HTC Vivid Official for AT&T, Nov. 6th for $199.99

AT&T has announced its first 4G LTE smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC Vivid. The Vivid is the phone we have up until now known as the HTC Raider (and is still known under that name in some regions). The Vivid features a 4.5-inch qHD display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, and 8MP camera capable of 1080p video capture.

AT&T is pushing its 4G LTE network to new regions and launching the handset (along with the Skyrocket) on November 6th. The Vivid will be the lower-priced option at $199.99 on a new two-year agreement.


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  • allday28

    Liking the pricing of atts LTE devices so far. Maybe Verizon will follow suit?

    • Dave4321

      I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      • allday28

        I hear ya, but I think that one of the reasons for the higher prices is that verizon was the only carrier with LTE. Now that ATT is gonna start rolling there LTE market out Verizon is gonna have to compete in the Price market. Maybe the competition is gonna drive device preices down a little..

        • Dave4321

          Verizon prices based on the perceived value of its network coverage. Until AT&T can match that, Verizon will have no reason to lower it’s prices.

          • allday28

            I Bet if verizon started losing customers to them it would definetly happen.

          • Dave4321

            I agree, but that would require a reason for people to switch (now that they both have the iPhone)…such as AT&T’s coverage matching Verizon’s.

  • Tyler Kocheran

    Also known as the HTC Holiday.

  • James

    HTC usually makes pretty good looking devices but that is one hell of an ugly phone.

    • dbcad7

      Hmm.. at least we are not going to have 10 posts from people saying that all HTC phones look the same.. I wouldn’t call this phone ugly.. and besides if there is ever a contest of who can skip their phone across a lake.. this phone is a shoo-in for distance.

    • Spartoi

      Weird, I think this looks gorgeous.

      • dannydarko

        Agreed, I think its sexy and cant wait to get it. I hope they start the pre-order soon:)

  • Carmen Diva

    HTC you proved me wrong :) You CAN come out with phones with different designs!

    Proud of you

    Now come on out with that HTC titan with windows phone 7 plz and thank you

    But i do love the look of this device(and i like the name)

  • Newbey

    Does this have NFC? If it doesn’t then I won’t be buying it!

    • Gus70

      I agree.  Can someone report back if it has NFC support?  To check please go to Settings > Wireless & Networks and see if NFC is listed.  Thanks.

  • http://Phandroid deh2002

    I have to agree with James Myers on this one, I was thinking off returning my Atrix 2 for this phone but don’t know if I can handle the looks.
    @ Carmen, can handle a phone this size or does size really not matter to a lady;-)

  • http://Phandroid deh2002

    The more I think about this phone the more I think I might take the atrix 2 back for the vivid. I really like sense and I’m sure that since there isn’t even a forum on xda yet for the atrix 2 that there won’t be much love for the atrix 2 even as great as it is. It’s kind of a shame that the atrix 2 won’t be given much of a chance.

  • vinnyjr

    The glass goes very far up on the top of the phone which keeps the overall size of the phone to a minimum. I like that. HTC always makes great hardware. I want to know about battery size on both LTE phones.

  • hulk smash

    Looks like a Droid. MOTO will sue.