Samsung Still Bringing Next Generation Google TV Devices in 2012


While some manufacturers, like Logitech, may not be as willing to jump back into the Google TV market before it proves itself to be fruitful, Samsung’s still going steadfast into the future with plans to offer next generation devices.

Reuters is hearing that while we won’t see their newer devices by CES, we definitely will be seeing them at a later date. It’s comforting to hear that Google still has a major hardware partner and potentially a couple more behind Google TV, giving them incentive to keep the project alive.

After Logitech credited the Revue with causing them to lose some of $100 million all seemed a bit worrying, but things often are with new products and untested markets. We’re sure HTC lost money on Android when they were the only ones launching phones in the slow market but look where everyone is at now.

The only difference between this and that is that the smartphone market was starting to boom and Android was in a great position to take advantage of that. The smart TV market is still maturing and still looking to capture the interests of many consumers. It’s not just Google TV that hasn’t really taken off and we’re sure if the market is there, Google TV will be. [Reuters]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. speaking of which.. who do we have to blow to get the revue update?

  2. I don’t see why Google doesn’t just make their own device.

  3. I’ll be buying the v2 hardware as soon as its available. As long as its a standalone box and not built into a tv.

  4. Good. Samsung needs it. Their Smart Hub software is total garbage.

  5. logitech probably only had $100 million all together so that sort of sux..LOL

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