Enhanced Photo Editing Coming in Ice Cream Sandwich?


The launch of Android’s next update, Ice Cream Sandwich, is looking more and more like the biggest to date. Aside from a completely revamped user interface, the majority of Google’s mobile apps will be refreshed with new features and functionality. Android Police got their paws on a collection of icons said to be from a new version of the Gallery app. The icons show photo editing capabilities built directly into the media viewer.

In the new Gallery, users will be able to adjust color and exposure, crop, add effects, and more. It’s no photoshop, but it should work just fine for removing red eye and adjusting shots to near-perfection. Effects include the standards such as fish eye, negative, and posterize — a total of 19 options exist.

Photo editing is just one of the ever-growing number of reasons why we can’t wait to see what Google has to show off at this weeks Ice Cream Sandwich debut. We’ll be there live covering it all, so expect a more in-depth look at these new photo features in the near future.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. I hope apple doesnt she Google for “copying” their trimming after taking a picture.
    Now, when someone shows off their iPhone4S and say “But mine has pic editing!” Imma be like “Dude, all it can do is crop. Look at mine, it has more functionality. Buy a real phone next time”.

    Can’t wait for the Nexus Prime! >.<

    1. Well you know they’ll get sued for this… Apple invented photo cropping.

      1. According to Apple, they invented everything. They haven’t really invented anything, just innovated an existing concept and brought it to the masses.

        To be fair, Google hasn’t invented either, but they are less of a tyrannical corporation than Apple. They also provide much better products to the consumer for little to nothing.

        1. Shit, Google even gave me $10 to try out GWallet.

          Cant complain, and support em.

    2. Cropping has been available on Android for a long time.

    3. Why are you so insecure with youself and your choice of phones that you actually take the iPhone THAT PERSONALLY.

  2. Yeee Haaa….

  3. Looking forward to ICS…

    Looking forward to getting the HTC Vigor with ICS on it… OR the Nexus.

    Can’t wait for all of the buttery goodness…

    1. I’m looking forward to my HTC Supersonic with CM9 on it!!

      1. I’m going to wait for the Supersonic HD Plus.

        1. you’re not going to drop CM9 on your current mobile while waiting for the Supersonic HD Plus to come out?
          My next purchased phone upgrade will be after Sprint LTE is available in my area.

        2. I’m going to wait for the Superonic HD Plus Plus

  4. Will you be live blogging,can not wait for the details

    1. Just watch the video stream on

      We will need Phandroid for all the gritty after show details though.

  5. I was hoping to see the “I’m feeling lucky” auto correct feature that picasa & G+ have.

  6. Pictures dont matter to me, i barely take any.

  7. It blows my mind how almost every thread on this forum ends up being an orgy of, “I hate apple”. Cant you fuckers just STFU about how much you hate the iPhone for like at least every other thread?
    Honestly it gets old and just makes Phandroid look bad.

  8. The only feature I want is resizing, which this doesn’t appear to have.

  9. Looking forward to it. 1 of the things I like about htc sense is the photo editing. I’m looking forward to seeing how Google can improve upon what my Sensation has already got.

  10. I sure hope they fix crop. Currently, it scales down the image, making it basically useless. It’s been that way since at least Eclair (first version of Android I’ve used).

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