Rumored Motorola DROID RAZR Specs Surface Ahead of Oct. 18th Announcement?


BGR claims to have “confirmed” specs of the Motorola DROID RAZR, which has also been known as the Motorola DROID HD and the Motorola Spyder. We’ve got a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, a 4.3 inch qHD display, 1GB of RAM and 4G LTE. It’s not that we didn’t expect these specs from the get-go – these are inline with most Motorola high-end phones these days. We’re excited to see this one unveiled shortly so be sure to swing back around here for coverage when it goes official.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Wonder if it will come with ICS.

    1. Well wonder no more my friend, I have been using Android for 3 years and I can say NO. I give it at least 3 months or longer.

      Hope my knowledge helped.

  2. I don’t understand Moto’s tenancy to release nearly identically specced phones on the same carrier months apart. First the Droid X2, then the Bionic, and now this.

    1. Seriously. Maybe throw in a hardware keyboard on one of them?

      1. The Maserati will be this phone with a hardware keyboard.

    2. As long as this doesn’t have a Pentile, I like the design more than the Bionic. So I’m down for this one instead. I would love a physical keyboard more than anyone, but I just don’t see that on the horizon at all.

  3. Almost and I said ALMOST same specs as Nexus. Hmm this may be cheaper too. Not sure if it has a 720p display but same goes for Nexus. Has anything really been confirmed on Nexus?? There has really not been an Official release from Google or Samsung. I know all about Moto-Blah but this looks almost as nice. Tempting to me. Plus really sick of waiting for Nexus and Vigor.

  4. Running around as the Droid HD, I would have expected true HD.

  5. Oh BGR. I only go to the site to play war with Apple fans. 1.2 Dual Core has no meaning to me–especially when you’re touting it to be better than the A5. Forget CPU. What’s the GPU? Let’s be honest, iPhone 4S A5 has yet to be matched. I’m hoping the Galaxy Nexus reign’s supreme.

    1. Yea I’m curious too what they mean by faster than the 4S. We already knew that thing was gonna be a benchmark king after seeing iPad 2 results.

  6. Those specs sound farmiliar.

  7. “q” HD?!? :yawn: Locked bootloaders make all of this meaningless anyway …

  8. Is it another crappy, pixelated pentile screen? If it is its another failure. As soon as Motorola decides to use a good screen technology I will switch. I wanted a bionic so bad until I saw the Pentile screen. It was so bad I decided to wait for something better.

    1. It shouldn’t be. According to my sources at Samsung Displays, the Pentiles are all but finished in the phone realm. Samsung has made them not for new design, and the SAMOLED+ that are non-pentile are going to be in all new phones moving forward.

      1. Yet the Nexus is Pentile…..wouldn’t say they are done yet.

          1. The Pentile will look better than the Moto ones because it has an extra green instead of the white strip. HD might make it better too, but I bet there will still be the typical issues. Pentile really isn’t as bad as everyone says….at least the newer versions are not.

    2. If pentile isn’t your thing, you may have to wait a bit. Personally, I don’t mind it, since I’m outside a lot.

  9. waiting for nexus

  10. LOL. I just went to my local VZW store. Not one rep steered me towards the iPhone 4S (Yes, they have cases in stock). They sent me to the Cryonic. I told the sales guy that I am waiting 3 weeks for phones at least 2x as good as the Cryonic. They didn’t “know” of any new phone coming down. They are just trying to dump stock because it is not moving. I asked how iPhone 4S sales were going. He said outside the 6 people waiting in line, the guy that came behind me was it. I swear he was that guy in the cartoon.

  11. **Super amoled qhd** what happened, phandroid did you get our hopes up for no reason– this was the only factor that got my attention, without it, it’s just an overclocked bionic. Sad

  12. Faster, thinner, smarter, UNLOCKED?

  13. What the hell is moto doing? Same phones month after month with different names and same specs. Just blowing money and time. What wil this do that the others couldn’t? I’m sure it’ll have their skin ui as well.

  14. Is this another rush job by Moto? The “great” Bionic has a pentile display, bad camera, hissing on the stereo jack…etc etc. Oh and way to unlock all those future phones Moto. As an OG Droid owner cringing for an upgrade….hello Nexus.

  15. The first Razr was a piece of crap and Motorola cannot build a quality phone if their life depended on it. What would make anyone think this phone would be any better? Seriously, the number of Android phones available has become quite comical. Totally watering down the market with not diversity.

    1. per Wikipedia..
      “Over the RAZR’s four-year run, Motorola sold more than 130 million units, becoming the best-selling clamshell phone in the world (and is still today).”
      If I didn’t have a smart phone, it would still be my phone of choice.. Although I did find some carrier differences.. I loved mine with T-Mobile, but my mom had a Sprint version that I didn’t like as well as mine. Sprint managed to make a not so desirable Motorola menu system even worse.,

  16. Droid HD with no 720P screen. Yet another Motorola fail….

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