HTC Thunderbolt Receives Pre-Alpha Ice Cream Sandwich Port

It was only earlier today we told you guys about the Samsung Nexus S receiving an Android 4.0 SDK port and now it looks like it’s the HTC Thunderbolt’s turn to have a little taste of Ice Cream Sandwich. Jdkoreclipse was able to get the pre-alpha ROM booting but unfortunately, not much else is working at the moment.

In fact, without a Google releasing the source code, not even the touchscreen is functional. It’s like looking through an ice cream shop’s window but not being allowed in. Here’s to hoping the dev can work out all the kinks — well, at least the major ones.

[RootzWiki via AndroidForums]

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    Can’t wait to ditch my TBolt for this device. Overall, I am somewhat disappointed with the Thunderbolt project….*sigh* still waiting on Gingerbread.

    • Rick H

      Once you get the update you are going to love every bit of it.

    • krusty46

      It was supposed to be out last nite. Go check to manual update.

    • smoothjeff

      don’t be scared to root and run cyanogenmod 7. wayyy faster, and double the battery life

      • Mitch Samuels

        Actually, my battery sucked stock, so I ordered two extra from Amazon for $20 with free shipping. Then I installed BAMF and the battery was incredible. One battery would make it all day.

        Then last week I installed CM7 and the battery is just about as bad as stock.

  • Victor

    One of the main reasons for wanting the Galaxy Nexus is the next level OS. If this can be ported to the Tbolt and functional, even after the Nexus release I may stick with my Tbolt.

    • Jdog25

      CM9, that is all.

      • Fourthletter58

        Why not CM8 ? CM is only at 7.1 at the minute.

        • Jdog25

          I think that Cyanogen said that CM8 was reserved Honeycomb but that they will be jumping to ICS so then that one will be CM9.

  • Nick Wells

    The issue with the touch screen isn’t just limited to the T-bolt. another HTC device is having the problem as well (HTC Evo Shift) everyone in the shift community was working on it last night and it boots, it just doesn’t have a functional touchscreen…or much else for that matter. Alt-tel touchscreen issues or something like that.

  • King_James_The_Wicked

    I love my HTC Thunderbolt… So many options for it at this time… lots of Dev work. I can’t wait to see ICS running on this bad boy.

  • Jordan Pfingsten

    The Thunderbolt is a great phone. Anyone saying otherwise is just messed in the head. I was debating getting the Galaxy Nexus, but I just can’t justify buying a 3rd phone at Retail Price.

  • RuDdOgG

    Love my Thunderbolt! Especially with Team BAMF’s ROMs on it! Team BAMF does what HTC & Verizon should have done with the Thunderbolt!

  • eestubbs104

    Right now, I am extremely happy with the latest Thunderbolt update.