More Photos From the Nexus Prime Crop Up

Earlier in the week we were treated to shots made with the Nexus Prime, though Google promptly had those pulled. Now, another shot has surfaced on Picasa. Someone was seen posing with the brand new Ice Cream Sandwich statue and his photo was taken with the very phone we expect to see revealed October 19th in China. And yes, that phone you saw in the video yesterday most likely was the back of a Nexus Prime. We’ll know more very soon. [PicasaThanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  • Blake Duncanson


    • Cipher Zero

      seriously? -smh-

  • Daniel Cabrera

    just take it out on Verizon already…..

  • nATHAN R

    wheres the pic douche??? Oh yeah, FIRST!

    • Cipher Zero


  • Chris Tezak

    May as well just start calling it the Galaxy Nexus…

  • MrDSL

    20TH!!! yeah me!!

  • ckeegan

    The camera has been rumored to be a huge improvement, and I’m not terribly impressed. The first leaked pics, I figured it had something to do with Picasa’s compression of the image, but the white-balance in the image above is just awful. Grass is crazy weird green on the right, but considerably more natural green as you move toward the shadows in the center.

    • Christopher Davis

      I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying unless you’re talking about the glare from the sun on the white.

      • ckeegan

        the camera (or software) is clearly incapable of balancing correctly is the grass is ridiculous green in the sun, but gradually gets more natural as you get toward the shadow of the statue.
        Not that i’m expecting SLR quality or anything, but it’s long been rumored that the camera on this nexus was supposed to be a highlight of the improvements.

        • Jason Hight

          If you meter on the grass that’s shaded or partially shaded, of course the stuff getting blasted by the sun is going to look like crap. And that’s not the same thing as white balance anyway. Is white mostly white, and is gray mostly gray? The white balance isn’t bad on this image.

          Also, it’s a phone, ffs.

  • King_James_The_Wicked

    I love the new statue…

    • intoxicates

      How come the gingerbread man isn’t in the form of a GingAndroid?

  • jo bu

    I have to say, from taking a number of pictures with my droid incredible and being quite happy, the one epic fail is on a person is in the shadow in front of the sun …and this picture you can actually see the person … an improvement as far as I’m concerned

  • B2L

    Just stop teasing me already. :(

  • James McPartland

    So is it going to be officially announced on the 19th or will it be available on that day?? Do we know yet??

    • kstrickland05

      Only announced on the 19th. Will be available a week or two or three later..

  • ivorycruncher

    Okay, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I don’t care one lick about photos taken WITH the Galaxy Nexus. I want to see proper photos OF the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Chris Chavez

      I care about both. Wanna see the quality of that camera sensor, yo.. o_O

      • ivorycruncher

        True, but we’re not gonna see the true quality from a few compressed uploads. Gotta wait for a hands-on test with a production unit. Don’t worry though, got less than a week until the announcement, and if the 11/3 date holds true, less than 3 weeks to the release date.

      • rasty++

        ics video s maybe was recorded with a galaxy nexus ? 1080p

  • http://fdvud vscbj

    What are all those white dots when you zoom into the picture???

    • bkdroid

      Sorry, I couldn’t contain myself… Didn’t expect it to show up in the picture, though

    • Jeremiah Bengtson

      Orbs, The souls of all the dead ice cream sandwices that where sacrificed to to create this idol of android. Behold that which with ther deaths have made. Let the children weep and women tremble and bow before that which is graven here.

  • Daniel

    what type of losers scroll through picasa looking for pics from whatever new phone is being released?

  • Manuel Saccani

    Im not impressed with the picture quality, the picture has a lot of ISO-noise, the grass color is awful and the other color unclear.

  • Laborin_HK

    I hope the Nexus has a high aperture lens and good sensor… From what I’m seeing, it has an aperture of f2.8, iphone: f2.4…