Google Music Store Screenshots Suggest Android Market Inclusion, Free Song Of The Day

This Wednseday is an event of epic proportions, as is usually the case when Google asks for the media’s attention. Based on clues and speculation, we’re left guessing that the announcement will be for an extension of Google Music Beta which would an enable an iTunes-like Music Store that allows users to purchase songs and albums both on their desktop and mobile devices. Further evidence was provided by leaked screenshots hailing from an Android device in Venezuela:

Pay special attention to the “Free Song of the Day” in the 3rd screenshot. Not only is that an awesome feature for consumers looking for cool new artists and songs, but that level of highlighting could skyrocket an artist from relative obscurity into super stardom.

Don’t forget that T-Mobile’s logo was found on the event invite, so perhaps they’ll be launching the Galaxy Nexus and be first to include the Google Music Store on their device.

[ TechnoDroidve via AndroidPolice]

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  • SavageJeep

    I was wondering when that new single from Chino & Nacho was coming out?

  • DYNK

    Awesome. About tine they released this.
    Now for an open fast non resource-hungry iTunes for quick transfers.

  • Aaron Berlin

    I hope they give us some ability to get our purchased tracks out of the Google Cloud. For my money, the sole thing Amazon’s offering has over Google’s (other than the store, which is soon to be met) is the ability to re-download every track you’ve purchased, and every track you uploaded yourself!  It’s reassuring to know that you can get everything out, if you want to.

    • SavageJeep

      EDIT: removed

      • Aaron Berlin

        I was just about to correct you! It’s just hard for me to get comfortable without multiple local backups of all my Chino & Nacho LPs.

    • Khalid

      There was a sentence regarding that on an unrelated Google Music blog post a while back. I don’t have the link, but essentially the poster noted that the team was working on a way to allow users to download their music.
      Once that’s out there, I’ll be done with Amazon for music for good.

      I’d imagine(but can’t be sure, obviously) that a lot of those ‘little’ things, like I alluded to above will be announced on Wednesday, along with the shedding of the beta tag from the product name.

  • Bryan

    Anyone know how google is going to do the revenue split with the artists? I think Apple does a 70/30 split

    • robjackson81

      Good question. I’m sure they’ll closely resemble what Apple offers but I think there are a LOT of back room politics in this one. Not to mention, Google may have offered a little oomph to get the job done.

      I hope we’ll hear these details on Wednesday.

  • Jaime Ramirez


  • adi19956

    let’s hope for a worldwide release!

  • David Kindred

    Go to and you get a different error page than if you went to say  Somebody’s purposely hiding something.