PSA: Atrix 4G CyanogenMod Nightlies Being Posted

Some of you may or may not have missed this, but here’s a friendly PSA anyway – the Motorola ATRIX 4G has now been tossed out of the beta bin and into the nightlies catalog of famed CyanogenMod ROM. Yes, this means you can scrub your device clean of MOTO[INSERTFUNNYNAMEHERE] and get a heavily customized version of AOSP up on your dual-core device. Click here to get started. [Thanks Alex]

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  • barry99705

    Yay!  Now the Atrix is just like every other CM phone…  No fingerprint scanner, no webtop!  Those are the reasons most people got the phone in the first place.

    • montgoss

      Agreed.  While I don’t use the webtop everyday, it is my favorite (most bragged about) feature.  And I do use the fingerprint scanner too.  Of course, that’s mostly because I can’t disable the lock screen with the latest Gingerbread update that rolled out…  I used to toggle it off and on so it only required the fingerprint when I was concerned that someone might mess with my phone.  Much cooler and a lot harder to guess than a swipe pattern or numeric passcode.

  • zedthegreat

    What does PSA stand for? (Honest question!)

    Going to check this out though if it works for UK Atrix. Screw you Moto and your refusal to update past 2.2!!!!!

    • DoughboyDiligence

      Public Service Announcement

    • James

      Public Service Announcement

  • Tom Somers

    PSA = Public Service Announcement

  • Ken Cluck

    I got the atrix specifically for being a phone with good specs and it having cyanogenmod :)