YouTube Update Adds Annotations, +1 Button, “Watch Later” Queue and More

YouTube has just gotten a pretty significant upgrade in the Android market. It’s version 2.3.4 and adds a lot of things users have been asking for. You can now see annotations on videos, a huge deal for YouTubers who tend to use annotations to do things like link to other videos, make corrections and more. We’re also getting a +1 button, a “Watch Later” queue and the ability to edit video info while the video is uploading. It’s a great update that you’ll want to download right away. Head here or check the Android market on your phone or tablet to get started.

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  • brianzion

    great heading over to apps now :)

  • toomuchgame441

    nice, updating.

  • mmark27

    Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch.  Anyone else seeing this???

  • mmark27

    Actually, I’ve about had it with the Android Market.  It always resets itself to show that I only have 15 apps installed (when I have over 120 apps) and yes, I’m sure I’m on the right account, I’ve cleared data, etc. etc. It’s all BS.  Plus the web version of the Android Market sucks just as hard with bugs and issues.  Like it continually shows my old devices, which I’ve explicitly “hidden in menus” several times.  Google needs to pick this up.  Half their shit doesn’t work on their own browser Chrome. 

    • genetic_bloom

      Have you updated it to the newest version? 3.3.11 has fixed all the issues I had with the old markets for me.

      • mmark27

        yeah, I did update to 3.3.11 when it was first out and it worked for some time for me then whamm-o the other day it was back to being a pain in the arse. 

  • Mark Guim

    just tested a video with annotations. i don’t see them

  • Magus2300

    No update for tablets (Xoom) yet.

  • Ethan Bailey

    how the hell is this not available for the epic 4g touch gs2?