Will We Really Have to Wait Until After Black Friday to Pick Up the Galaxy Nexus?


Here is a bit of full disclosure for you: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be my next phone. My money is as good as Verizon’s at this point. So why do they insist on teasing me? Why does everyone insist on hyping up the release of the phone only to report it has been pushed back yet again (though how an unannounced date could be pushed back is another question entirely). The latest bit of info comes in the form of a holiday marketing schedule obtained by Droid Life, which clearly shows no plans for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to hit shelves any earlier than Black Friday (November 25th).

So, that about confirms what we already knew. The Galaxy Nexus will launch later than the most recently rumored November 24th release date (who would release a phone on Thanksgiving anyway?). It could launch on Black Friday, but when we’re waiting this long what’s the difference of a few days, anyway?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Doesn’t surprise me and I want one too. And the delayed announcement because of Job’s death looks like it was an easy excuse more and more to delay. But hey, whenever it arrives, it arrives. I am sure there is a reason for delays and I do not want a buggy phone.

    1. Looking back, yeah probably. And I agree – there’s hopefully a good reason.

      1. With Android, there’s never a good reason. Don’t hold your breath.

  2. The other bars actually overlap over the Black Friday timeframe. The ‘Samsung Holiday Portfolio’ does not, so I would assume its only available AFTER the black friday weekend, not during.

  3. Is it possible that while Verizon’s version (they’re the only carrier getting the LTE model right?) is delayed, but the HSPA+ version will be launching on T-Mobile, AT&T, and other carriers sooner?

    1. No those carriers will be getting it later. HSPA+ is getting released in Europe first.

      1. That’s all rumours ;)

  4. @#$@, @^&~ !&$% !%*$ %@#!!!!! That is all

    1. Poor Verizon babies! The rest of us won’t be getting any Galaxy Nexus for the holidays. That is if Verizon has any kind of temporary exclusivity. !#$$%^%^&*%^&$%^&@$%#@$%@!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. My next phone will also be the Galaxy Nexus…. and I’m on T-Mobile… just as long as it gets here before the end of the year I’ll be happy… but I will endure no matter when it gets here… I’ll even switch to AT&T if Tmobile keeps taking their time….

  5. I am getting a new phone when my OG Droid dies. If the the G-Nex isn’t available then, I will not be returning to VZW. Waht is the best version of the SGSII?

    1. the Galaxy Nexus heh

    2. galaxy II Skyrocket from att announced the other day looks pretty sweet.

      1. Except for the fact that the skyrocket will be sporting a snapdragon. I wish it was Exynos. If it was it would be mine.

  6. How does this confirm anything? They wouldn’t show it on this list because it’s not confirmed yet and hasn’t had an announced date. So showing it on this list would be an announcement which they wouldn’t want to do through these channels. Think before you write an article.

    1. The author didn’t make it clear, but this is a leaked Verizon internal document, it’s not an announcement.

  7. Is anyone else’s OG Droid becoming more and more unbearable each passing day? Seems like it’s been acting up and dying quicker more than ever, conveniently during upgrade time. Call it conspiracy or impatience, this is going to be a long month.

    1. in the same boat.. sometimes just feel like smashing my phone on the ground haha

      1. I literally think that same thing several times a day. I cannot wait any longer for this phone to come out!

    2. Your statement can’t be more true. My battery doesn’t last longer than 2 hours with average use. People have been telling me that they sent me texts that I have not recieved. When I do get a txt my speaker just sounds like static. The best part it puts it’s on mute when I’m on a phone call. Yeah it’s time for a upgrade. I can hold of but barely.

    3. Actually no. I used RSDLite today to flash the FRG83G master SBF. I then rooted and installed ROM Manager. I backed up then installed a fresh Project Elite install. My OG flies now. It was quick before, but almost 2 years of wiping and ROMming must have cluttered up junk. I easily have another 3 months or more to go.

    4. Flash CM7 (or any other ROM) and just keep reflashing/wiping as it gets horrible again. Phone will be like new for a good 6 months.

      1. +1

        My Droid started dying some time ago. CM7 has given it at least 6 months extra, though I do miss text messages here and there.

        1. Miss text messages, huh? Is that a feature of Android?

          Android merged a bunch of my contacts in Google so I have lots of contacts with mixed emails, pictures, phones etc.


          1. Please buy an iPhone and go over to Apple Insider. I think you’ll be happier there. That way we can be spared you troll whining.

            NONE of my Android phones have ever had those issues. (G1, Nexus One, Sensation 4G)

          2. Well my Nexus S did this to my Google contacts. Good going Google.

          3. Yes because no other person except Android users get missed txt messages..

          4. It seems to be a common problem with Android. It is well documented over the internet. Also, there was an issue where text messages were sent to different people than users wanted them to go to. This is also documented, and Phandroid had an article or two on it.

            Can you present any documentation on missing text message issues for Apple, BB, or WP7?

      2. This worked for me on my OG droid. I even have the ICS theme now. Just a little longer now…

    5. Same thing is happening with my CM7 Fascinate. Went really crazy on me once, became almost unusable, then I decided to wipe the dalvik cache and it came back to life. Still buggy though, randomly rebooting and occasionally locking up. Since I have at least another month to wait, I’m probably gonna try a different ROM or kernel, see if it gets any more stable. At least my SD card never got nuked, like it did for tons of people using the nightlies.

    6. I’ve been having that EXACT same issue with my OG droid…it’s ridiculous. What is VZW’s return policy? If I buy a phone now and give it to my wife when the gnex comes out, what should I get?? ahhhhhhh! I can’t take it anymore!

    7. I can’t agree more.  Although the battery life on my OG is reasonable as I keep it pretty locked down, it’s just so slow.  Unlocking my OG and waiting for the desktop or whatever it’s called is like watching a snail slime its way across the sidewalk.  Wifi has degraded and 3G is not what it used to be, just watching a simple youtube video is riddled with lockups and pauses, even on wifi.  Half of me thinks that this is just a ploy by Verizon to get the less patient to buy the Razr…  I always hated the original… not gonna happen Verizon…

    8. I don’t even have an android yet-jumping straight on the nexus bandwagon, though.

    9. My Droid turns off every time I put it in my pocket for some reason. No matter if the power button is up or down inside my pocket, it turns off! Those are the moments when I feel like smashing it. This phone honestly isn’t even good enough to give to someone as a starter smartphone anymore. It feels so slow and outdated and would give people a bad impression of android. I like so many of you have been on this site day in, and day out since the first talk about the new nexus phone and I honestly don’t even know what I’ll do with myself once I actually have it. What I do know is that I’ll be a phandroid fan for life….

    10. I love the OG but she’s ready for retirement.  The longer I have to wait the better the Rezound sounds, but I really want to wait for the GNex…*sigh*  Stupid Verizon, this delay/launch date is all their doing/fault.  

    11. Right there with you. Another 3-4 weeks is just utterly painful. My OG droid CRAWLS and CRASHES and I just want to throw it against a wall. I have wiped and flashed back to bugless beast from CM7 which ran like crap on my phone and that has helped make it more bearable, but not nearly enough. The Vigor keeps looking more and more promising just to have a phone in my hand sooner!

    12. Bought the Droid OG on the day it came out (two of them, one for my wife) hers is barely limping along and she can’t even unlock the screen without having a magnet handy to get it into car mode.  Mine, was slow as hell and finally kicked the bucket a little over a month ago.  Seriously considering buying some phone I can get a good resale value on (ugh…iPhone anyone?) until GN comes out.  I’ve been off contract since July 6th.  This sucks!!

  8. You know what would be helpful? If we could see the rest of the document to the left. If the RAZR went back all the way to 11/1 then I would feel a lot better about this. Maybe this is just a promotion schedule to highlight their focus for that time-frame. With Verizon practically ignoring this phone, I could see this phone sitting on the shelves for a week before they started promoting it.

  9. So wait. I waited for the GS II to be released in the summer. Didn’t come until late September. Decided to wait it out just a bit longer for the Prime/ICS announcement. I was totally impressed and decided to get the Nexus instead and now I have to wait even longer? GAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I just want to upgrade already :(

    1. I’m in the same boat. Feels like I’ve been waiting since this spring when Europe got the GSII.

    2. By the time Nexus Prime gets released Samsung would tease us in a ridiculous way about the Galaxy S3… and we’ll be all waiting for that big.LITTLE Exynos…

    3. I’m just tired of waiting. First, I waited for the Bionic ever since CES and prior to the Bionic coming out, I saw a picture of what is now the Motorola Razr side by side with the Bionic and wanted it. Then I heard about the Nexus Prime and wanted it. I really wanted to get it before Thanksgiving but that appears unlikely now.

  10. How frigging annoying.

  11. The GN will not be a heavily marketed phone by Verizon. They are focusing their efforts on the Razr and Rezound. I could definitely see them waiting until after the big weekend to release this phone.

    Also, this is NOT an official document.

  12. I hope they release the source before they release the phone. Either way, I wouldn’t get an LTE phone until they’ve improved the LTE chipset to be more power efficient. (read: Qualcomm S4)

  13. Thank you, Verizon exclusivity… we’re all at the mercy of your revenue maximizing whims now.

  14. All those with OG Droids need to do a complete stock restore. Copy anything you to keep off your SD card. Then format your SD card, use RSDLite and a SBF file to restore to a clean factory build, re-root, and then finally re-ROM. This will clean years of clutter. Just like reinstalling Windows can help a PC.

    1. unfortunately, we can just give away the memory card or sell it with the phone. Damn no memory card in the SGN, not that we really need it if its 32gb.

  15. I’ve said this before, but it makes sense for Verizon to do this since the RAZR will be coming out on the 10th, this gives them time for the return policy to terminate for many of the early adapters. Helps keep money in their pocket.

    1. Lol. Burn. But probably true…

  16. Doesn’t bother me in the least – my upgrade isn’t available until February anyway. Perfect timing, I’m hoping – perhaps the price will be down a bit by then, and I won’t have to wait forever to receive it after ordering :)

  17. Dammmmmiiit

  18. What everyone must understand is that Verizon doesn’t give a rats ass about this phone, because it’s a Nexus they can’t have any of their carries BS or even branding on the phone. The only reason they have it is for publicity but as we can see the phones that they can put their BS on is where their time and attention on.

  19. Notice in the ad they never actually mention the Nexus in the write up, just the Razr, Rezound and Stratosphere…..only the red banner displays the words Galaxy Nexus. This phone is obviously gonna be ignored hard by the Verizon marketing team.

  20. this doesn’t say anything about a realease date. only when they will start advertising for it. next headline on phandroid: “Samsung Galaxy Nexus advertising campaign begins. Actual release is imminent, I swear it!!!”

  21. Anyone else see this as Verizon just trying to screw the competition? Let’s take a wild guess that they have exclusivity for a month. If so, that practically pushes all the competitors into next year (and more importantly past the holiday season) before they get their hands on the GN.

    1. Yup. Calculated? You bet. Verizon is getting their reward for being patient with the lack of a SGSII. Verizon will make a killing with the new Nexus and Verizon customers get the first crack at Android 4.0 and their first taste of Nexus in years. WORTH IT.
      P.S. 5280 = 5280ft = 1Mile(skier)?? :-)

  22. SMH. One thing I like about Apple is that they announce the new phone and then it’s available the next week. This is really annoying and I will not be surprised if I give in to the Razr or Rezound

  23. Hmmm… well… At least it’ll be out soon. I was really hoping for Late Oct/Early Nov. When that came and went, I was hoping for mid-Nov. Sounds like it’ll be late Nov now. That’s fine with me, but this thing better be 95% bug free for making us wait. Verizon – I love you but dammit I need a new phone. Please don’t make me wait until December.

  24. It is really very simple gentlemen; Verizon will not release a high end android phone within 14 days of another as they could potentially have a lot of pre ordered phones returned. If the new Moto Razr launches on November 10th there isn’t a chance in hell this phone is released before November 24th. Since that day happens to be Thanksgiving they push it back to November 25th. Don’t expect any black friday discounts on this phone though.

  25. This looks like a chart of how and when they will be advertising the different new phones, not when they will be releasing. Case in point, the new iPhone is already available, but they will start their advertising campaign with “The Best Network” on November 14th and end it on 12/5.

    1. thats what i was saying as well. don’t be surprised if the advertising starts and this thing gets pushed into december. here’s my guess: preorders start black friday. shipping a week to 2 weeks later.

  26. i’m also frustrated at the tone. holiday lineup….w/galaxy nexus. like it’s an afterthought. like there aren’t thousands of people waiting with baited breath for an official release date!!!! oh hell, i’m just frustrated about everything about this phone right now.

  27. my verizon unlimited data plan ends the second week of December. I really want this phone but my unlimited data is more important. I might have to settle for the Razr. Blah

    1. How does your unlimited data plan end? Your grandfathered in as long as you don’t switch data plans

      1. so even when my contract ends im still good?

        1. Yup, just make sure to call vzw or go in store to make plan changes as they could try to sneak tiered in, but otherwise you keep unlimited data until Verizon decides to take grandfathering away. I’ve been off contract since last year, for example and still have unlimited.

          1. cool and thanks for the info, i guess i will be waiting until whenever the Galaxy Nexus is i released.

  28. Maybe they want the people who buy the razr to have to keep it?

  29. Slowly turning into the Bionic fiasco again. Next thing you know its summer and still waiting.

    1. *Prepares to kill self* NEVER AGAIN!!

  30. I’d be ok waiting. Just hope they have some special black Friday pricing (not $300)

  31. I need to wait until 29th of December before I can upgrade :(

    1. That’s around the same time I’m able to, but I still plan on buying it. :)

    2. Yep, same thing here… day 1 HTC Droid Incredible account is not eligible for update until Dec. 29 — so, Christmas is coming twice this year!!

    3. You guys can still upgrade early. They charge you 20 bucks to do it but they allow you to upgrade at 2 yr pricing. I am in the same boat as you all. I have done that the last 2 times and went in the other day to verify that I am still able to and they said yes that I can. They also tried selling some other phones but that’s a no go :)

  32. It sucks, but at least some of you have the option of getting it in a few weeks. My upgrade isn’t due until April! I hope some quad core goodness will be out by then and the Gnex will only be a distant memory to me.

  33. I’m still rocking the Nexus One which is chill and all, but I only have 20MB of space and cool apps keeping coming out. Not to mention some slight software flaws in Gingerbread.

  34. I hope everyone buys this phone and Verizon realizes nobody wants their asSadS bloatware.

  35. Oh god, not another month stuck on this f#$&!ing 3GS….

  36. I hate verizon so much – why do they have to break balls at every release….

  37. Dear Verizon, I’m a big boy with big boy money. You don’t
    need to wait for the holidays to sell me stuff. I buy it when I want it and I
    want it now. K? Thanks.

  38. This looks like a marketing “schedule”, not a release schedule.

  39. Google did it right with the Nexus One…they released it the day it was announced.  Tech moves so fast in the mobile space…a month wait between announcement and availability is kind of a big deal.

  40. THIS IS NOT A DEVICE RELEASE SCHEDULE!!  If you look closely and actually read the piece of the memo you can see, you will note all the markers of a marketing promotion schedule.  There is an iPhone on there people – there is no iPhone releasing this month!  These are marketing promotion campaigns – iPhone & Best Network is a campaign to promote the iPhone from Verizon because they have the “best network”.  They are likely promoting the Nexus after Black Friday because they are not going to discount it that steeply to use for a Black Friday promotion.  But it does look like there will be some sort of price cut after that weekend, which means it will likely release somewhere in the next 2 weeks.

    This endless rumor mill about devices is infuriating!  They are almost NEVER close to being correct and bottom line – it doesn’t change a freakin’ thing!  The phone is going to come out when they are ready to release it!

    1. I hope you are right.   I know I am acting like a little kid, but I want my Galaxy Nexus now!  NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW!  (insert 40-year-old-acting-like-a-three-year-old temper tantum here)

  41. looks like Black Friday is another please buy iphone event @ verizon similar to the original iphone launch; thats why it was “delayed”

  42. Regardless of when this phone comes out, I will not be pwnd by VZW (or any carrier) anymore for 2 years with technology changing so fast. I’ll hold out for the Galaxy Nexus because it should come out in a few weeks hopefully, but after this I will be an ebay/out-of-contract buyer of phones from here on out. Technology is changing too fast to wait 2 years to upgrade. I LOVE my OG droid but it is painful to use now, wiped/rooted/ROMd repeatedly and all. Never in my 6 years of smartphone use or 12 years of cell phone ownership has an upgrade date been so painful to wait for! Of course, those previous phones didn’t see the updates like my OG Droid has seen, and I get that. I could have jumped on the Bionic, but I chose to wait for the GNex with it’s vanilla Android and unlocked bootloader, and I don’t regret that. But man, the wait for the Galaxy Nexus wouldn’t be so painful if my current phone wasn’t as painful to use. Here’s to hoping that GNex stands up better to 18 months of use (and updates??) otherwise I won’t hold it like I have held my Droid.

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