User Agent Profile Reveals Acer Iconia 510 and 511 Tablets With Nvidia Tegra 3 Processors

We’ve already gotten word of Lenovo stepping into the quad-core arena later this year and now we’ve learned that Acer is getting ready to do the same. Seems Acer is readying a pair of quad-core tablets to match competitors like Lenovo and ASUS with their own A510 and 511 Android tablets. The Acer A510 and 511 were revealed in a User Agent Profile displaying the Nvidia Tegra 3 in the UA string, right there — in black and white — for all the world to see.

While we don’t have much specifics on the Acer 510 and 511, we’re most likely looking at the successors to the A500 (WiFi only) and 501 (3G). Can’t say I was never a fan of the A500 (screen was too washed out and device was too thick) but let’s hope Acer decides to go for a complete redesign, while still keeping the original’s attractive price point. Now word on release but we’re expecting these either before the end of the year or on display at 2012’s CES in January.

Thanks, Lau!

[Ameblo via NotebookItalia]

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  • AceCurry

    Love Acer. Hopefully they can price this well.

  • Shuruj Mia

    to me acer iconia A500/1 are the best looking tablet to date. iconia series hasn’t got the stylus (like the HTC Flyer) or Keyboard dock (like Asus). it is a bit heavier too. but the build quality is way too good.