ASUS Transformer Prime Keyboard Dock Pictured

The ASUS Transformer Prime promises to be one helluva quad-core tablet, but it won’t depart from the original’s main selling point: an optional keyboard dock that “transforms” the tablet into a quasi-laptop. The look of the new keyboard dock hasn’t quite yet been revealed, with its only appearance coming on-stage at the slate’s AsiaD unveiling. Spy shots of the new dock appeared on a Chinese site. The images were quickly pulled, but the guys over at Netbook Italia managed to snag them before they disappeared from the web. The dock gets a slightly new look, favoring a silver casing with black keys (Macbook, anyone?).

We also get a better look at the design of the Transformer Prime itself. Quite shiny with a brushed aluminum look. ASUS plans to give us the full reveal of the device in the coming weeks.

[via NetbookItalia | Thanks, lau]

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  • Shaunwin

    This is not the Prime I’m looking for!

  • Richard Hobson

    looks a lot like the zenbook actually, not a macbook.

    • ChampoiKoi

      It DOES!

  • Drayon

    That looks hawt!
    And I really like that they reduced the clipping edge of the dock.


  • Jeff Alberda

    I think I prefer textured backs like the Galaxy S2 phones back.

    • Loren Cogar

      or the current Transformer?

  • youareme7

    I’ve been waiting and waiting to get an Android tablet. This one might just be the ticket. Although with ICS unifying tablet and phone UXs I’m still hoping a third party will reveal some sort of tablet like screen that just plugs into a phone (with HDMI and usb or even just MHL) and mirrors a tablet layout on the larger screen. that would be pretty much perfect for what I want, even if it’s not quite as sleek and slim as these new tablets. Something a little like motorola’s lap dock; but as a tablet, mirroring normal Android and with less suck. Yes, I know that Asus’ Padfone should do this, but I want it to be universal.

    • Aslan N.L. Bollin

      So basically your saying that you want the ASUS Padfone.
      nvm, saw that you wanted a universal dock.

  • James_C_L

    SSo the asus transformer keyboard not compatible with prime

    • Drayon

      Well, the dock connectors will probably be the same, so I guess it will work.
      It will just look ugly and might not be very solid.

    • BeatGringosEsq

      The Prime tablet looks a lot thinner so I imagine not.

  • SirSpammenot

    All I want is a physical switch adjacent to the touchpad to disable said touch pad. That is the single issue I can name on the current design.

    Oh, and a jet screaming hootie queen of GPU. There is that.

    • Andrey Feldman

      theres a button in the top row that disables touchpad

      • SirSpammenot

        Hot Shoe! I read the manual and missed that. 4th button from the top left it looks like.
        Thanks AF.

        • Andrey Feldman

          yup, no problem :)

        • TongueDar

          I watched a few videos before I picked mine up and they pointed that out. I leave my touchpad off 99% of the time as it’s soooooo touchy when I’m typing.

  • Ethan Bailey

    that keyboard looks almost just like my macbook pro’s keyboard… i would def buy this with ics

  • Rex Roof

    anyone know why they put those circles on the 1, 6 and arrow keys?
    my transformer has those circles and I have no idea why!

  • ChampoiKoi

    I’m glad I held out for the Prime. This thing is looking SOOO attractive. Wow.

  • TongueDar

    If this thing had back-lit keys, I’d buy one to sit along side my current Transformer.

  • JBartcaps

    Does that not look like a Mac keyboard?

  • shiftypixel

    I’m really beginning to think that maybe ASUS should release an android phone quickly as against the current Samsung-HTC-Motorola option that just seem so boring. Something about Asus catches my attention (from their new Zenbook to this here transformer device). I really want to like ICS but i took another look at the video about the unveiling in Hong Kong and was amazed at the lag (Believe me, I really want ICS to not suck. But they got to make things show up faster and quicker). Fuck the motherfucking transition graphics. Give me smooth and quick then we can add/or not to that.

  • The_ATL_Guy

    Ok this is looking very good assuming this comes out before the Toshiba At200

  • Rob1003

    Personally I don’t think the Zenbook look was really necessary. I really like the look of the original Transformer especially its textured backing.

    • BeatGringosEsq

      I’m the opposite it felt cheap and plastic, so happy they’ve gone with the aluminum finish for the update.

      I want sexy not fisher price :)

  • christian cerda

    the keyboard and trackpad looks just like my macbook pro!

  • Yorik

    @Rex Roof

    Those buttons with teh circles are for scrolling, check the post at the top of page 5 in this thread..

    • Rex Roof

      I’d read that thread before and missed that comment.

      Honestly, though, I still don’t get it. I’ll play with the buttons and see if I understand.

  • Adrastos34

    And apple sues in 3…2…1….


    That is clearly a macbook pro ripoff. People copy apple.. its not that hard to believe.