Google Music Landing Page Confirms Plans To Offer MP3 Purchases In The Android Market


If you needed proof that Google is gearing up to launch their own “music store” look no further than this mobile landing page for music.google.com. You can see a few links leading users to either more info on Google Music or the Android Market where they can “shop” for music, directly from their device. Funny, Google never mentioned selling MP3’s in the Android Market before, right?

Current rumors are pointing towards Google announcing the availability of music purchases in the coming weeks but with the possibility of an M. Night Shmayahalalahan twist. Some leaks say Google will allow for customers who purchase music to share it with their friends. There is one caveat however. The receiver will only be given a limited amount of time to listen to the track before being prompted to purchase from the Android Market. Sounds like fun.

[NewsOnDroid via TechCrunch]

Chris Chavez
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  1. :o

  2. Interesting idea….first?

  3. Heck yeah already. November is going to be fun!

  4. Sounds like Zune song share. At least what it used to be.

    1. I did really like that about Zune. Hopefully they do that. Either way once NFC picks up you can just use DoubleTwist for that.

  5. That’s great, but I still think they need an API for doing interesting things with a music collection.

  6. There better be Google Music, or Android Market, gift cards to accompany this. It would make the shopping a whole lot easier.

  7. Really hoping is pretty big, wish their Books store was just as big.

    1. They need to offer comic books and gaming books on Google Books. How cool would it be to be able to buy the latest comics straight from Google? Or to be able to have your D&D books wherever you go?

      1. You can get comics from Marvel right in the Chrome store. Marvel also has an Android app I believe. I buy them on paper though, so I dunno about DC or Image/Top Cow etc.

  8. Uh oh, didn’t Apple invent selling music? That’s infringing on their intellectual property!!! SUUUUUEEEEE

    1. Actually Apple patented music itself. Be careful how you pronounce that long “SUUUUUEEEEE.” If you do it in a consistent pitch, it could be misconstrued as music, and therefore subject to a lawsuit. Just sayin…

  9. Andy Rubin was talking about this and said they were close to launching it. That was about a month ago. I don’t know what more proof you would need than the CEO talking about it lol This is a much needed addition and I think it will help with the iholes switching over if android can have something like *tunes to be able to manage there music and be able to purchase more.

  10. Who pays for music?

    1. Since you android losers seem to be perfectly fine with pirating apps, they sure as hell don’t pay for music either.

      1. Don’t be such a meaniehead. I buy my apps :)

  11. Better be a subscription based option, or else I’m just going to use this to fill in the very few blanks I’ve found in the Spotify catalog.

  12. “We’re sorry. Music Beta is currently only available in the United States”


  13. A real M Night Shaymalan twist for this would be that the first song you get will be awesome, the next one will be okay, but the rest will be the worst music you’ve ever heard.

    1. Dude The Last Airbender was badass!

  14. “Funny, Google never mentioned selling MP3′s in the Android Market before, right?”

    Sure they did. I/O 2010. Where were you?

    1. Too busy drooling over my free Galaxy Tab o_O

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