Samsung Galaxy S II Receives Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich MIUI ROM

Yes, you are reading that right. Apparently those crafty developers over on XDA have done it again, this time they’ve managed to combine fan-favorite ROM, MIUI with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This MIUI ROM in particular takes the merged ICS framework from GalnetMIUI 1.11.2 and a pinch of CM7 for the AT&T Galaxy S II and presto! An almost fully functional MIUI Android 4.0 ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S II on AT&T.

If you’re hoping to see some Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich UI elements keep in mind this is still very much MIUI. While this is technically a ROM with the Android 4.0 firmware, all the UI and core apps are still MIUI. This actually gives you a good idea of what to expect once other OEM’s get their hands on the ICS source and theme it up with their own special UI’s. But for now just bask in the ambience or if you have a rooted AT&T Galaxy S II… get to flashing!

Thanks, Dima!

[Via XDA]




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  • ReDDster

    Chris Chavezzzzz!

  • jjrudey

    Someone should give me a Galaxy S II

  • Mikhail Cass

    Would this work on an International Galaxy S II? 

  • Space4rent

    Please stop the skinning.

    • Steve Albright

      Why do you say that?  Just curious.

      • Kevin Cox

        I don’t really see the excitement in MIUI roms anyways.

        • Steve Albright

          I’m a fan of clean.  MIUI provides this.  I am not saying that its the best ROM out there but you have to admit they put together a good package.  …and before a CM7 fan starts hating and saying they steal the code …if it is true, its a bummer they dont give credit but we don’t know for sure.

          …but, I personally like a lot of what MIUI design team does.. its like iPhone, yes.. but with Android as the backbone …well enough said.

          I say continue skinning.  Without skinning everything would look the same..and well..that would just suck.  IMO.

          • Kevin Cox

            I’m not knocking it. I just don’t see why everyone likes it so much. If I wanted my phone to look like an iPhone then I would get an iPhone. But I guess as you said, that’s the beauty of android. You can change your phone to look however you want. Happy Rom and theme swapping everyone.

          • Yoni Stratievsky

            But then you’d get stuck not only with a phone that looks like an iPhone, but one that functions like an iPhone.

            I don’t get an android device because it looks different than an iPhone, but because of its capabilities. Aesthetically, iPhone does at least one thing very well: uniformity. MIUI provides this without dropping you to the functionality of an iPhone.

          • le_lutin

            I love miui and my phone looks nothing like an iPhone. Again, the beauty of miui is that you can make it look however you want. The themes are incredible. If you think miui= iPhone then you don’t know miui.

    • Fredrik Wysocki

      Maybe iPhone is for you?

      • Space4rent

        Maybe Nexus for me? Iphail is shit..

    • bolthouse

      especially one that mimics the ios

    • itscanny

      MIUI isn’t a skin perse, it’s also a firmware alternative (not quite like CM but in that vein).

  • David Pat

    Everyone needs to learn ROM. This is the reason why. 

  • Naveen Varghese

    flop its only 2.3.7 not an icecream sandwich

  • Naveen Varghese

    its making fool

  • Naveen

    It’s only 2.3.7 not icecream sandwich

    • Zach Gamble

      It has the 4.0 frame work with a CM7 kernel. It is ICS. 

      • Richie

        what exactly does ‘framework’ mean here? Does it support h/w acceleration?

      • godgivesashit

        Most likely no. On my guess, I’d say the code was optimized by changing the way the registers are used. Also the UI is probably running at a lower bit rate which means you’ll
        have lower visual quality though its not really noticeable for many
        people. I’d need to have two phones to compare in real time and take a look at the code myself to see what it does to confirm. As of now, I highly doubt this is ICS.

  • Bob Smith

    This looks like a jail-broken iPhone with a familiar Winterboard theme..

  • Droid Guru


  • manlisten

    What significance does having the Android 4.0 framework bear? Like, what makes it different from a Gingerbread ROM if the Gapps are all Gingerbread versions anyway? Does this allow you to install ICS apps? I’m just confused as to the meaning of this.


    • Richie

      nope… parsing errors still prevail while trying to install apks

  • rj5555

    I think I’ll pass IMO Miui is the ugliest rom on Android.