Dual-Screen LG DoublePlay Now Available Online for T-Mobile for $100

The LG DoublePlay has been made available on T-Mobile’s website today. You can walk away with this unique looking device for $100 on a new two-year agreement ($400 otherwise).

If you can’t already tell from the blatantly obvious photo of the device above, the LG DoublePlay boasts dual displays, one a 3.5 inch primary display and the other a 2.0 inch secondary display. To the left and right of it is a split QWERTY keyboard. It looks like quite the odd layout but we’re sure it will be a breeze to get used to.

The display is said to be used as an apps launcher as well as a tray for incoming messages from social networking services. The idea is that you can view and reply to your friends using the secondary display while the primary one is used for important or fun things, such as web browsing or gaming.

It’s not too bad of a device when considering its specs, either, as it has a 1GHz processor, a 5 megapixel camera with flash and 720p HD video recording, Android 2.3 and LG’s UI on top. Considering its aforementioned price, there’s not a whole lot more to ask for here.

The device is currently temporarily out of stock on T-Mobile’s site but we expect that to change soon. We also expect the device to be offered in stores starting on November 2nd. Click here to check it all out. [MobileBurn]

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  • BahamasGeek242

    HOW dare tmobile charge $400 for this phone. This phone should be free on contract and maybe $150 Max off contract….. You can get a MyTouch 4g for $100 on contract come on Tmobile or even a Samsung Galaxy s 4g

  • http://www.techanalyzer.net/ Tristan Thomas

    The photo used in the article does not make it “blatantly obvious” that it has two screens. I had to Google it =/

  • Devin-Lee

    Samsung phones suck though…

  • Devin-Lee


  • Craig Becker

    This is another phone that is cursed with little to no updates to come, making it already outdated and obsolete. When phones have these crazy multiple screens (kyocera echo), it means it takes extra work for carriers to produce new android updates as they are “one off “devices that require special care and attention compared to standard touchscreen phone with single screen and capacitive buttons. Carriers dont like to spend much time and money on developing updates to these devices as they only help out the small % of their total customer base with this exact phone. Another reason to get a pure google Nexus phone or a normal single screen mainstream phone and not this. This phone will be lucky to get any real OS updates other than minor bug fixes. Whatever it launches on, it will stay on.


  • http://Phandroid deh2002

    I just got a motorola atrix 2 for $99 so why should this pos get the same price. It boggles my mind. Sure my atrix 2 may not beat the sgs2 but this phone can’t even compete with my wifes captivate.