Barnes & Noble Announces Nook Tablet

At a press event today Barnes & Noble has announced the followup to the successful Nook Color. The all-new Nook Tablet picks up where the color left off, creating a media-centric experience that relies on content rather than hardware power. The Nook Tablet boasts a 1GHz dual-core CPU and 1GB of RAM and weighs in at under a pound. Externally the The 7-inch slate doesn’t look much different than its predecessor, but leverages a new “Vivid View” display developed by LG, labeling it a huge breakthrough in tablet screen technology. Shifting to 16GB of internal storage, the Nook Tablet still manages to come in lighter and thinner than the Nook Color.

Featuring support for videos at up to 1080p resolution, pre-loaded access to Netflix and Hulu Plus, and an 11.5 hour battery life (9 for video playback), the Nook Tablet looks to give the Amazon Kindle Fire a run for its money. Other perks include free access to AT&T and Branes and Noble hotspots, cloud storage, and a growing selection of books, comics, and magazines. The Nook Tablet is up for pre-order starting today and available next week. It will retail for $249.99, while the Nook Color has been reduced in price to $199.99.


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  • Reed Hooper

    CM7 for this will be awesome!

  • Chris Clark

    CM9 for this will be awesomer!

  • Jayrock

    agreed! when this thing is hacked with ice cream sandwich it will be a MONSTER man! A MONSTER!!

  • Averroe5

    I want one much more than a freaking kindle fire

  • xIndirect

    “Branes and noble” Mmmm branes.. xD

    • JMcGee

      The zombies…. are coooooming. mwaaaaaaaaah!

      • wtsamatta

        They’re already here. They like fruity label ;) not brains!

    • smithers85

      relevant (and extremely nerdy, i’m sorry):

  • Scotsman of Loch Ness

    or just root it and drop on the Android Market and the Amazon Market and have the best of all 3 worlds

  • Chili Palmer

    Only 16gb of internal storage is the only drawback. But this is a nice price, should easily make a perfect budget tablet for those interested in doing so.

    • Keith D. Mitchell

      It only has 16GB interneral but it also has a Micro SDcard slot, making much more attractive vs the Amazon Kindle Fire:

      Screen: 1,024×600-pixel “laminated, no-air” 7-inch IPS LCDWeight: 14.1 ouncesProcessor: 1GHz dual-core TI Omap 4Platform: Customized version of
      Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)Internal memory: 16GBmicroSD card expansion slot: up to 32GB cardsIntegrated microphone
      Battery life: 11 hours reading, 8-9 hours video (with wireless off)
      Price: $249

  • rurallaw

    I hope it still has bluetooth, but the specs say it doesn’t.  Hopefully they just don’t untilize it like the original Nook Color.

  • Lincoln Mennuti

    Just to be clear, is this going to have a single CPU with 2x 1GHz cores?…Or are they going to pull a BS move like some of the deal-a-day sites with advertising a dual core 1GHz when in fact it’s a pair of 530MHz cores that add up to 1GHz ??!!