Gingerbread Getting Closer for Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate

A Gingerbread update for the Samsung Fascinate is just one of those things you kind of assume was already out. After all, the Samsung Galaxy S II launched months ago and most manufacturers have shifted their attention to Ice Cream Sandwich. But things don’t work like that, and the Fascinate has yet to receive its Android 2.3 update. Things are looking better, though. Field testing has reportedly begun for a software build EH03, as the above screen capture provided to Droid Life suggests. The Android version is 2.3.5, a far cry from Android 4.0 but a significant update nonetheless. If all holds true, we should at least see a leak of the new software relatively soon.

[via DroidLife]

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  • Monsieur Africain

    What I don’t understand is why the battery meter looks that way when the other Gingerbread phones have their battery meter upwards and with a Green color.

    • Tyler Tyler

      It’s a touchwiz thing

      • Monsieur Africain

        Nah it’s not, on the Samsung Mesmerize and Showcase the battery meter is upwards with a Green color.  Don’t forget the Mesmerize and Showcase are the same exact Galaxy S phone as the Fascinate minus the Bing bloatware crap.

        • Tyler Tyler

          I dunno, then.  That’s the way they do it on eclair and froyo.  Maybe Verizon liked the old battery style better and decided to stick with it.

          I am aware that the Mesmerize and Showcase are the same phone (I have a Mesmerize myself). I even mentioned that in my other comment pointing out that the Fascinate has had GB available to those who are willing to flash for a while.

          • Monsieur Africain

            Bro, I agree, that’s how it was on the Mesmerize and Showcase during Eclair and Froyo :-D but Gingerbread was supposedly supposed to introduce this new updwards battery meter.  I kind of like how it looks if you see it in the Youtube vid I linked earlier.  I’m hoping they implement this feature in Verizon’s Fascinate GB update.  I really also wish they would remove Bing, but I highly doubt it will happen.  Bing sucks in comparison to Google.

          • Tyler Tyler

            I wouldn’t hold your breath for a Bing free official release.  

            I actually preferred the old school battery icon, not that it matters since I am on OMFGB and use the MIUI battery bar.

      • Monsieur Africain

        Tyler, go here: also watch it at 2 mins, you will see the top has changed.

      • Monsieur Africain

        I’m strongly considering rooting my phone, I can’t stand the Bing crap on the Fascinate.  I was thinking about flashing EH09 or EI20.  They definitely have some good stuff on xda-developers.

  • Fixxmyhead

    It’s it a coincidence that suddenly some of the original galaxies are getting gingerbread the epic 4g, galaxy s 4g, and now this one

  • Ross Holly

    I have been quite happy with CommROM. The Gingerbread derivitives currently available have constantly destabilized the phone. Looking forward to the Nexus hitting the street!

  • Thomas Sohmers

    Actually the Fascinate has had 2.3 since at least may.. but all we got was 2.3.2… this is just 2.3.5 (Which has some important updates, but the Fascinate HAS had Gingerbread)

    • Monsieur Africain

      Official leaks though? The only one I was aware of was 2.3.3 which happened back in June.  After that, nothing new came out.  

  • Tyler Tyler

    Of course, if you aren’t afraid to use custom roms, gingerbread has been available for the Fascinate for some time now as the Mesmerize (US Cellular’s Galaxy S, which happens to have identical hardware to the fascinate, they even share the i500 model designation) has had official GB for several weeks, which was quickly ported to the Fascinate, and the dev community has been great getting CM7 and other AOSP GB roms working on i500’s.

  • KISSman

    Wow — and here I thought Samsung was going to leave us at 2.2 for good.  A pleasant surprise it was to read this news!

  • DYNK

    And the Galaxy S II will get the ICS? :D

  • sabrije shemo

    I have Samsung Fascinate Model number SCH-I500…with Verizon..i only have 2.2.2, I500.04

    So I don’t have gingerbread I’m guessing!