GameStop Pushes ASUS Transformer Prime Release Date Up to 12/9 [UPDATE]

Looking to pick up the ASUS Transformer Prime, the world’s first quad-core Android device? It appears it will be available sooner than you think. GameStop has pushed up the release date listed on their website it November 28th (Update: Gamestop’s site is now showing 12/9), which puts the launch at the beginning of next week. For $539.98 GameStop will sell you the 32GB Transformer Prime and toss in a collection of free games as well as a $60 discount on a gaming controller for tablets. Sounds like a decent deal. Anyone planning to pick the Prime up when it launches?

[GameStop via AndroidForums | Thanks zx10droid!]

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  • Guest

    hopefully this is for as well…

  • brent awe


  • OMFCody

    I’m waiting til the price (indefinitely) drops.

    • David Mathisen


  • Keith Thibodeaux

    They are adding $100 to the retail price for 32GB model then taking away $60 to make it look good. The 32GB model is $499 retail and the 64GB model is $599.

    • The_ATL_Guy

      Ya nice. Game stop is overpriced anyway.

    • Lee Doan

      They didn’t add $100 to the price of just the tablet. It’s a bundle. It comes with a $100 controller that you “save” 60 bucks on, so its “only” 540. Also, it looks like it is 12/9 now, not 11/28.

      • Aslan N.L. Bollin

        why in the world is the controller $100? 
        Id just buy a used PS3 controller for under $50 or new for $60 and sync it.
        if I didnt already own 5……

        How much you wanna bet that collection of games are free on the market anyways? Angry Birds, Slice It etc….

    • Chris Sullivan

      Amazon does not charge sales tax, so you save $50 on the tablet/dock. But as of now, it says delivery after christmas.

      Not to mention Gamestop has done some borderline sleazy things in the past such as opening games and pulling coupons.

  • Justin H

    I just checked there website and it said 12/9/11. Oh wait that is for the 499 version

    • Aslan N.L. Bollin

      yup, they want to push the bundle, then l8r sell the standalone device. Gay imo….

  • bolthouse

    yeah hopefully, it won’t be the same bs tegra 2 was…  who knows it might be just as crappy when compared to  Samsungs upcoming quad core chip

    • David Lu

      wtf are you talking about, tegra 2 is awesome, the companies that used it f@#$ing failed (motorola for example)

      • Chris Sullivan

        lol…Tegra 3 is in a class by itself

  • TaylorTaylorTaylor

    Wow, thats a good price! Also, its very sad that the first ICS device in Google’s home country isn’t even the Nexus Device they had just announced.

    • Loren Cogar

      Transformer isnt launching with ICS

      • TaylorTaylorTaylor

        Oh, weak. I wasn’t really following it.

        • James Thomason

          Actually its shipping with 3.2  Check up on your research there.

      • Chris Hardewig

        Yes, it is. That’s why it was delayed into December.

  • Drayon

    So this tablet will be in stores before a official lauch?

  • Gideon Braver

    Well, how bad do you want it “early”?

    It looks like the Transformer Prime is no longer listed in the Amazon search results. I’m guessing they have more preorders than they can handle already ;)

    • Chris Sullivan

      Wow. I am glad I placed my order when I did

  • C H

    I just went to Gamestop and added both to the cart. Both list their shipping date of 12/9-
    HOwever, I also went to,, and is the $100  cheaper than BB with keyboard dock, free shipping, and 3 year accident warranty-Repair Master ARMPA3750 3-Year Portable Product Accidental Service Plan [ WAR ARMPA3750 ]  Expected to Ship 11/25/11$69.99 $69.99ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime Keyboard Docking Station – Silver [ ASU TF201DOCKSL ]  Pre-Order …details$149.00 $149.00ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime 32GB 10.1″ IPS+ Touch Panel Android Tablet Silver [ ASU TF201A1SL ]  Pre-Order …details$499.00 $499.00

    • Aslan N.L. Bollin


  • jaythedon

    Yooo ima get this sh!t for Christmas

  • stuxnet

    This is old news. They already changed it back to 12/9

  • Mark Schifferdaker

    now both prices on gamestop show 12/9 shipping date. I cancelled my amazon pre order and went with gamestop because amazon shows delivery after 12/25. i just wonder how long before ICS will be available since adobe flash is not working with it yet…

  • FNLife

    Unbelievable, Amazon did pull it off. Not available anymore…

  • FNLife

    Bestbuy still up, and in Canada Bestbuy promises on December 5th.

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  • FNLife

    updates availability is: