Watch the Entire Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0 Press Briefing [Video]

Last night, Google posted the full video of the unveiling and demoing of the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich that they streamed live to excited users last night. The stream was absolutely horrible, to tell you the truth, but the quality is a bit better here. If you haven’t seen it and would like to see all the demos live or if you have seen it and just want to cure your hunger for Ice Cream Sandwich, hit the play button above.

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  • MichaelTolly

    Watched it live last night. I want!!!!

  • B2L

    Watched last night, ICS is what I call a real update. :)

  • dario

    Some addictions can’t be cured….
    I’m not satisfied until I get my hands on the phone D:

    • Chris Chavez

      Watched the video 3 times already o.O

  • Guest

    In case you don’t have flash installed you can watch this as html5 via this link.

  • TheWenger

    Give on Sprint for the love of all that is held sacred and true.

  • Bob Terry

    My first thought was that now Android is really ready for Prime Time. I’ve been an Android user for years, but many people have discredited for lack of polish. Android now looks better than ever and I’m loving the eye candy!

  • Rafa

    I saw it lastnite it was good!!! I dont know now razor or nexus???!!!

  • Pkmmte

    Great… now I will be pressing the replay button all day.. just can’t get enough ice cream. >.<

  • Joe

    I Havnt payed attention, but did we get a verizon release date yet?

  • godrilla

    I’m impatr

  • David Mathisen

    Notice at 15:53 he says “The HSPA+ model is only 8.94mm thick.” So…what about the LTE version?

    • Chris Chavez

      LTE version WILL be thicker. Not by much, but definitely thicker. Most likely a combination of the radios and the bigger battery for better life..

  • TzuDohNihm

    I thought I heard Matias incorrectly last night but I just pulled it back up and at 43:55 he does indeed say “apply any number of hipster filters”!


    Going after that all important tumblr demographic.

  • Daniel

    remember some person thought that this phone would dock into a tablet when the teaser pic came out? that person is an idiot

    • Sean Daniel

      It’s still possible. Asus already has a design for that, what makes you think the guys at google and samsung haven’t thought of it?

  • Scott Tompkins

    No dates… what a tease

  • barry99705

    What the hell. Wrong thread…