DROID 2 Global and DROID Pro Now Receiving Gingerbread Upgrades

Continuing to prove that they don’t want to leave any of their customers in the dark, Verizon and Motorola have begun rolling out updates to Android 2.3 for both the Motorola DROID 2 Global and the Motorola DROID Pro. We’re getting all the Gingerbread goodness you’ve come to know and expect as well as a few other changes, fixes and enhancements. There’s a lot to dig through so instead of pasting the list here we’ll just have you click this link for the DROID Pro and this link for the DROID 2 Global. There, you’ll also be able to find instructions on how to check for and download/install an update if you don’t already know how.

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  • Jimmie w burns

    How about the droid charge?

  • Jon

    Yeah I wouldn’t touch any update from motorola until it’s been out for at least one month. Their updates are garbage and continue to fail.

  • frank

    How about the mt4g

  • Adam Tentis

    This is way old news…

  • Drayon

    Now there just 1.7 update behind.

  • Mark Vuckovic

    Still have not received my OTA update for my Droid Inc..what gives Motorolla

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WLYFRBKG77I2LTKMJIJMTCSUPU Jakson Robert

    There was a delay on update for Droid 2 phone, but this is the right time to update with the release of Motorola Droid Pro