Photobooth For Android Now Available – Make Fun and Easy Photostrips Without All The Fluff

What happens when you combine clean, no-nonsense UI with a fun and easy-to-use photo app? The result is Photobooth, the lovechild from the mind of Clarklab. Photobooth was just released into the Android Market and it’s quickly become one of my favorite photo apps. Just like a real-life photobooth, the app allows you to combine multiple photos into a single photostrip for easy sharing on all of your favorite social sites.

At only 158k, Photobooth is light, functional and very much to the point. Photobooth gives its users a few select options for taking photos. You can choose a photostrip that’s either vertical or horizontal, adjust how large you want your image and adjust the order of included pics. You wont find the usual app bloat like fancy filters or “stickers” here. No, sir. Clean and simple is the name of the game.

Seeing how the developer (who just so happens to be the editor-in-chief at knows a thing or two about privacy concerns, you can leave your tinfoil hats at home knowing the app only requires two permissions: local storage (for saving pics) and network connection (for reporting crashes).

So, what are you waiting for? Photobooth is available right now for free from the Android Market.

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  • christian cerda

    or you can just buy a mac.

    • Tommy Thompson

      …..cuz that makes sense.

    • ari_free

      “Shut up and take my money!”

  • Rickerbilly

    Is a Mac free? Well like the nice man said, this app is “free” from the Android Market. Yeah let’s all go buy over priced fruit logo laptops just so we can play with neato apps.


    Cannot multiselect with Quickpic :/

  • Swamykant

    Great news. Thanks for information.