HTC Droid Incredible Owners Reporting Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Rolling Out (Again)


We’re getting reports from HTC Droid Incredible users that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update is finally available for their device — again. This comes after a former release was pushed out over-the-air, only later to be pulled with no word on exactly what happened.

Your average Incredible owner wont notice much of a change other than the software/firmware number and bug fixes but it’s always nice to be “up-to-date.” If you’re currently an Incredible owner, now might be a good time to jump into your Settings > Software updates and check for one. Let us know in the comments if you receive it. Good luck!

Thanks, Jim!

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  1. nothing for me :(

  2. nothing for me(i don’t know where my first post went )

  3. i am running cm7 on my DINC…..

  4. I got it a few minutes ago.  Im rooted so I dont actually want it.  Going to see if I can pull it though for others.  I was actually confused because I missed where it didnt finish sending out so I thought it was something other then GB, like a security patch or something.

  5. I hate Verizon still no update. 

  6. Notting for me. I have 2.3.4

  7. got mine

  8. Now running Android 2.3.4, finished updating around 9pm EST November 14th, South florida area

    1. Edit: Seems to be working for me. No problems at all with the disc space.
      I like some of the new icons though.
      Just updated, in the South Florida area too.

  9. Got it here in the DC area. Seems to be working fine, though keeps giving errors about running low on disk space.

    1. I’m getting the same error, running low on disk space. The phone seems to be going through my apps, have quite a few that are the generic icon. Going to let it sit for a while.

      1. Update, deleted an app to get it to update, had 83 apps installed before the update, now I only have 27 installed, rats!

    2. I’m in DC as well but haven’t gotten anything.  Any rhyme or reason to this?

      1. “Any rhyme or reason to this”

        I see what you did there

  10. Sitting in Columbus, Nebraska & just received the update. Getting ready to download.

  11. Just went to put my phone up for the night and the message was on my screen for the update. Proceeding as I type. Western MA area near Springfield. Going to pick up a Rezound tomorrow anyway, nice timing.

  12. I’ve been running 2.3.X for almost 6 months now, thank you CyanogenMod team. 

    Here’s hoping for CM9 to satiate my ICS desire until my upgrade.


  13. Ugh. The last time I updated to Gingerbread 2.3.4 it made my phone constantly give errors for low disk space, and then because of that my phone wouldn’t sync as long as I had the error. I had to uninstall apps or clear out data from the apps to get my phone to sync, but as soon as I installed a new apps, I’d get the error again, even though I had plenty of disk space. It is a known issue.

    1. This should be an updated update (4.08, I believe). =p

  14. it seems to be the same as the one that was pulled… yes, my Incredible is now a Sprint phone with a 4.3″ display

    1. Do you mean it was 4.06 not 4.08?

  15. Nothing in Michigan yet.

  16. Just got the update tonight, but I may not do it as I don’t want the settings hassle and I might lose my free wifi mod that did not involve root.

  17. Just deactivated my Incredible today but still am glad to hear this….

  18. Got it in L.A. Google maps is FCing.

    1. Try uninstalling Gmaps or even factory resetting the device. May (and in most cases does) help. 

  19. Just got a notification that my phone needs to restart to install a system update….dun dun dun….

    1. I am now running 4.06.605.3 on my DINC.  Just in time for the holidays in Pittsburgh.

  20. I just got my north bergen new jersey

  21. nothing in New Orleans

  22. Just got my Dinc upgraded, 10:45 EST

  23. Nothing in michgan here.  I had the update but it was giving me the issues with low disk space and i could not receive text messages.  Got a refurb phone now that is back on 2.2  Update or not to update, that is now the question

  24. Just got mine in Rochester NY

  25. Update poppped up once I got home…running sense 3.5, gingy 2.3.5…haha no thanks.

  26. Looks they are sending out 4.06 not 4.08 as update page says.  WTF?

  27. Updated an hour ago in Sacramento… So far, so good

  28. System updated on my year and half year old Incredible! Version 2.3.4! Very Cool!

  29. Got it here in San Diego. Call me crazy, but my phone is waaay quicker now! Fingers crossed that I don’t get any errors!

    1. San Diego in the house! :D

      If you don’t mind doing starting fresh, I’d recommend doing a factory reset (made my Evo 3D FLY after an OTA).And yeah, Gingerbread helps with scrolling and stuffs. Should make things more smooth.. 

  30. Typing *#*#2432546#*#* into my phone (without hitting send) started the update

    1. theres an issue with the update. it says my screen is 4.3 inch screen and the marketplace shows me sprint apps. i thought this was the issue that was to be resolved but i guess not.

      1. oof I’m sure Verizon just LOVES to hear that kind of news

      2. mine too

  31. Just received gingerbread update after waiting for a long time. Haven’t notice any difference yet.

  32. Northern San Diego county, saw the update notification at 8:40PM Pacific time, no clue how long the notification was waiting for me since I haven’t touched my phone in 3 hours.

    My 2.2 Froyo Android was rooted but running stock ROM.  I loved having the rooted features, but my phone has had a couple issues since rooting (could totally be my fault, I was a newbie when I rooted over a year ago) so I decided to go ahead and accept this update and I will try to re-root it later.

    My biggest problem since rooting over a year ago, was the my Maps app stopped working.  FCing immediately after opening the program.  Since GPS is a major necessity on my device, I decided to update to 2.3 in hopes that it would solve my Google Maps issue.  For the record, the FCing persisted after a total un-install and fresh install of the Maps program, as well as a full system reload.  Perhaps a radio update did it, or maybe even forcing the un-installation of the bloatware with Titanium.

    Deciding to update was a bit compulsive.  I should have Nandroided and/or Titanium Back-upped, but I have been so disenchanted with my GPS issues, especially today when I really needed it to get to a meeting on time and it let me down, that I just said “Screw it, I’m updating!”.

    My girlfriend’s Dinc received the original update, and her phone did not have problems with the update.  But it didn’t really fix anything, either.  She had “low disk space” error prior to the update, and continued to have it after the update.  On the plus side, she got a Reboot option added to her power cycle options!  And of course, the buttons and windows look a little better.  But in all, her phone is the same ol’ phone it was before the update.  My phone was also offered the initial update, but I refused it, decided to hang on to my root.  I wasn’t so sure I made the right decision once they pulled the update, perhaps a little remorseful of my decision.

    The thought has occurred to me several times to just update to a 2.3 ROM with a Sense 3.0 or 3.5 UI, but I just have been too busy to do it.  The first rooting, radio upgrade and ROM process (originally went to CM7, didn’t like it, only 5 home screens???) was such a mental mind-f**k (rooted my $500 phone the second I took it out of the box) that I just didn’t want to go through that whole process again.

    I hope I don’t regret my decision!  I will follow-up with my update experience.  I hope others will do the same.

    1. OK…  All of that worry for NOTHING.

      The phone appeared to be updating for several minutes, then the progress page simply disappeared and nothing had changed on my phone.  I did a manual reboot, and I am still on 2.2, nothing has changed on my phone, it did not update. The update is no longer available after restarting my phone, and it says my phone is currently up to date.

      I read that the original update from September was capable of being installed on rooted phones, but that it was un-rooting them.

      I’m not sure why my phone didn’t update, but maybe it’s for the best…?

      Now I can just update manually to a custom ROM and go to Sense 3.0 or 3.5 UI as I had originally wanted.

      Good luck, everyone.

      1. Same issue here in MI. Got the notification for update out of nowhere , and out of curious impulse decided to go for it even tho I’m rooted and running a stock Sense UI. Said phone was rebooting for about ten minutes, received a phone call, and the update suddenly disappeared with no option to re download. Tried *#*#checkin#*#* but nothing happened either. Phone still says its currently up to date on 2.2. 

        I think I’m going to just save myself the hassle as I haven’t been having any problems whatsoever. Good luck to the rest!

  33. Got it here in NY. Verizon…

  34. Got it a few hours ago. Phone didn’t read SD card after, and showed low memory. Pulled battery, restarted, unmounted SD card, then went into settings and refreshed apps. They all magically appeared on SD card and the icons reappeared on screen,( versus Android stock icon ). Low memory notification also disappeared.

    1. you are a life saver or shall i say game saver i would have had to start all over if you hadnt posted something!

  35. Got here in St. Louis.  Weird, I didn’t have to do anything.  Went in to system updates, and it was already downloading.  Strange.

    UPDATE: It downloaded, but sat on “installing” for a long time without ever rebooting. I probably waited 30 minutes and eventually touched the screen. It went back to the “download complete” screen with no other options. I went back, hit the “system update” and it said my system was up to date. Check my software version… still on 2.2. Argh.

    1. The exact same thing happened to me…the screen said ‘Installing’ and below that rebooting or restarting, but nothing happened.  I eventually pressed the home button and it went back to the home screen.  ‘System Update’ now says my system is up to date, but still shows 2.2…

      1. I restarted my phone, hoping to re-instate the “system update” sequence.  Nothing.  Still on 2.2 and no update available.

        My thought now? Screw it.  I’ll be getting the GNX at some point in the next few months anyway and from what it sounds like, this update isn’t worth the potential hassle.

        I swear.. this phone has been way more trouble than it’s worth.  Never again, HTC.  Never again.

  36. just got mine in auburn, al! bout freakin time too! havent updated to it yet though cause my battery is too low still =(

  37. Update just completed.  That was kinda outta nowhere.

  38. @ericd

    Not sure how that *#*#2432546#*#* works but it actually did, immediately got check-in and started downloading update. Thanks
    Can’t believe I never heard of it.

    1. im glad i could help. i found it by accident somewhere and it worked for me as well

  39. Got it in alaska

  40. Saw the headline on this article, woke up my phone to see the update waiting for me! Loving this 1.5 year old phone in Colorado!
    Update: Just got it installed and restarted, first thing I see is the f-ing low on space error! ahhhhgg would get occasionally before the update, was hoping this would fix it not accentuate it!

  41. Just got update here in Texas

  42. Got it here in Virginia and cant stand it.  I get the low disk space error.  I cleared the gmail cache and all of my text messages, but it came back after a while.  I REALLY don’t want to have to do a factory reset.  All of my game progress would be gone.

  43. I got the update a couple of hours ago. Never got the first one, so I was chuffed to finally see an update. However, I got the 4.06.605.3 version instead of the the 4.08 build Verizon claimed we would be getting on their website. As this was the same version they pulled back in September, I still have the low on space issue, and they’ve also deleted loads of apps. Annoyed.

  44. Games are what kills it. I was getting low space a few weeks who and deleted everything I don’t use and it hasn’t came back. I’m loving gingerbread :)

  45. Got the update seems a lot smoother. No low space errors but I did have to reinstall some apps. Luckily many were already on my sd card.

  46. I live in Pittsburgh and just received my update this morning November 15, 2011. version 2.3.4, 4.06.605.3

  47. I got it last night around 10pm. My DInc is running smoother and faster but I did loose a ton of apps. It’ll hold me till the GNex comes out.

  48. Western KY, launch amoled, received!

  49. I received 2.3.4 last night, so far so good.

  50. update started at 1:45am, it has been trying to re-boot since then.  Phone completely crashed.  DISLIKE

    1. I had the same issue, called Customer Service, and they’re sending me a new phone. They said that if a software update gets interrupted, it can break the phone. I didn’t interrupt it, but it’s definitely broken!

  51. Started my update at 1:45am, phone has been trying to reboot non-stop since then.  DISLIKE.  Phone completely crashed.


  52. Got my update last night!  Can’t really tell all that much difference so far.  And it won’t matter very long, hoping to get Nexus as soon as I can :)

  53. Also got build 4.06 this morning rather than 4.08. Did not previously
    receive 4.06. Low memory icon and message is now there. Also, SD card
    apps “don’t exist.” Re-downloading those apps and then moving them to
    the SD card re-establishes the app, including access from the home
    screen shortcut. Most apps restored this way seem to retain their
    settings, etc. However, at least one required a re-sync with its server. Also, Sprint is showing in Market, and Verizon is gone. Thanks, Verizon. Tried shutting down, pulling the battery and the SD card, but that didn’t help. Also tried unmounting the SD card first, and that also didn’t help.

    1. Having the same problem. Let me know if you find a solution!

    2. Same thing. It keeps saying that the SD card was damaged. Missing apps from SD card and most photos. Last night it asked to add another update, but then said I didn’t have enough space. 

  54. Pittsburgh, got my update this morning. Faster boot, nice reboot option, seems faster in operating too. Killed Dolphin and all my bookmarks GRRRRR


  56. Got updated to 2.3.4 this morning. Applications on SD card no longer run, lots of apps asking me to log in. I’m needing to uninstall them and download from market. Battery seems to drain very quickly.


  57. My wife received the update last night (my Incredible is rooted). She immediately got the “Application Data Space is Low” error, and was told she didn’t have enough room to get new texts. I thought this error would have been solved with the Gingerbread update.

    edit: I’m in California if it matters.

  58. Great…now I keep getting a “low on space” warning. Anyone know how to fix that? I have at least half of my available space on sd and internal memory!

  59. The update bricked my phone. le sigh. can’t wait for the Galaxy nexus.

  60. Got it this morning in Northern Illinois. Pretty sweet. Lots of nice little tweaks. Love the new text editing features. Running great without any issues.

  61. You guys must be doing something wrong. That update, and the one they rolled out tonight work flawless. Hit the update button, and walk away for 10min and don’t f around with it. That easy. You couldn’t give me the galaxy nexus. Don’t feel like sending it in for repairs 48 times in 24 months. Love you HTC, sorry for the ignorant people.

  62. Just received my second update in two days, now running 4.08.605.2, working perfect

  63. Here in Tampa my DINC received its second 2.3
    update this AM. No problems thus far. The first update
    had issues with loss of all my apps on the SD card.
    had to reinstall them.

  64. I did the update yesterday and after I am constantly getting the low space warning.  I used to get the low space warning before the update, but I was able to clear cache and data to make it go away for a good while.  After the update, nothing I do fixes the low space issue for more than a few hours
     I got notified of another update this morning and tried to install it.  Now it tells me I do not even have enough space to install the newest update.  Soooo Incredibly frustrating!  Don’t even know what to do from here other than suffer for another week or so while deciding between Rezound and Nexus.

  65. Woke up to my update this am. Good start to the day. Working great so far. Had been getting low memory warning all the time before, but no problems so far. Should help me be a bit more patient for the gnex…

  66. Received a second update this morning. Hmmm.

  67. I am currently running software number 4.06.605.3.  I received a notification this morning asking to update.  Allowed it to run, but got a not enough space to install update error.  I was not getting the low disk space error.  I cleared out some app cached data and tried to force the update with the number code offered.  The message i received was “check-in succeeded”.  It says that my phone is up to date, but wondering if there is a way to get the 4.08 build?

    Knoxville, TN

  68. I didn’t get the original Gingerbread update.  A few days ago my phone said there was a new update available (to 2.3.4, apparently).  I didn’t install it immediately, but waited till the next day when I’d be on the charger, and to give myself a chance for a thorough backup. 

    The phone immediately said it was up-to-date, and didn’t actually install the update.  I think it’s entirely possible that Verizon has pulled it again.  Numerous other people seem to be reporting the same behavior.

  69. I’m not sure what’s going on with my wife’s phone thought maybe someone else knew. She got the update, SD Card wouldn’t read. Then, she got another update and after installing, it said she couldn’t install the update. The phone now reads the SD card though. Thoughts?

  70. Got the update in Cleveland Tuesday morning. Most apps disappeared. Some reappeared when I tried to download them again. Received another download this morning. This time around, changed all sound settings, but now something is killing my battery very quickly. Can’t wait to get my Rezound tomorrow. The Dinc was a great phone for 18 months. I’m gonna miss you buddy…

  71. HTC Incredible owner here.  Phone updated to 2.3.4 around Thanksgiving holiday.  Noticed earlier this week that my ringtones “playback license is not valid.”  Called Verizon to see if they can help and was told, after some time of conducting trial and error tests, to do a factory reset of the phone, which means EVERYTHING will be wiped off from my phone.  I’m not going to do that until I see/read if anyone else has had this problem.

    So, I repeat, am I the only one who has had this problem?  

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