More Meizu MX Shots Appear, Still Offers Nothing New to Learn

The Meizu MX has been a phone of great interest us even if we’re almost positive we won’t be seeing it outside of China or Asia. The MX is the follow up to the popular Android-based M9 that watered the mouths of many.

While many see Meizu as an iOS and iPhone-copying OEM, we can’t help but to applaud their achievements in the style and functionality of their phones. We’ve got some new shots today but we don’t learn much at all.

You can see the camera on the back has flash and the backplate is of a pearly white color. The Verge also mentions it looks to have a slightly curved display. Take a good look because this is as close a look we’re going to get until some official press shots surface. [MeizuMe]

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  • adi19956

    it’s the kind of phone you dribble over stupidly