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Motorola Electrify Getting Software Upgrade, Motorola Seeking 200 Testers

The Motorola Electrify, one of Motorola’ high-end phones for US Cellular, looks like it could be ready to gobble up a nice, big bowl of OTA. I’m referring to OTA updates, of course. They’re seeking 200 testers in order to see if things will go as planned. More often than not, they do, so with their track record I’d say don’t hesitate to give it a shot. [Motorola via Android Central]

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  • dominiej

    Why does that look exactly like my Photon 4G and why aren’t Photon users getting to test the new software? =(

  • ClayRogers

    Because it’s the same phone on a different network. The updates are compatible with each other.

  • spex360

    Ill volunteer