FXI Introduces Cotton Candy – Dual-core Android Device Inside a USB Stick

With Android devices becoming thinner and thinner, I’ve been left to wonder just how small a device could actually get, you know, without the screen or battery accounting for most of the volume. Well, apparently a device running Android can get small — real small. Like this USB stick from FXI called the Cotton Candy. This little feller houses a 1.2GHz Samsung Exynos processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro SD slot and even an HDMI port to fix that whole, not-having-a-screen issue.

The way it works is easy-peasy. Simply plug the Cotton Candy into a computer and a separate window will popup displaying Android 2.3 Gingerbread on your desktop. Off the bat, the only real uses I can think of for having something like this on your computer would be to get access to an Android game or 2 on your Mac/PC.

The device isn’t officially supported by Google which means no Android Market here. But with a bit of sideloading, I don’t see that as too much of an issue. FXI is currently working with companies to help bring the Cotton Candy to market and says the tiny device will retail for well below $200. Throw some Ice Cream Sandwich with the Android Market on this thing and you have the makings of the world’s tiniest Google TV unit! Yum.

[Via TheVerge]

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  • vinterchaos

    That is cool and all, but I’ll go with a Raspberry Pi.

  • JC

    This os awesome! Let me plug it to my tv and control it from my phone and im set!

  • HalfwayCrook

    ICS or gtfo

  • http://www.facebook.com/bubbayerbs Logan Yerbey

    Or, if you ever have a windows 8 tablet… If it happens to have a usb port then we’re all set to easily dual boot. No more hassle of bluestacks. Bam.

  • Yoni Stratievsky

    Blah — this is so close to something I want it to do, but I’m surprised noone’s ever made it (or have they? someone wanna enlighten me?).

    Essentially, I’d love a way to connect my phone to my computer and have the phone output its screen to an application “window” that can take mouse and keyboard input.

    Specifically: not the ability to connect it to a monitor — that’s easy. That means my monitor is now dedicated to my cellphone. No, I’d want it to run as an application window *in* Windows, so I can do my regular stuff on my computer as I need to, but then go to my phone “window” for something like firing off a text message on my keyboard.

    Looks like this thing can output Android onto a PC window? That’s perfect — I just want that on my *phone*!

    • PhilNelwyn
      • Yoni Stratievsky

        Ah — yes!

        Is this only available for LG or can it (or something similar) be installed on other phones?

        (yes yes, doing research as I type as well… ^_^)

        • PhilNelwyn

          I have no idea… sorry.

  • R L

    I just creamed my khakis

  • http://twitter.com/Neko_Sunny 김용화

    one question how to you control it? there is no touch screen >.<

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      You can control Android using a mouse. That’s actually how a lot of devs make apps =)

  • Matthew Long

    .  VNC will do it.  Best of all you don’t have to physically connect it to your computer:


  • godrilla

    Looks cool

  • A. studd.

    Angry birds would kick ass:P