Costco to Get HTC Vivid Nov. 10 According to Leaked Road Map

The HTC Vivid is set to be one of the first 4G LTE smartphones on AT&T, and it will be available for purchase November 6th direct from the carrier. If you prefer to get your handsets through Costco, however, you will have to wait a few days. The earliest and stores will stock the new phone is November 10th. The launch packet also included another overview of the Vivid’s specs.

On the November 10th date Costco will get the T-Mobile trifecta of the LG DoublePlay, Samsung Exhibit II 4G, and LG myTouch Q. Also advertised is T-Mobiles $69.99 unlimited (2GB) voice and data plan.

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  • http://Phandroid deh2002

    What’s with the 256 ram on the vivid, I thought it had 1gb of ram? After seeing a review of the raider i’m not impressed very much with it. If the screen isn’t great I’ll be getting the skyrocket this Sunday instead of the htc. I’ve been waiting for a great htc device on att all year and it hasn’t come. Isn’t this only the 2nd Android htc phone released on htc this year? And the first one the inspire was a rehash of the desire hd wasn’t it?

  • aimetti

    Still going to wait it out for the sgn. First android phone as im coming from iphone. Nothing else interests me.

  • terrance

    3 phones released in 1 day but gay Verizon wont do the same (Razr,Rezound, Nexus) smdh.

  • AndroidICS4

    for HTC HD2 the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich Version is developed!

    found here: