Verizon Has Security Update on the Way for the HTC Rhyme, Gingerbread for the Droid Charge

Verizon has a couple of updates queued up as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday. Both the HTC Rhyme and Samsung Droid Charge are in line for updates, as revealed by recent changelog postings to Verizon’s support site. For the Rhyme, an 8.89MB update moves the handset’s softwrae to build number 1.26.605.11, which brings several security patches to the device including one addressing a data privacy hole found in HTC handsets. In addition, the Twitter API has been updated as well as a few minor bugs.

The Droid Charge get a more noteworthy update in the form of Android 2.3. The software upgrade brings all the expected features of the Gingerbread Android release along with security fixes, updates to the user interface, and Verizon’s Download Manager app. You can read up on the software changes over at Verizon’s support site (Rhyme, Droid Charge).

[via DroidLife, AndroidCentral]

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  • Ivan Gretic

    My sisters Rhyme have build number 1.29.401.7, hows that o.O
     And I have 1 question/problem with Rhyme:
    In my wireless router I reserve IP address for Rhyme, put it in bandwidth rule list and that’s ok then I go in wireless advanced settings in phone, set static IP and put manually some other IP address (different from one in the router). Phone then use that IP from phone and not from router. One way to avoid bandwidth control :)
    Can some one tell me is that HTC/Rhyme/Sens’s or generally Android’s problem?

     p.s. I don’t have right now more droids for putting that on test.