Acer Iconia Tab A700/A701 Surface, Could Have Full HD Display and Tegra 3

As the first reports of the upcoming Acer Iconia Tab A700 and A701 emerge, it isn’t so surprising that the tablets will likely feature the quad-core Tegra 3 processor. The chipset follows up the highly-favored Tegra 2 and is already seeing its fair share of deployment in future Android slates. Slightly more interesting is the suggestion that the A700/A701 will feature full HD displays with 1080p resolution. The information was gleaned from a user agent profile, which aren’t always the most trustworthy sources of information. But with 720p displays already reaching smartphones, the inclusion of high-definition screen technology in tablets doesn’t come from left field — the notion has our interest piqued. Acer’s next-gen lineup of Iconia Tabs could sure be a thing of beauty.



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  • Swol

    I’ve been wondering when the first 1080p tablet was coming around.

    Seems like Apple will need to double resolution of the iPad 3 like they did for the iPhone 4.

  • The_ATL_Guy

    WOW the Phandroid newsroom is on fire today!
    Acer better step up and announce this given the Prime coming out soon.

  • KyleNC

    I have been waiting to hear this, given phones are now at 720P at less than half the screen size.  Hoping for Samsung to announce a new Galaxy tab with a 1080P SAMOLED+ screen at some point.

  • Dario Sucic

    Well, isn’t 1080p (Full HD), 1920×1080?
    1920×1200 quite a bit more