Samsung Galaxy S Glide and Motorola RAZR Headed to Rogers this Week

While Motorola’s new take on the RAZR franchise will be exclusive to Verizon in the US, those in other parts of the world should have no problem getting ahold of the new device. A new leak out of Rogers indicates the handset will be available beginning November 4th. The same leak shows that the Motorola RAZR will be preceded by the Samsung Galaxy S Glide with its combination of high-end specs and slide-out keyboard on November 3rd. Both devices will be available for $149.99 on three-year contracts.

[via mobilesyrup]

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  • Manton

    Wait! No Galaxy S Slide for US? Sad face

    • acey_zero

      I believe this is the same phone AT&T is getting as the “Captivate Glide”, though AT&T has not yet announced release date or pricing

  • Hector

    Will Rogers carry the Galaxy Nexus? That’s the real question here.

  • Jesse Hamlin

    This is no leak, go to the Rogers website it shows the RAZR for 149.99 on a 3 year contract..

  • Unorthodox

    @Jesse Hamlin: The avail date is a leak.

    I can’t wait for RAZR. And there’s a chance it’ll come with unlocked bootloader, as we get international (no LTE) version. The only risk is that my wife will appropriate the phone once she sees it, as she’s been a long time RAZR fan.

  • Bill Wardingley

    WTF !!!! no razor outside of Verizon??? in the US Why!!!!