Quickoffice Pro is FREE, Usually $14.99 [Amazon Free App]

Amazon has been quite successful with their “Free App of the Day” concept. In fact, it works so well that Google seems prepared to adopt the idea (Free Song of the Day) for the rumored Google Music Store. Today’s Amazon Free App of the Day will save you $15 bucks and give you access to a mobile office of sorts.

Enjoy: Quickoffice Pro for FREE!

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  • NightAngel79

    Hmm, this is the second time they have offered this as the free app. I jumped all over this few weeks ago when they offered it. 

    Edit: I take that back, they had OfficeSuite which was also 14.99 available couple weeks ago.

    • Drayon

      That was officesuite pro 5 or something.
      This is another app, that does also the same thing (hopefully better, because office suite just sucks on my Desire) and also costs $15

    • Big_M_1234

      I also thought that was the case. I looked in my Amazon app drawer and it seems that they were offering OfficeSuite pro5.

  • AceCurry

    How does this compare to Docs2Go?

  • Gus70

    So QuickOffice is better than OfficeSuite?????  Is there anything better than either of these even if you have to pay?   Like I hear good things about Documents to Go. How would you rank all three of these? Did I miss anything else?

    • duke69111

      I would say Documents to Go, then Quickoffice Pro, then OfficeSuite.  I have never used OfficeSuite though. 

    • DennyCrane

      Polaris Office comes on the TF and it’s the smoothest one I’ve seen so far.

  • Magus2300

    Explicitly not compatible with tablets.  Useless.

    • Terrance Steiner

      Quick Office Pro HD (for tablets) is also free today: 
      Regular price $19.99

      • Magus2300

        Thanks for the tip!

  • Matt Schulte

    Quick Office Pro HD (for tablets) is also free today: 
    Regular price $19.99

  • eclipsenyou

    Way too many permissions for my liking.  (plus I just picked up OfficeSuite a few weeks ago….same price of free/down from 14.99)

  • DYNK

    This came with my Galaxy S II already paid.

  • badmofofo

    Quick Office. This developer is the worst. In February 2009 I purchased the original Quick Office for my G1, which turned out to be a pile of steaming dog shit and wouldn’t open anything. The developer then came out with the *Pro version after they figured out how to get it to work and left all of the original buyers in the dust and would not upgrade anyone. Classic bait and switch, what a POS company.

    I would not recommend ever purchasing from this developer. Karma is a bitch, I hope they are reading this and that this deters a few buyers after today.

  • http://twitter.com/yehoshuakelley Yehoshua

    Downloaded and uninstalled right away. Takes too much space. On my MT3GS, where there isn’t much space anyway, 7MB on my ROM *when installed on the SD card* is too much.