HTC Desire S Gets Android 2.3.5, Sense 3.0

Heads up, citizens of the UK. The HTC Desire S is receiving its update to Android 2.3.5. The biggest change with the update involves HTC’s custom user interface, where it has been updated to Sense 3.0. This brings about new lockscreen elements, a refreshed notifications pull-down, and other goodies. The update has been arriving for owners of the unbranded Desire S as well as those with the phone on-contract through Vodafone, Orange, and O2.

[via EuroDroid]

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  • Cyatic

    Lol are you serious HTC? The Desire S gets sense 3.0, while the Desire HD (which has better hardware) is incompatible?

    • Robbert Zeeman

      The Desire HD doesn’t has better hardware.
      I believe they are similair.
      But what about the Incredible S ???

      • Justin Case

        that’s even worst.
        both phones have the same 1GHz processor. HD has biger screen and more storage on board. it’s a shame.

  • King_James_The_Wicked

    This gets 3.0 but the Thunderbolt does not?

    I am lost…

  • toomuchgame441

    loosing hope in htc now…

  • OMFCody

    Pisses me off how they are neglecting the DHD a former flagship device… If it doesn’t get ICS within 6 months I’m going to leave htc, although it will be a hard decision I won’t stick with a manufacturer who neglects us.

  • Simon

    Annoying that the S gets it before the DHD, but must mean we will be shortly, doesn’t it HTC? Well doesn’t it?

  • Daniel Raanan

    I have a Desire S and can’t seem to find the update…

    • Matthew Archer

      neither can i.. i go into settings > about phone > software updates, then click check now and it says im up to date when i only have sense 2.1

  • Michael Waiting

    I’ve got a Desire HD and gave up hope up hope of an upgrade a while ago and so went to Cyanogenmod last week… really good – like having a new phone.

  • spacecadet43

    Anyone else had problems since installing 2.3.5? I am now unable to switch off my phone with top button (previous menu giving choice of restart / power off / airplane mode now gone). My emails also do not sync automatically despite all the settings for auto sync being correct and unchanged from previously.

    More importantly, anyone any idea how I fix them?


    • John Harper

      Unfortunately I can’t help you.
      But I’m missing calls because¬†when trying to answer calls if in sleep mode¬†it prompts me:- “Sorry! has stopped unexpectedly. Would you like to tell HTC. “force close” and “tell HTC”. If I select one it then tells me to Enter the SIM PIN.
      Sometimes it deosn’t ring but the display shows that a call is trying!

    • RAStegwee

      I am running into the same problem. Have you been able to fix it?

  • metalron

    Anyone get a decent extended battery for the Desire S? the 1800 from Mugen is not all that great. I was hoping for at least 2400 MAH or something. And guys, get cyanogen already. Unless its a Nexus, don’t bother waiting for manufactures. Even the Nexus one is sadly losing support. Here’s hoping cyanogen a seriously bright future!

  • Mark Milligan

    So is the Desire HD going to get Sense 3.0?

  • KahHoo Ng

    only for UK users?

  • Matthew Archer

    So if your on 3 for example you cant have the update.. ? because i cant seem to find the update

  • Mike Iddisah

    agreed, the HDs still on froyo! For those of you that believe u should have had the 2.3.5 update and 3.0 sense update, check what firmware (software number) your desire s is running. If its 1.47 dont worry and sit tight, you’ll get it eventually. If its 1.28.401.1 then be prepared to be annoyed. For some reason, a lot of DS’s havnt updated past 1.28, which is the reason we havnt seen the update when others have. I spoke to HTC support and they asked me to try hard resetting the phone and then scanning for updates. This did nothing except erase all my data. They then booked it in for repair, so as of tomorrow I have no phone for a week whilst they update it for me :(

    But at least i finally get 2.3.5 and sense 3.0