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[Update: Scavenger Hunt, Too] Enter for a Chance to Win a DROID RAZR With Verizon’s New DROID Extraction Game

We’ve just been informed of a new promotion Verizon is running. It’s being called DROID Extraction and is specifically set up for the launch of the Motorola DROID RAZR (remember that it’ll be here on 11/11/11 at 11:11am).

To play, you have to use a claw to remove the DROID RAZR from its panel. Simple, right? Well, there’s only one catch – there are a lot of freaking security lasers preventing you from doing so. You have to time your drop just right but the lasers will get you almost every time.

To make things easier, some lasers will be deactivated every time you get one of your Facebook friends to “Like” the game. Social marketing at its absolute finest. I’m not sure if it’s possible to get the phone without hitting the lasers, but you can certainly try if you don’t feel like bugging your Facebook friends. Get going here for a chance to win one of several DROID RAZR devices.

[Update]: The ever-so-exciting DROID Landing twitter account scavenger hunt is underway, too. Get to it.

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  • melantus

    eh? I got in one first try without doing any facebook crap…

  • duke69111

    I got it on the first try as well and entered.  No facebook.  But since I have not been able to get it.  

  • Big R

    Too easy

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    Well, then…. I just suck.

    • duke69111

      It’s just skill.  :)

  • Michael Luckhardt

    I’ved tried it a bunch of luck..

  • Blulnr

    Got it too. “Enter up to 100 times a day.” Must be expecting some people to master the thing without to much trouble.

  • Mark Seven

    Got it on the first try… the second, 3rd and 4th… not so much. Lol

  • BIGshane123456

    managed to get it once… but, after about 5 more min of no luck i gave up.

  • PoolsClosed

    In Soviet Russia, phone enter contest to win you.

  • not_brooks

    Grabbed it three times in a few minutes. Don’t expect to win considering how easy it is…

  • Chris R.

    Haven’t got it yet, but there is no skill required.  The lasers always hit the same place and the lasers just appear there all of a sudden when there wasn’t one there a split second ago.  Totally a crap shot.

  • John

    Are your e-peens bigger for pretending to have got it on the first try everyone?

  • garo kitabjian


  • Ian Smith

    Got it all 100 times almost all in a row…

  • fauxfire27

    There is a pattern to it, just wait for laser to form a diamond pattern on the screen that forms at once about every 25 seconds give or take. :-)

  • cknight91

    Got it about 5 times without having to do any Facebook crap. Can’t seem to master it tho so I give up :(

  • Randroid

    If you do get it, note the time at which you pressed the button. The lasers make the same motion every time, so if you are within .05 seconds or so of the same time, you should be able to repeat it again and again.