LG DoublePlay Launch Date Revealed for November 2nd On T-Mobile

The LG DoublePlay became official back on October 17th and while LG provided some basic details on the device, a launch date was never given. Today, a leak from TMoNews has pegged the device for a November 2nd release with the web and telesales offering the device a few days early on Wednesday.

The LG DoublePlay is a unique Android slider feature a small touch screen between its full QWERTY keyboard for quick access to apps. Specwise we’re looking at a 1GHz processor with a 5MP shooter capable of 720p video recording. No word yet on pricing but we’ll keep you posted.

[Via TmoNews]

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  • dshum

    what is this monstrosity….
    Seriously? People buys this poop?

    • spicymeatball

      Wow that’s rather close minded and acting like a bit of fanboy. Android is about choice and innovation and not copying iPhone. LG is doing a great job and I hope a lot of people buy LG.

      • Jose Villa

        You gotta admit that is an ugly phone. And I don’t know if LG is doing a great job… maybe I’m being too critical but look at the G2X.

        • spicymeatball

          Yeah, and talk about fragmentation.

  • BigCiX

    Wow….its running 2.3 and their flagship O3G/Thrill is running froyo. LG has their priorities straight!

  • Carmen Diva

    lol the very same people who brag about android’s openness and choice over IOS are quick to bash another android phone they know they will never buy.

    i’ll never understand….ha

    cute phone tho