Google Wallet Update Brings Deals, Rewards and More


Google’s issued another big update to Google Wallet, their mobile NFC-based payment system. American Eagle Outfitters, The Container Store, Foot Locker, Guess, Jamba Juice, Macy’s, OfficeMax and Toys“R”Us have all implemented the digital deals and rewards features that Google detailed a while ago.

The service is called SingleTap and will allow you to redeem coupons and rewards all at the point of sale as you’re ringing up a compatible item. Instead of ferociously looking through your purse and wallet for that rewards card, coupon AND payment method, you just tap your phone against the NFC-enabled payment system and all of it goes through at the same time.

The offers section has gotten an update, as well, showing you which offers are featured. If that’s not enough, American Eagle, Guess, Foot Locker and OfficeMax all offer digital rewards cards in addition to Jamba Juice, Macy’s, Toys’R’Us and more.

Finally, Chevron, D’Agostino, Faber News Now, Gristedes Supermarkets and Pinkberry are all working to add Google Wallet support in the near future. We’re glad Google’s succeeded in this venture even if they only have one compatible phone (Sprint’s Nexus S 4G). We hope it gains steam as they look to add even more. [Google]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Whoopty do! Google failure. “Lets make one phone that can use this!”

  2. i hope t-mobile, verizon and att get on the band wagon

  3. @lance, your an idiot. At the end of this year, most of the new Android phones shipped will have an NFC chip. NFC is a new technology, and only phones with NFC chips can use Google Wallet, which at this time just happens to be the Nexus S 4g. Maybe you should Google it.

    1. Was my statement not true? Currently is there not only 1 phone that has the capability of using it? That’s what I thought. How many capable phones have been released since then? Lots. May 8th is when the Nexus S was released. The technology has then been around since May 8th, which is 5 months. Maybe you should use a calulator.

  4. seriously, its so annoying how they create a great hype and idea only to destroy it themselves becomes of limitation and exclusivity. enough

  5. when i search jamba juice i get one location: in CA… suck.

    1. Dont worry about it, jamba juice is overrated, over priced and average quality, like Red Mango Froyo

  6. I just searched the market and i cant update my app yet:(

  7. Awww … the non-Nexus owners are bitter. I use Google Wallet daily. Absolutely love it, and the cashier always gets a good kick out of it.

    .. And who names their kid Lance. I don’t think I’ve ever met a decent Lance.

    1. Out of curiosity, how do you know where you can use it? Are you looking for a Google or NFC logo or something on the card swiper/reader thing? Or do you just try it and see? I’d hate to be the retard holding my phone up there and nothings happening.

      1. It works everywhere there is a MasterCard Pay Pass, you know those credit card swipe machines where you swipe yourself but they have an extra little area on top to hold up your credit card, or now your NFC phone. They are all over the place around here, gas stations, 711, CVS, fast food joints, noahs bagels, grocery stores etc. You can download an app called Mastercard Paypass locator and it will tell you all the places near you that have this.

  8. Pissed at t-mobile for not becoming a partner in this. One of the reasons I bought the original Nexus S (there were others) was for when they took advantage of the nfc chip like this. Then I find out that only Sprint felt it was worth the time to work with Google on this…Heard it was because t-mobile is pursuing an alternative called ISIS or something like that? I want Google Wallet! I bought this phone full price too. Sigh. Shafted by my carrier.

    1. It works on the Nexus S (tmobile) if your phone is rooted and you install the right version of the app, found on xda. I’ve been using it for weeks.

  9. I just found a place called “Printapons” where I can get my fav. restaurant coupon for 90% off!! all you have to do is just print and take it.

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