Samsung “NEXUS PRIME” Shows Up In Leaked Best Buy Ad – No Longer The “Galaxy Nexus”

Well, lookie here. Looks like we have a Best Buy December catalog leaked with the Samsung Galaxy Nex- wait, the Samsung Nexus Prime? Holy cow. Verizon must have made some last minute changes to the Galaxy Nexus, rebranding the device with, I’m assuming, an exclusive Verizon title. The Verizon Galaxy Nexus will officially be dubbed the Nexus Prime.

While this continues to mess around with anxious fanboys’ emotions, there’s no denying… that’s one sexy name. I guess it’s only befitting given the overall sexiness of the device and the all new OS its running on. What do you guys think? Happy to see the Nexus Prime in print?

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  • SparklingCyanide

    I don’t think Verizon deserves the “Nexus Prime” name since they’re going to muck it up with bloatware and ugly branding all over the phone, everything that goes completely AGAINST the Nexus ethos.

    • Liderc

      There’s no branding on the front of the phone and only 2 pre-installed apps on the p hone.

      • Jdog25

        Being a 2 time Nexus user I know that any kind of branding is bad for Android phones. How many Android phones do you know that are branded and have bloatware but are always updated at the same time as the non-branded Nexus.

        Answer: None 

        If the Verizon version gets updates like the unlocked version then I will be shocked. I am sure that they will not let you tether for free(without rooting).  Also it is just not about when a phone gets an update but also if you start hearing that type of stuff from a carrier then you can start to wonder if it will even keep getting updated, this has happened to a lot of Android phones.

        • Off_Road_Racing

          I thought Verizon and AT&T were stopping illegal tethering? So even if you’re rooted, I thought that if they caught you tethering, they’d change your plan to a tether plan.

          • Jdog25

            It seems that they can but they are only targeting the iPhone users right now. Also I have heard that some people who have rooted Android phones on Verizon use a LOT of gb of data and Verizon doesn’t say anything. I still don’t think that AT&T will say anything about the free tethering that the HSPA+ version has and I know for sure that T-mobile won’t. I think AT&T’s main deal is that they target phones that have been rooted/jailbroken and the Nexus hasn’t.

          • TaylorTaylorTaylor

            Its important to note, its not *illegal*, its just against their policy.

    • ckeegan

      Please, nexus devices on t-mobile have had the same so-called bloatware in the past.

      EDIT: So apparently I was wrong, but all the idiot purists need to STFU since you have to be a TOTAL douchbag not to want to My Verizon app on your phone. What, you don’t like monitoring usage across all of the devices on your account or the ability to change your plan, and add/change features? Quit your whining, and go plan your gay Android wedding.

      • Jdog25

        WHAT??? They never had bloatware.

        Proof, NOW!

        • ckeegan

          I could have sworn the My Account app from T-Mobile was installed on the Nexus S, which is no different than the My Verizon app. If it’s not true, I apologize, but any Verizon customer with a smartphone who doesn’t install the My Verizon app is a total idiot to begin with.

          • Jdog25

            The app isn’t the problem it is the known fact that every single Android phone that has come with extra apps installed never gets updates on time and down the road it can become worse. There is a part of me that makes me think that Verizon will update it on time since they aren’t really trying to market it. They seem to only really put their money in the phones that they control the most.

          • ckeegan

            Customizations and apps are two totally different things. I HIGHLY doubt the My Verizon app is going to delay any updates whatsoever. Guess we’ll find out, but I just don’t see a 2MB file being that much of a nuisance, and it may not come pre-loaded at all.
            No tester reported bloat when they received their device. The app list that leaked a couple months ago showed no Verizon apps whatsoever. The apps we saw in the video could have easily been downloaded to the device for another tutorial video we haven’t seen yet. Regardless, I couldn’t care less if they are pre-installed, as I would have definitely downloaded them anyway.

      • HalfwayCrook


      • JamesS

        Actually, since my plan has limits that I’ll very unlikely hit any time soon. I don’t need an app to monitor my usage. Therefore, my N1 doesn’t have it, never has.

        • ckeegan

          Your N1 doesn’t have My Verizon? Amazing! Not sure why it would. Have you ever even used My Verizon, or are you just typing for the hell of it?

          • JamesS

            If you don’t get the gist of what I’m typing, get someone to help you out. Maybe a nice adult?

          • ckeegan

            Nope, I’m just not going to assume that T-Mobile’s My Account app is as useful as the My Verizon app. I don’t come anywhere close to my “limits”, and I have unlimited data, but I still use it pretty regularly.

          • JamesS

            Guess you didn’t get the gist of what I was writing. Time for you to go find a nice adult to help you. Just don’t cross any streets by yourself and be sure to wear your helmet. 

            Btw, if you don’t actually need it and you’re just using it to use it, then you just negated your argument. Thanks! Enjoy.

      • Off_Road_Racing

        I think the issue is that the apps are installed in the system folder. So you can’t uninstall it. And you can easily do the #code# thingy in dialer to view your data usage, minutes, and when your next bill is due. You don’t HAVE to have an app for that. So…

        • ckeegan

          Yes, I realize I can do that for my phone, but the My Verizon app allows you to monitor those things across any device on your account.
          As for your other point, we don’t know that they’re installed in the system folder. Some of the bloat on D2 was easily uninstalled when I got it. Plus, Ice Cream Sandwich makes it MUCH easier to eliminate bloat, but it certainly can’t help remove things like Sense or Blur, so I’ll still be getting the Nexus.

      • michael arazan

        the galaxy nexus already has software to monitor all the usages for data mins and mesaging and so on, and you can adjust the scale for it so you don’t go over if you don’t have the grandfather unlimited data

        • ckeegan

          That’s nice. Does it also have software built in to monitor usage across the 3 other devices on my account?

      • Sarah

        Just root your phone so you have complete control of it.

    • Jdog25

      I think that they should change it to Droid Prime because not one of the 4 Google phones that I have owned has had bloatware pre-installed. Verizon is just trying to take advantage of us Android nerds with the Nexus name.

      Even my fifth Google phone won’t have bloatware the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus, I will get it next week.


  • GotMoo


  • ivorycruncher

    Hmm, when was that ad printed up though?  It could be a prototype ad printed up before the final name was decided on.  Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather call it the Nexus Prime, because I like that way better than Galaxy Nexus, but I think we need more than one piece of evidence to confirm this.

    • benmarvin

      Has to be at least fairly new if it’s alongside the Rezound.

  • PJ Schellenberg

    32gb for 299 not bad

    • molomolo

      for 2 years – TOO bad

    • Aslan N.L. Bollin

      I don’t see it saying that’s the price for the 32gb variant anywhere.

      Also, seeing as Verizon is already selling accessories for the ‘Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ I dont see them changing the name last minute and confusing the ‘average’ customer with multiple names for the same device from them.

  • Max M.

    Well, Best Buy has been known to screw up their ads a lot. 

    • toomuchgame441

      exactly, I’ll take it with a grain of salt for now…

      • David Han

        Hmm.. can I take it with a grain of pepper?

        • Alexander Ramirez

          Grain of rice for me, please. 

    • dhoppy

      I agree, why is this on an ad for the samsung galaxy sII?

      • Alliance Mark Int

        Its not an add! Its on the cover of the Best Buy mobile catalog

        • davisbs999

          Kinda splitting hairs don’t ya think?

        • dhoppy

          Sorry, why is this non-advertising mobile catalog showing the galaxy nexus underneath the heading of “Samsung Galaxy SII?”

          Alliance, is that a better way to phrase the question?  I hope I haven’t offended your sensibilities with the ridiculousness of my earlier question.  Silly me, thinking it was an advertisement, what with prices and all.  Shame on me, SHAME ON ME!!!

          In case you have a hard time understanding the tone of this post, the above is dripping in SARCASM.  I even capitalized sarcasm so you would catch it.   

  • GotMoo

    GAAAAHHHH just release it already!

  • Gary P Berenson

    Can’t wait. The name makes no difference.

  • David VanHouse

    $799 damn!!

    • Mitchmoney

      just when i thought i might want to buy it for full price!!

      • chris125

        best buy is always like 100+ more full retail. Look at the rezound price is also $799 and it is $649 at verizon.

        • Jdog25

          The GSM Nexus One and Nexus S were $529. I imported the Galaxy Nexus for $700 because I’m tired of waiting.

          • HalfwayCrook

            I’m sooooo jel!

          • Mitchmoney

            I would of done that too but when i called samsung, they told me that if something happened to it, they would not support it unless you send it back to the country it was originally meant for..

    • Superguy

      Best Buy has the Rezound for that price too.  They’re always high. No big deal.  They’ll match Verizon’s off contract price too.

      Well, one here wouldn’t.  The other one just called to Verizon’s corporate store, verified the price, and I walked out with a Rezound for $649.

    • JBrowne1012

      that can’t be right nexus devices have never been that much ever. 

  • Micah Madru

    So many ups and downs in the galaxy nexus / nexus prime rollercoaster!

    I love the prime title a lot more.

    • lynyrd65

      Many more downs than ups

  • Tyler Middelkamp

    These Buyers Guides are printed way in advance… I HIGHLY doubt that its officially named the Nexus Prime…

  • JamesU513

    Holy hand grenades Batman!

  • Michael Reed

    If it was called the Samsung Galaxy POOP, people would still want to buy it.  I mean, it’d be the POOP, right?  I don’t know why people are getting bent out of shape over a simple name change.

    If something was truly awesome, it shouldn’t matter what its called, right?

    • YourLittleBrother

      Tell me more about this Samsung Galaxy Poop. Does it have an SD Slot?

      • Mitchmoney

        Does it have the wifis? how about the 3g’s? Can it run apps on it?

    • Off_Road_Racing

      Because that name will stay with it forever. Somewhat similar to your name and how your name stays forever.

      -Oh so the other day I went to go get some headphones for my Poop.
      –Oh really? You have the Poop?
      -Yea. I got the Poop the day it came out.
      –Ah!! That Poop is the shit.


  • J_Dav1

    It only makes sense to have the two first ice cream sandwich devices prime. I love it, I will be getting the transformer prime and if I had the money is have the nexus prime as well.

  • Aaron Dyogi

    Lol, is this still the one-size-fits-most cell phone that they only make 16gb? I honestly dont care for MicroSD capabilities, but verizon really circumcised this thing way too much trying to make it so good. 299 should be a 32 gb device. 

    Verizon; why do you make all of your super-smartphones 300?! shit like this makes people like apple more. Verizon embarrasses the android community… for shame.
    on-topic: If its Galaxy Prime, neat.

    • Gary P Berenson

      The previous update says it is 32gb. Check out

    • mf4yett

      *NEXUS Prime you tard. get that wack galaxy crap out 

  • KLy

    no one cares about the name. all they care about is when the phone will be in their hands. for example, me

  • TheMan876

    Nexus Prime is nice, but putting 4G LTE in the name is the name version of bloatware.

  • Damon Lewis

    I hate how American carriers have to have unique devices, I don’t really see how it benefits the consumer in the end (ohh it has one or two extra features, that is so worth being at least 6-8 months behind in updates and support).

    • yufice

      It doesn’t.  It benefits the carrier and no one makes any bones about it.

    • davisbs999

      Totally–especially when those couple of extra “features” usually amount to carrier specific shitware

    • paco cornholio

      For the same reasons that mattress makers put different names on the same models for the big retailers – to make it harder for consumers to compare prices.

    • James Friedman

      Well when we’re surfing at speeds of 24+mbps it will truly be the prime…haha

  • F150Fan

    There is no way that this is actually true. Why would Verizon ask to sign up for updates for the Galaxy Nexus if it were true? These print early so I am assuming that is where the screw up is coming from, Best Buy.

  • james

    Love the name but $800 Jesus you can make a gaming tower for that!

    • Alex T

      Best Buy likes over pricing stuff, don’t worry.

      If a 16 gb hspa+ can be bought right now from handtec for only 600 bux, doubt that the jump would be that steep to a 32 gb LTE…

  • dubs_1

    as much as i hope they keep the nexus prime name *fingers crossed*, i’m pretty sure that this was just another fail from best buy.  they were probably given the nexus prime name while it was still in development to prepare the ads and never updated it.

  • fajitatt

    I was thinking about buying it off contract… but then changed my mind once I saw the $799 Price Tag!!!!! :(

    • Tim242

      That is Best Buy retail, not Verizon retail. Best Buy retail prices are always way high.

    • Chris Sullivan

      I am buying off contract too, but not at that price!

  • chssmsterwnook

    If you look at the bottom of the picture, you can make out “11/27/11-12/25/11″ or “11/22/11-12/25/11″ if that helps with anything. 

  •!/psychomaniac189 psychomaniac189

    holy ****! 800 bucks retail :/ I don’t have an upgrade so my only option is full price

  • Adam

    This makes no sense considering verizon’s own landing page and press release for the phone calls it the galaxy nexus.

  • Eric Gonzalez

    Really guys? It wont be called the Nexus Prime. There is no last minute change for the name. The Nexus Prime was before, now it’s the Galaxy Nexus. They just made. Simple error.

  • Jbionic

    Galaxy nexus / nexus prime WHO GIVES A SH!T just release the phone. I agree call it nexus poop and we will still want it. I know I would

    • Bradley Green

      I imagine the Nexus Prime will have Verizon crap on it, unlike the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Kurt Larson

    I believe the $799 off contract pricing is unsubsidized. The rezound is 799 in the ad, but we know that it is 649.99 from vzw directly. I’m sure it’s going to be the same price as the rezound and razr. 

    • chris125

      best buy always charges more than verizon on full retail prices.

      • Kurt Larson

        true. I’m talking about buying it from verizon directly. 

      • chuckles87

        same with wal-mart

  • Justin

    Oh man, that rezound is so sexeh! *drool*.

  • chris125

    If this comes dec 1 and does not say coming soon it means it would have to have launched before dec 1st…

    • BrandonC

      I have seen unreleased devices/games in Best Buys holiday catalogs that didn’t say coming soon. I wouldn’t put that as an indicator of a soon release.

  • turfgrass64

    cool story bro… Release date?

  • bob

    I think there’s gonna be a legal battle over the branding prime if they really do this.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    The fine print says the prices are good from November twenty something till December 25th. I would assume the phone would need to actually be released before this ad comes out. Could mean the phone is dropping soon.

  • preachJESUS!

    299.  Woo, I’ll wait for costco, so i can get my rebate with hd dock, and some other accessories for free.

  • The_ATL_Guy

    Further info showing how more and more expensive cell phones are becoming.

    • Yishai

      Thing is phones have always been expensive, if you bought without a contract.

      • The_ATL_Guy

        Ya good point but even subsidized phones are going North of $250

  • TeHJones

    Geesh, Verizon F*$&s everything up… Or it’s just another Best Buy screwup lolz

  • Ron_Swanson

    Mmmmm…..makes me think of prime rib.

  • Guest

    if this will indeed be the name for the verizon version and galaxy nexus for the rest of the US carriers.. then my speculation was correct all along.. :)

  • Fixxmyhead

    Did u see the price tag off contract. Dayumm! At this rate pretty soon we’ll be seeing 1000$ off contract and 500$ on contract.

    • n.r. bovee

      Guess I’ll have to hope someone ports ICS for my Thunderbolt. Only been a customer for 4 months or so, so I’d be paying full price. 499 I can justify, 799 I cannot.

      • Tim242

        That is Best Buy retail, not Verizon retail. Best Buy retail prices are always way high.

    • Tim242

      That is Best Buy retail, not Verizon retail. Best Buy retail prices are always way high.

  • Daniel Tiberius

    It annoys me that they push it as a Samsung product.  It should be Google Nexus Prime or whatever.  It wouldn’t exist without Google.  

    • HalfwayCrook


  • Guest

    Name doesn’t matter.  Fix the bug before the U.S. gets it.  When it cools off I’ll buy.

  • devaughn currie

    nexus prime way better i hated that name galaxy nexus.. keep on step nexus one nexus s nexus prime….

  • david brand

    I’m not rich enough to buy a phone off contract…im perfectly happy with my regular 2-year contract with t-mobile…..already halfway through my 2yr contract with my awesome G2….when its up ill pickup my G3 (hopefully) and itll be a year more advanced than the nexus prime. im just not a guy that needs the newest when it is the newest, at least not at full price…nothing shameful about being on contract.

    • HalfwayCrook


  • Mensahwatts


  • Mensahwatts


  • ctopher4

    Actually, any Verizon customer with a smartphone who doesn’t know you can get more information off the full Web version of “my Verizon” is an idiot anyway

  • iwant

    Let me take u guys to the way back machine lets say Nov 2009 moto droid 299 on contract 749 off Verizon will always sell their newest phone at that price point live with it or go somewhere else.
    P.S. Google should have never let this happen wonder how must money Verizon paid them to sell out

  • ctopher4

    JamesS- that was not directed to you

  • bob

    Gullable!!!! This is OBVIOUSLY FAKE!!!! Whoever made this put the Nexus over the Tmobile version of the GS2 In the ad. You can see the original ad in some best buy stores already.

  • Julio

    Nexus Prime is not the official name for it. They messed up. It will still be called the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Big R

    Vaporware.  VZW is not going to release this phone.

    • JBrowne1012

      Verizon doesn’t deserve a nexus specific for them. Online in best buy t-mo at&t or sprint 

  • cherubdawg

    Nexus Prime?? Are we seriously talking about the term “Prime” again? What the heck is going on here. Just when you thought that term was dead and buried. 

  • James Friedman

    Verizon is going to make a huge mistake if they don’t release this or at least announce it this week. All these people in america that want to spend money and your gonna be a bunch of duchbags and not even say anything! I wouldn’t be surprised if Google never works with Verizon again…

  • Tim242

    Chris….really? Verizon announced it as Galaxy Nexus. Their website says Galaxy Nexus. Best Buy screws up ads a lot. Remember the Droid Xoom? It is the Galaxy Nexus. End of story.

  • stinkymeet

    Rezound looks to be the winner out of those two.  Why?  Because it’s release and no bugs.  Converse.

  • eclipsenyou

    The GS2 is still an overall better device, aside from the bloat (which can easily be removed once rooted)  By the time this thing is released, bigger and better things will be out in the first quarter of next year.  I’ll wait…..  I’m not falling for all the Nexus hype with a phone that should have much better specs than it does! 

  • Philip Berne

    Not sure why you’d assume that Verizon has changed the name of their major phone, and not that Best Buy had a mistake in their flier. The name is Galaxy Nexus, not Nexus Prime.