MOTOACTV and DROID RAZR – Are You Buying? [Poll]

So Motorola just announced two great new products. The Motorola DROID RAZR is a much better phone than we initially imagined (though later leaks unwrapped the device a bit before its official unveiling).

With a dual-core 1.2GHz OMAP4460 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 4.3 inch qHD AMOLED display, 8 megapixel 1080p HD camera, its ultra thin form factor and Android 2.3 with MOTOBLUR, it shaped up to be arguably the best smartphone Verizon has coming outside the illustrious Nexus Prime we expect to hear more about later today.

They also announced the MOTOACTV. Aimed for those who work out, the MOTOACTV will help you track your workouts, record your vitals and entertain you with music. With GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth they make connectivity with Bluetooth headphones and your Android phone a major selling point. There’ll also be an Android app and a website for syncing your workout data up and sharing with your friends. It’ll cost $250 for an 8GB version and $300 for a 16GB version.

So the question we always love to ask – are you buying? I know many of you are going to say “screw that” in the midst of the Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich unveiling, but the DROID RAZR looks every bit as impressive as any phone. Mark down your vote in the poll below and let’s hear more of your comments in the comment section!

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  • mmark27

    Ha, I was the first vote. I’m getting none of these things. My Epic 4G Touch is tops.

  • John

    ..not with a locked bootloader

  • revangunrod

    Active: Nope. I’m not the target market, and… geez it’s pricey even if i was.

    Razr: If I was on Verizon, it’d depend on how the Prime ends up. Since I’m on T-Mobile, nope. Still looks like a great damn phone though.

    • AndroidShadow

      The Nexus Prime will be on T-Mobile to it is a GSM and LTE phone. I’m on Tmobile to =)

  • durangojim

    I was totally expecting to be underwhelmed, but I’m actually really impressed. If the Nexus turns out to be a brick, the RAZR just might be my next phone.

  • Mikey L

    Motorola announced on Twitter that it will have a locked bootloader.

  • Mikey L
  • KevinMCo

    I was totally sold on the MOTOACTV… until I saw the price.

    • Juan Rodriguez

      Likewise. At 250 (plus tax, plus accessories like the wrist band or the bluetooth headset) it’s just too expensive.

  • dubs_1

    To be honest, this is just an incremental revision to the existing Bionic. Not too impressed here. Samsung wins. Looking forward to the Galaxy Nexus reveal!

  • funkypsw

    Not without ICS. Given Moto’s history on updating to new version of Android it would be 6 months to a year before it will get ICS while the Nexus Prime will have it from the beginning. I have a Moto Xoom and had to wait 8 months for them to finally get around to upgrading to the 4G radios. Not trusting Moto again with stuff like that.

    • Lex Lybrand

      The Droid X got Gingerbread before every non-Nexus phone, didn’t it?

  • Ellianth

    Motorola can go F themselves. I hold grudges for a long time.

  • CounselorAPN

    Nope. In spite of the stupid name, I’m still leaning to the HTC Rezound. Better processor and screen, and I far prefer Sense to Blur. Galaxy Nexus is tempting but I’m always underwhelmed by Samsung for phones.

  • cherubdawg

    I’m guessing the antenna is in the bulge at the top, which places all the microwaves right next to your head?

  • King_James_The_Wicked

    Give me Vigor!!!

  • Big R

    There is nothing game changing with either. MotoActiv should be software and available in both. Everyone is looking for a homerun. All we got was a souped up Cryonic.

  • lawnsprinkler

    all that talk about unlocked bootloaders by the end of the year is a bunch of hubbub. Seems like moto is still catering to verizon’s whims

    • SavageJeep

      I still think this is Moto’s fault. They can blame VZW, but HTC is working with them to inlock their phones. Tonight another unlocked/cracked phone should be announced on Verizon…

      Sounds like this is BS by Motorola.

  • JR69

    No ICS, no purchase.

  • jeff salgado
    • Shane Dumas

      It doesn’t matter they are the same processor except the processor clock speed. I am hoping that is correct and this is why there was a shortage of 4460 chips. I hope that the prime will have the Exynos processor in it instead of this one.

  • JR69

    BTW, why are they not telling us what brand the processor is other than dual core 1.2ghz?

  • Joshua Siwek

    Still waiting for a phone to blow me away enough that it makes me ditch my OG Droid, and the only thing keeping me satisfied with that is the variety of ROM’s and Kernels I can use on it thanks to its unlocked bootloader. If the next nexus is unlockable (and the nexus’ have a history of it) then it’ll probably be my next phone, but Motorola has released a few nice phones hardware wise recently, since I’ve been available for an upgrade even… I might be on my second Motorola phone if not for their obtuse bootloader policies.

  • JamesS

    Eh, not a Verizon customer nor do I ever plan to be so no, not buying.

  • Splendor78

    A locked bootloader is a dealbreaker for me too.

  • Guest

    I know you have been waiting for it…… Apple Fanboy here dropping in so you get your panties in a bunch!

    Poll:Are you getting the GS2 or Nexus Prime?

  • molomolo

    The good thing that it has dual network – GSM and CDMA
    Will be good to try it on tmobile or att

  • Joshua Barta

    Locked bootloaders are a crime against Android as a platform.

    • Brandon V. Fletcher


      • John Mozelewski


  • chuckles87

    now when is the g3 coming i like my stock android and slide out keyboards haven’t seen anything worth while since i bought my g2

  • godrilla

    Motorola lol i rather buy an iphone 4s

  • bob

    Should’ve been a poll option for practical people that want to wait a month or so to “See how things shake out”.

  • su2lly

    Is it me or does every phone VZW release seem to be missing that one thing you though every new phone would have at this point? I guess it will get ICS sooner or later but no NFC?

  • Jeff432

    I personally don’t like the bump in the Motorola Droids.

    Plus, if I was on Verizon, I’d be buying the Droid Prime.

  • Adam

    For freaks sake people. Its not the Droid Prime or the Nexus Prime. Until it’s official tonight, all evidence points to it being called the Galaxy Nexus.

  • vorian atreides

    I dint get all buzz about these dual cores androids,I have photon4g @1ghz dual core and its enough for me….also how come all the haters and now its a rzr and eveybody steps in?motorola phones are great phones,be it a droid,bionic,photon or rzr….!This android phone race has gotten out of hands…

  • Jeff Alberda

    Yeah right, like a large percentage of nerds who are more likely to not stand up all day then jog would buy the ACTV. I may get one for my girlfriend, a personal trainer.

  • biddadyohhhh

    If it was straight gingerbread and no bloat, I would pick it up over the Nexus probably. It’s a great looking phone with pretty much identical specs. Verizon bloat is just terrible, we own the phones- we should own the option of removing what apps we want from it. Wasn’t a similar court decision decided about pc’s a few years ago and their bloat?

  • Nemesys06

    This is a very nice looking phone however I will not be going to verizon for it. I am happy with my epic touch. If it were yup release on sprint as the razr them I would think about it but still doubt I would get it. The omap chips are nice but I’m still in favor for the exynos or tegra powered devices. I’m a gaming nut so when it comes to my phones I want the best for gaming. And from what I have seen so far the exynos with the mali-400 and tegra2 are the best.

  • surethom

    Nice looking phone, but with all the docks they have been releasing they now go & put the dock ports in a different place, silly, so I will wait for the Nexus Prime revealing & see then which one I will go with.

    Motorola & outside America is always a tricky one as Motorola dont care about outside America, there support & updates are so so slow, compared to America.

  • joejoe509

    Besides the thin form factor and quality build materials, I don’t see how this bests the Galaxy Nexus. Nice phone, but Sammy’s got you beat this time Moto! That said, you really can’t go wrong – the RAZR and the Nexus are both very nice phones (as far as we can tell at this point).

  • faceless128

    i was impressed with the device. i was okay with the price… then i saw that it didn’t even come with the heart monitor earbuds!? they’re an optional accessory??? really?? what else does it not come with? oh, wait.. the wrist strap??? are you kidding me!?

  • AndroidShadow

    NEXUS PRIME *drooooooool* *drooooooool* *flooooood warning*

  • TheScientists

    No ICS + Locked BL + Non-Removable Batt = 3 STRIKES


  • hulk smash

    MOTO trying to be like the iPhone. Wtf is this nonremove battery. Apple will sue lol. The reboot better be fast because MOTO is known to freeze. Hopefully this iPhone battery thing is a one time deal.

  • daveb123

    lol i love the way everyone is going on about ICS… theyre probably the same ones who’ve been moaning about not buying a phone unless its got Gingerbread, and now all of a sudden Gingerbread is shit and you gotta have ICS… they just sound like the people who go out and buy an iphone 4s to replace their iphone 4. they gotta have it because its new not because its significantly better..