HTC Releases Gingerbread Kernel Source For the Thunderbolt – Let The ROMs Begin

Well, lookie here. Seems HTC has just released the Gingerbread kernel source for the my one of my old time favorites — the HTC Thunderbolt. While this may not mean much to the average user, this comes as great news for flashing addicts and ROM developers as they can now start cooking up some wild and crazy custom Gingerbread ROMs for the device. Game on.

The 2.6.35 kernel source is available via HTCdev and you can find the source link below. Viva la Thunderbolt!

Thanks, Jordan!

[Via HTCdev]

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  • King_James_The_Wicked

    about time…

  • Ernesto Lugo

    holy shit. ppl still have that phone.

    • David Cramblett

      Have to admit that I did laugh when I read your comment.

      However, I still think the Thunderbolt is the best option of the few LTE devices that VZW offers (prefer it over droid charge, bionic, etc). Clearly once the Razor and Galaxy Nexus come out that will change.

      • RuDdOgG

        It’s definitely better than the Droid Charge and Bionic. I may upgrade to the Vigor/Rezound once HTC/Verizon releases that. But those with Thunderbolts, you owe it to yourself to check out the Team BAMF ROMs, The BAMF developers rock!

        • Galloglas

          HECK YES THEY DO!!

        • Daniel J. Lewis

          Actually, I’ve been loving the Gingeritis ROM over Das Bamf Forever. Gingeritis just feels smoother with a lot more “iPhone-like” animations that Android doesn’t typically have—screen rotation, program open and close, popups, etc.

          Some people claim Gingeritis runs faster than Das Bamf Forever, but I can’t say that it really does. I’m also not sure about battery life differences between the two. I’m just using the stock kernel.

          So with the new kernels released, I’m looking forward to some better sweetness for my ThunderBolt since I’m stuck with it for another eighteen months.

          • RuDdOgG

            There was a huge fall out between chingy0 – dev of Gingertitis and Team BAMF, where chingy0 kanged/copied BAMF SoaB Sense 3.5 without giving Team BAMF credit. I don’t know the whole story, just what I heard, that chingy0 as great a developer as he is, is this 18 yr old kid that was very disrespectful.

            Anyways, I see your banner, you’re a Christian. :) Brother in Christ here.

        • dannydarko

          They sure do, TeamBamf makes the sickest, smoothest ThunderBanger Roms out there(opinion)Live It,Love It, Bamf It!!!!!! m/

    • Galloglas


      • Ernesto Lugo

        You sir get a cookie :)

        • Dustin Evans

          if you feed them THEY’LL NEVER STOP COMING. :P

  • Victor

    +1, about time. Now all we need is the good for ICS and i may just keep the Tbolt instead of upgrading immediately.

  • RuDdOgG

    AWESOME! Time for some BAMF Kernels… Imo – your kernels have been great!

    • Galloglas


      ::clenches fists and appears to be locked in what can only be described as a happiness seizure::

  • Go Hawkeyes

    what, exactly, will change by having the gingerbread source? i’ve been running gingerbread, aosp gingerbread at that, on my thunderbolt since the day i got it in june.

    • RuDdOgG

      Developers can now create custom kernels for overclocking, I know Imoseyon has been doing it, and his kernels are great, I’ve been using them, but they’re not Thunderbolt kernel source.

      • babadush

        I can over clock mine to 1.8ghz. There are many kernels

      • Andrew Chandler

        He actually put out his Sense kernel today, AOSP got a new version too but is not source-built yet.

  • Jordan Pfingsten

    Everyone talking about how bad the Thunderbolt was, you clearly haven’t actually played with the phone. I get 20 hours out of mine. WITH 4G running.

    • Andrew Chandler

      It’s an awesome phone with horrendously bad stock software. It’s easily my favorite phone thus far (N1, DInc) once you get CM7 and leankernel(or Tiamat) on the thing.

      • Jordan Pfingsten

        Exactly it. Running ANYTHING other that stock is where the phone starts shining!

  • Frankie Abaddon


  • babadush

    Cool. What’s the point of this? I’m on 2.3.7

  • Nate

    @Babadush, the kernel has nothing to do with os version. it just means people using the new OTA Sense can add overclock, under volt, USB fast charge and other stuff people running AOSP enjoy without the need for HTC to “allow” it per se by releasing the source.

    On a side now did HTC ever release the Incredible 1 kernel source?

  • Bowtieduece

    Chingy is a good guy, team bamf is took quick to point the finger instead of just communicating with the developer one on one. For example on rootz ihtfp was quick to jump on chingya thread claiming that he kanged his quick settings. their moderators investigated it and proved then wrong. search that whole thread and you will not see an apology. Besides their beef, on my thunderbolt gingeritis runs the smoothest. He uses a hybrid sense 2.1/3.0, where bamf use a ported sense 3.0 , and I’ve never had any luck running pure 3.0 roms. That being said all devices respond to mods differently, that’s just the best for mine. Love my Thunderbolt thanks to ALL the developers!

  • socalrailroader

    Awesome! However, you think the Thunderbolt is “Old Time”? lol When I think Old Time phones Motorola Bricks and TeleTac’s come to mind ;)

  • Rich Nahra

    Does this mean developers can update roms with stable 4G, BT, GPS, sound drivers? Seems like every TB ROM i try has issues with one or more of the above.

  • dvrsp

    I have my rooted thunderbolt 2.2.1. It any way I could upgrade to 2.3.4 without wipe my data and still have root privilege in my TB? Please help. Thanks a lot.

  • dvrsp

    I have my rooted thunderbolt 2.2.1. It any way I could upgrade to 2.3.4
    without wipe my data and still have root privilege in my TB? Please
    help. Thanks a lot.