Ice Cream Sandwich ROM Patched together for the Nexus S

Before you get too excited, the Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the Nexus S currently floating around over at XDA is far from a complete build. Nevertheless, some intrepid developers have managed to tack together a working build of Android 4.0 for last year’s Google flagship phone. Without a proper source code release to work off of, the build is based off of the SDK released by Google shortly after the announcement of the new version of the Android OS.

Some icons are missing, facial recognition doesn’t work, and data connectivity isn’t flawless, but the ROM gives Nexus S owners a preview of what they can expect when Google ships out a final build for the Samsung-made handset.

[via Android and Me]

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  • Nudo

    HMM Should I? Or Shouldn’t?

    • dimitris panos

      Do it!!

      So then you can let me know if it’s working properly so that I can do it too lol

      • dario sucic

        I’m using it as my daily driver now, so you can safely try it :P

    • Zach

      Try it, don’t like it or it doesn’t work, just recover stock though CWM recovery =D

  • Alex VanderWielen

    been running the nexus s 4g ics build all day working pretty damn good

  • temp_design

    I believe this is the dump of the previous leaked build of ICS on Nexus S

  • 8notime

    How did this go from a forum post at XDA to Slashgear to Android & Me and on to Phandroid without ever giving credit to the actual developer who originally put this together and posted it in the AndroidCentral forums? At least Engadget & Techcrunch got it right.

  • Derek Anderson

    Awesome! Now I have to go out and get a Nexus S $200?