Google X: What Are They Working On In Google’s Top Secret Lab?


Everyone in the tech world develops products several years out. When the products they’ve been working on so hard are about to launch, they stay incredibly secretive in hopes to bolster excitement for their unveiling. It’s a the process with which we’re all familiar. But what if you extend “several years out” to forward thinking ideas that could change the world and increase “incredibly secretive” by a magnitude of 1,000?

Then you’d have Google X.

Google X is a secret Google lab working on ultra secret projects. Nobody knows where it is. Nobody knows what’s inside. Nobody knows what they’re working on. Except the people involved, of course, otherwise that would just be weird.

The point is that Google has already revolutionized the way we live, work, and play, and they’re hard at work trying to hit their next big home run. Perhaps the difference now is that they’ve got a lot more resources with which to work. Many of the ideas are thought to be in the “conceptual” stage and they’re supposedly tackling a list of 100 “shoot for the stars” ideas. I’m betting one of them we DO know: Driveless Cars.

So YOU tell US: what projects do you think Google is working on in Google X?

[Via NYTimes]

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. They are working on an actual release date for the G Nex… Then they are are done…Cancel X-mas, kitchen’s closed!

    1. In other words… Derp.

  2. theyre working on healing hiv +

  3. Hopefully something to match people up to careers they’ll actually enjoy so everyone can have contented lives.

    1. That is very specific. Do I sense somebody who is fed up with their job? Here is the world’s smallest violin playing just for you.

      1. Do I sense a smartass who’s life sucks so bad that he has to come on a public forum to try to knock other people down to make himself feel better? 

        1. Jason (pot), meet Ninjun (kettle).

        2. I guess you didn’t get the point.  Life sucks deal with it.

      2. Whilst i admire your audacity to suggest that it’s an issue unique to a single person and that you don’t suffer from it I feel i do have to point out the relevancy.

        If by the age of 16 or 18 or so google’s managed to nail what you’re best at, what yuo’re happiest doing and what you can get in that area and line you up in the proper career so that you’re happy with your job, life, future then then not only will life in general be better but crime will be lower and the economy will be stronger.

        So, I thumb my nose at you mr violin.

        1. Do you really need a computer algorithm to tell you what you should be doing with your life?  Stop being lazy get out of the house and find what you want to do.  It just seems you’re too busy putting fingers up your nose instead of figuring out what you want to do.

          1. LOL.  Do you need a computer algorithm to show you what’s in the world? Tell you what’s the cheapest deal? Don’t be so lazy! Get out the house!

            A proper career guidance system at school level will improve our countries.

          2. Did I just hear an echo or did you just try to comeback at me with the same stuff I said.  Shut up and accept you’re clueless.

            Oh and a proper guidance system already exists in schools.  Just go to a decent school or live in a developed country.

          3. Totally following Ninjun for some lulz…

  4. Couldn’t tell you what they’re working on, but I’m pretty sure Apple will either sue them for it or steal it, make it better, and call it revolutionary.

    1. Do you take apple so personally that any chance you get you lash out? Did apple make you cry?
      Some of you Android fanboys are like Real Housewives.

      1. It probably has something to do with the fact that Apple does exactly that. It’s like calling the sky blue, it just is what it is, and you’re gonna have to deal with it.

      2. Funny, Apple fanboys are the same way. Last I checked, speaking the truth doesn’t make someone a “Real Housewife”

      3. Are you on a personal mission to make sure that Apple is not talked about on an Android site? WTH are you even doing here? Go home to mommy, whiner. The reason people don’t like Apple is because Apple thinks that no one else should be allowed to make any products that compete with them. If they do, then they involve litigation. And we “Android fanboys” think that sucks, just like your asinine comment.

        1. why do you have a picture of a child looking at a grown man’s groin?
          That’s pretty creepy.

    2. Not agreeing/disagreeing, but I gotta admit, that was kind of funny.

    3. Im not so sure about make it “better” how about make it prettier and tell everyone its better.

  5. I’d love them to release new products for all the countries on the same date – not US first and then something, maybe, later, some UK and Germany and other countires maybe a year or two later.
    So this is what I hope for, the best “secret project” I could imagine.

  6. Probably something that won’t work well, will be labeled BETA (so that makes it okay that it doesn’t work, right guys?) and will probably be a huge flop.

    1. Like Gmail? Or Voice? Or maybe Calendar? I know, I know, it’s Translate, right? Wave & Buzz flopped but when you release a ton of services, a few are bound to fail. And Wave and Buzz still live on, somewhat, in Google Docs (simultaneous, real-time editing) and Google+

      1. Come on dude, don’t be stupid. Google has released nothing but flops since 2008. Android is their last “hit” (and thanks to the Motorola purchase it’s a money loser). Wave, Buzz, and all sorts of new ideas have crashed and burned. Google+ was the talk of the town for a month until people realized that it was unnecessary.

        1. Are you just as critical of Microsoft? I’ve lost count of the number of failures they’ve achieved.

          1. Yes? Why wouldn’t I be? Bing is a huge money loser, Xbox isn’t exactly a huge success (they took so many losses with the first xbox & repairing RRODs), Windows Phone is a gigantic bust at this point.

          2. The point being companies take risks to compete.  If you stop that then you stop innovation.

          3. What about their achievements?

  7. DRIVEless cars???  Do they just sit parked or do they actually float!  DRIVERess cars would be cool but driveless cars would definitely be revolutionary!

    1. you tried calling him out and still spelled it wrong…  DRIVER’l’ess…  either way, both your ideas are stooopid

      1. They’ve already built driverless cars. They’ve been testing them in California and Nevada for a few years.

    2. Wow all you had to do was spell driverless right but you even cocked that up.

  8. veccster 

    u nailed it there didnt u ;)

  9. I want night vision goggles, but with the technology to make it look like daytime, and then the ability to change whatever you’re looking at into any theme that you want.

    1. That’s already been invented. It’s called “a pot”, dude.

  10. They are building The Matrix

  11. Windows Mode! I have a few windows programs android can’t run. With a windows mode to run them I can loose my laptop.

  12. First Rule of Google X—YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT GOOGLE X!

  13. Along the lines of Kaostheory, I want a pair of glasses that will extend my vision.  Basically the glasses have cameras and the “lenses” are lcd screens.  I can zoom in on things, the brightness will auto-adjust, I can switch to night vision or thermal.  heads up display overlay like robocop where I can get tons of information right on my eyeballs.  Make sure it’s integrated with my Android phone so I don’t need another freaking data account.

  14. You are all stupid

  15. Augmented reality glasses – the possibilities are amazing! Think about people’s names floating above their head; satnav directions on the road surface; TV on any plain white surface; solutions to problems appearing on the paper; suggestions of where to buy products by just looking at an example; the ability to walk down a street in 2061 and see how it looked in 2011; the ability for a teacher to look at a child and see their targets on their shirt; the ability to ‘visit’ the pyramids or fly over the rockies; automatic large print for the partially sighted; instructions for your latest gadget always to hand; books, emails and websites printed on the ceiling whilst you lie in the bath; use your hands to manipulate virtual shapes a la Minority Report…

    Any other ideas?

  16. Surely it had to be the everlasting gobstopper or chewing gum that doesn’t lose it’s flavour!

  17. Android contact lenses plz. 

  18. Nutbunnies …your comment made me lol…lol.

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