Galaxy Nexus Gets Punished And Keyed, Escapes Unscathed [VIDEO]

The Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have Gorilla Glass. I was actually informed it DID have Gorilla Glass at the launch event, but that information has since been overturned to the disappointment of many. To punish the Galaxy Nexus for not getting Gorilla Glass, this young lad takes his keys and tries to teach it a lesson by attempting to scratch the G-Nex screen to bits. Only it doesn’t work.

I’d love to know just what screen the Samsung Galaxy Nexus actually has, because for not being Gorilla Glass that is ridiculously resistant. Gorilla Glass is the ultra tough screen technology from Corning that ensures when you drop your phone or put it in your pocket with your keys, little or no damage is ever done. But has it met it’s match? Samsung says this uses the same type of technology without the name brand and it looks like it performs just fine.

Guess I won’t need to get a case/cover afterall! Don’t forget to hit up our incredibly active Galaxy Nexus Forums!

[Via Droid-Life]

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  • Bigtex ATX

    It hurts to see it still! I’m glad someone did this, this was a big issue for me as it appears I’m clumsy.

  • Dom Armstrong

    Thank you for calling me young.

  • Zurrogate

    Why would you do such things to this beauty?!

  • David Han

    Samsung never fails to impress with high quality and durability…

  • cavefishes

    The thing is, the keys are actually fairly soft and don’t make a very good scratch tester. Sand, or a good sharp knife pressed firmly is a much better judge of scratch resistance.

    • Robert Alex Kibler

      It doesn’t even matter how sharp the knife is, from what I understand.  Sand would definitely do the job, though.  Or quartz.

    • timoteoandre

       Ok, but on a daily use, who on their right mind would put their phone against a sharp knife? Well, sand might happen though.

    • Tomato88

      I agree, because we use our phones to protect ourselves from a good sharp knife being firmly pressed into our chest while asleep. ;)

      Joke aside, I think it depends on what kind of keys we’re testing with. For example, I have a key to access my laboratory that is pretty worn off, but a key to my house is pretty new and it does have sharp edges that I could even use to cut a cardboard box.

    • RitishOemraw

      although you are right, I think keys are better for practical reasons such as:
      -I do not intentionally carry sand/quarts or a sharp knife in my pocket, especially not in the pocket that holds my Gnex (when I get my hands on one that is)

    • Jetpack Ninja

      Actually, sand and knives are really second rate scratch testers. A diamond toothed hacksaw blade applied vigorously is a much better judge of scratch resistance.

  • Alm0s

    The iPhone doesn’t have Gorilla Glass either. GG is just a brand of Corning, and they are not the only ones in the world who can make scratch resistant glass.

    • Daniel Weisinger

      The iPhone shatters to hell if you drop it from anything more than a foot… on the other hand, my last two Android phones with Gorilla Glass have been dropped from as much as 7-8 ft and all that happened was the battery came out.

      • Alm0s

        That’s most likely the fault of the iPhone 4’s poor design choise to expose the sides of the glass. These tempered glasses can’t take much force from the side, they were designed to survive frontal shocks..

        (Also, it’s just plain stupid to cover the back of the phone with glass too..)

      • Ninjun

        You are dropping it wrong! There is an interesting youtube video of SGS2 vs 4S in a drop test.

  • sherry

    dragonfly glass is a competitor to gorilla.

    • cns2007

      It’s actually called, DragonTrail

  • skynet11

    What if it’s dropped?

  • phoenix_fire

    finally. now maybe people can shut up about the gorilla  glass thing.

  • joejoe509

    Ouch! That was painful. But necessary. I’ll be much more careful with my Galaxy Nexus than with any other phone. I’m notorious for putting my keys and phone in the same pocket. Oops.

  • bolthouse

    i had to stop watching the video

  • Eric Silva

    Get a sharper key!  That thing looks like its a decade old or older.

  • billcollier

    Is it here yet wa?

  • pat

    Gorilla glass sucks…my galaxy is scratched to sh!t. Never been dropped, met a knife or even seen a key! And don’t get me started on the camera lense…

    • Alm0s

      My SGS is 1.5 years old, I never used a screen protector (only a pouch), and there is not a single scratch on the screen. The back is scratched as shit tho, but the display is what really matters.

      • Darkmyth PT

        Same here. mine also survived a 6 meter drop onto marble. no casing  and after almost 2 years not even a tiny scratch

  • Patrick Kirby

    I’m not really sure what they used on my OG Droid, but after two years of key-pocketing, dropping from random distances onto parking lot asphalt, falling from my second-floor apartment to the sidewalk, and a healthy dose of being rained on while using it as a camera during a downpour… this little brick has a few scuffs on the corners.  And that’s it. 

    I really feel like paying $15/mo for insurance has been a huge waste.

  • Mike Walker

    Lets see how it holds up to a pair of pliers and a blow torch.  Its time to go medieval on its ass.

    • adi19956

      yeah the mediaevals always had a blow torch lying around

  • Garrett OBrien

    It always bothers me to see people using keys to show off how strong the glass is on their phone.  The reason that a key doesn’t scratch the glass is the same reason your finger nail doesn’t scratch the glass.  Glass has a hardness of 6.5 – 7, depending on how it’s made, a key can be anywhere from 4 – 6, depending on the metal, so it would be impossible for a key to scratch the glass.  Take the same key and try to scratch some *uncoated* glass, it won’t scratch.  That’s why you can take a razor blade to remove stickers off of glass, no matter how sharp the blade is, it won’t scratch it.
    A lot of people say that that they put their phone in their pocket with keys, and the keys scratched the glass.  If it’s actual glass, again, it can’t be scratched with normal keys.  There was probably some sand, or if you have a diamond in your ring, or something else, but not the keys.

    On a side note, *DO NOT* take a good kitchen knife to your screen.  Good knives are hardened, and can possibly have a higher hardness than the glass.

    To see more information, Google Mohs hardness scale.