HTC Raider Now Available through Bell

If you call Canada home and want to lock into the LTE airwaves currently permeating the Great White North courtesy of Bell, you get your chance today as the carrier has released their first 4G smartphone, the HTC Raider. The Raider features a 4.5-inch qHD display, 8MP camera, and 1.2GHz dual-core CPU. If you can stand to give up three years to a Bell contract and one device, the Raider is yours for only $149.99. Otherwise look to spend over $500 for two-year and one-year deals.

[via Bell]

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  • OMFCody

    Nice metal door and no contact charging. What a waste….

  • Dr. Azrael Tod

    when will it be rebranded to HTC Twix?

  • Sean McKenzie

    I think after owning a TBolt, I don’t think I will be owning another HTC Sense device. I think I will be going pure vanilla Google Experience next. Who’s with me?

    • DanWazz

      This is pretty much the conclusion that I’ve reached. Sense is nice on my Incredible, but the fact that it is pretty much the reason for lack of updates annoys me. Plus, it annoys me that I have a bunch of bloatware apps that I’ve never even opened and cannot get rid of them.

  • Gus70

    Can someone check to see if the HTC Raider has NFC support?  Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks and see if NFC is listed.  Thanks