Amazon UK Updates 16GB SIM Free Galaxy Nexus Listing, Now Coming Nov. 2nd for £730.15

We’re not sure what happened between last night and now, but Amazon UK has made some drastic changes to their listing for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Instead of it arriving November 7th for £540, we’re now getting a date of November 2nd and a price of £730.15. That’s a pretty big difference for both the price (very bad) and the date (very good). If you preordered the device yesterday, did Amazon allow you to keep it in your cart at the previous price? And if you were planning on putting your order in at a later time, are you now disappointed and turned off from doing so? Discuss your concerns below! [Thanks Andy!]

[Update]: Looks like at least one seller still has it for at least  £550, though it is coming Nov. 10th, apparently. The one listed by Amazon is still showing £730.

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  • DoughboyDiligence

    This is getting absurd now…just give me an unlocked AT&T compatible version for less than $650! Is that too much to ask?!

    • chris125

      These prices don’t translate into U.S dollars dont worry it won’t be anywhere near this price.

  • Benjamin Kuehn

    In Germany it’s still @ 600€ / 530 GBP – strange!

  • M B

    id never pay $700+ for a phone. even when i buy the htc vigor ill wait until it hits craigslist.

    • technohead95

      Worse still, this isn’t $700 (US dollars) it’s £730 (UK Sterling) which equates to $1168. My guess is that it’s a pricing error at Amazon and will be rectified soon enough.

      • chris125

        Its just someone trying to jack up the price like people do on ebay when new phones launch such as the iphone.

        • technohead95

          I don’t think it is because this is Amazon directly that are selling it not some individual. It must be a pricing error.

          • chris125

            no amazon is not selling it click on it and you will see it comes up as someone else selling it and just using amazon to list it.

          • technohead95

            That’s strange. When I go to the page it says “Dispatched from and sold by”.

      • JBrowne1012

        700 is a high price even in the UK but in no way is that price going to be the same for American carriers don’t be stupid

        • technohead95

          Like I said, it’s probably a pricing error.

          • JBrowne1012

            What’s stupid is how people are getting worked up about UK prices translating them to American when most companies don’t do that

          • chris125

            People need something to get worked up over they have nothing better to do=P

    • catalysto

      That’s pounds, not dollars. The amount is actually about 1160 USD.

  • Aeswanth Kumar Reddy.c

    clove still shows around 530 £ , am at their door step now

  • TechGuy

    Did the writer of the article not notice that the seller yesterday was an “Amazon Partner” with the lower price and the higher price today is an addition to the listing with Amazon being the seller?

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      I’m not all too familiar with Amazon in this regard. Care to elaborate?

      • Thi Huynh

        Amazon also let other merchants sell on their site. So when buying from Amazon, make sure you check the seller. If Amazon is the seller, it usually says “Ships from and sold by” or in this case.

        • Kevin Cox

          Correct. I work at an agriculture supply company and we sell stuff on Amazon. We can set the price at whatever we want. Amazon just takes a portion of it. I guess it could be similar to buying from an ebay store except you aren’t getting it from ebay themselves but an independent retailer.

  • temp_design

    you can click “2 new” then you can see different sellers, the one kingofgadgets is still 549.99 pounds.

  • The_ATL_Guy

    It’s sad to watch Google attempt to release a phone. They fucked up the release of the original Nexus and I see they
    are going to do the same with this.
    it doesn’t matter what product or service you are selling you don’t see companies do crap like this if they care at all about their reputation.
    apple can seem to pull off a product release almost flawlessly too bad google can’t.

    • PhilNelwyn

      Apple controls both software and hardware, Google doesn’t.
      I hope that it’s going to change now that they purchased Motorola.

      • The_ATL_Guy

        Good point. I should have clarified that I was refereeing to how Google sold the original Nexus online.. That tanked for them and was a major pain for consumers.
        I hope they do better with the GN

    • Richard Hobson

      your using a bad attempt at an amazon preorder page to get upset with Google. O.o

      Google is releasing with Carriers(Verizon at least) in the US, as well as online through a multitude of locations. I don’t see how this is anything like what happened with the N1.

      Maybe wait till…I don’t know…launch, before declaring it a failed attempt at a product launch?


      • The_ATL_Guy

        Crazy I know to expect them to announce CLEAR carrier availability at their LAUNCH EVENT. I guess I am asking too much

        • chris125

          You have an iphone so WTF you on here bitching anyway? This isnt about an iphone so nothing interesting for you the fanboy to see.

          • The_ATL_Guy

            I do? Let me check because yesterday it said HTC Sensation on it

  • Lee Davi

    Heh. No one is going to buy a phone for that much. $500-600 is fair for an unlocked phone. Anything over that is BS.

    • Jdog25

      Lee this is not U.S. prices, just sayin.

  • KevinMCo

    Anybody remember the $1200 Xoom in the Best Buy system? Don’t believe the price until it’s shipping.

  • RitishOemraw

    wow very expensive…especially considering that the hardware isn’t groundbreaking or anything. Hmmm maybe I’ll get mine later :(
    The times I wish I was rich…..or atleast wealthy enough to buy phones without looking at price tags

  • jimmy

    I agree with ATL_guy. Google has the worst record for launching its products. It’s just unheard of to announce a product and then not tell anyone when or how they can get their hands on it. While the N1 wasn’t a sales success, the online sales site from memory started processing sales immediately. Then because online only wasn’t a success, the Nexus S was sold instore through Best Buy without google’s online option. Fast forward to now and they’ve left everything in the hands of the carriers. The best phones are never left in the hands of the carriers. They just ruin devices because they’re afraid of becoming dumb pipes. Once you’ve finished a device, you announce it and then bring it to market as quick as possible to ride on the coat tails of any media coverage.

  • Intruder313

    If the price is right it’s simply an very-early-adopter gouge by a partner, or a mistake by
    As well as being in £ remember 20% of the price is VAT so you can reduce the comparison further when converting to dollars.

    It’s nonsense anyway, it’s pretty much confirmed as coming out Nov 18/19 now and the price will be ~£500 for the handset. It might even drop under that nearer launch.