Ramirez

        But… But, we were told there would be cake after all the testing! 

  • Cuneo13

    Great photography! Where does one purchase a cannon like that to shoots a cell phone?

  • Ken Pauley

    That is juvenile and irresponsible.

    Thumbs up. 

  • Alexander Ramirez

    “Let’s fire it at an Apple phone next.”