Alton Brown Poses for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

While the above picture may just appear to be Food Network personality Alton Brown (or my old landlord, but that’s another story) posing with Google software engineer Denis Lynch, the EXIF data attached to the Picasa upload tells a different story. The picture was apparently snapped by none other than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The usual disclaimer that EXIF data can be easily edited goes along with the image. Someone will just have to track down Mr. Brown to verify that the Nexus Prime was indeed the device that took this image.

[Picasa | Thanks, Garrett!]

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  • Booyah

    kinda funny, considering AB recently said he HATED getting pictures taken with camera phones, since they take so long.

  • BTLS

    The G-Nex makes him look hot

  • Jeremy

    ….i would rather hear the story of AB being your landlord. …as a foody…Good Eats is one of my Fav shows….

  • Jimmy Rustle

    I want to hear the landlord story!

    • Stephen Cox

      Yeah, that’s what I came here for as well. Are you saying he looks like an old landlord, or really used to be your old landlord. Details please. lol

  • King_James_The_Wicked

    I was taught that if you can not say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

    But, this picture is scary to me…

  • DoughboyDiligence

    Check the reflection in the glass..ITS THE PRIME

    • am511

      don’t see anything ?

      • Nick Mantzoros

        ENHANCE! Flip the shot, Enhance again.

        • revangunrod

          And if I apply a triple pass filter to it and remove the negative…

          • Croak

            First you need to make a GUI interface using Visual Basic to track the phone’s IP address…or:

          • revangunrod

            I have a love/hate relationship with that video. I love it because it’s hilarious, I hate it because it’s made with real clips.

  • youareme7

    An aperture of 2.75 isn’t really that amazing. If the camera on this phone is supposed to be “improved” it doesn’t seem like lens speed is one of the improved features. I’m not saying it won’t be a great camera, but f2.75 is pretty average. The 4S has a f2.4 lens, which will make a difference. Oh, and when the picture is full screen and zoomed in a bit, the noise shows up A LOT. Needless to say I’m hoping this isn’t the nexus prime or galaxy nexus or whatever.

    One more thing, the galaxy S2 has an aperture of 2.7, so this would be slower than that, also suspect.

    • vidoardes

      The aperture figure given for cameras’s is the lowest possible. The camera will automatically pick what to use depending on the light level

      • youareme7

        Almost all cameras on phones have fixed aperture. I believe the Nokia N86 was one of if not the only phone with a variable aperture.

        • Stefan K

          If i have to believe the exif info of my SGS2:
          Diafragma 2.65
          Max. diafragma 2.81

          Diafragma 2.6386719
          Max. diafragma 2.81

          Diafragma is dutch for apature ;)

          • youareme7

            I’m not sure what’s going on there, I agree it’s strange that there two values. I looked at some EXIF for my Motorola Atrix and it says Aperture 2.8 and Max Aperture 1.55. I can guarantee with 100% certainty that the lens in the phone doesn’t stop up to f1.55, lol.

            Even though the EXIF seems to say otherwise, these devices have fixed aperture. Mine is 2.8, your S2 is 2.65, the iphone 4S is 2.4

          • Stefan K

            Hmm i checked some more photo’s and it’s all the same (all 2.65 on SGS2 photo’s and all 2.6386719 on SGS1)…

            So the max diafragma/apature is BS indeed :) Thanks for your input that’s why i looked up some more pics ;)

          • ericsorensen

            Don’t forget that the min F-stop changes with the size of the sensor. If the G-Nex sensor is larger than the I-phone, then having a higher min F-stop is probaly fine.

          • eclipsenyou

            Then why didn’t you just say aperture? Geez!

  • revangunrod

    Alton is freakin awesome. You gotta share about him being your land lord.

  • johnnybirdman

    I wonder why he was at google in the first place. Nexus Prime Beef?

  • Devinrob

    Who’s machine will reign supreme? Find out next in Verizon Stadium

  • Garrett Finley

    You’re WELCOME!!!
    Love, Garrett… ;)

  • Big R

    If the camera is a primary feature of a phone, then is a phone the primary feature of your camera? I would never give up the chance to use my DSLR over a cell phone.

    I was just on vacation at Disney World and laughed at how stupid people look taking pictures with phones and having to do it 10x over. I can easily get my DSLR in focus, correct aperture, ISO, and exposure before anyone on a cell phone can get 10% of the image quality I will get.

    Lift, turn on, adjust aperture with and exposure with the click of a button, and viola. I have a 15MB RAW and ~6MB jpeg. That can all be done by the time your phone is ready to take a picture.

    • Jeremy

      thanks for sharing that with us

    • youareme7

      As the saying goes, “the best camera is the one that’s with you”. I always have my phone with me, I definitely don’t always have my DSLR.

    • Devinrob

      Of course not everyone has an extra $1,000 to spend on a DSLR in addition to a phone.

    • surethom

      Thats like saying if you want to go on the internet carry a laptop, Its about the convenions of not carrying several devices, a digital camera is always going to be better & has a optical zoom, BUT a phone that is sold that says a good camera Should take good pictures, just look at the 4 year old sony ericsson 750 & Nokia n82 & Nokia n8 they took fantastic pictures for a phone.

      We just want good enough to show on a 32″ tv screen.

    • Steven Skwarkowski

      Although I agree and I love my Nikon for real GOOD images. Im not carrying around that 5lb lump of stuff I need to Disney World! Whats the point of going if I look like an amateur journalist and a professional nerd?

    • ericsorensen

      But can you upload your shot to facebook over 3G? I know exactly what you mean, but I carry both. On for quality, one for quick sharing.

    • Alexander Garcia

      Not everyone can afford a DSLR on top of a smartphone. Not everyone desires to carry an additional bulky device. My smartphone is always with me. I can instant-share my smartphone photos in mere seconds. I and many others will agree that the majority of us are all about convenience, efficiency, and practicality.

    • eclipsenyou

      I agree with youareme7. You’re not always carrying around your DLSR, but most people do carry their phones everywhere. Even….gasp….DisneyWorld! While I agree that I’m more likely to use my DLSR at someplace like Disney, sometimes you just don’t want to carry around a backpack full of crap. And for quick shots, my cell takes pretty damn good pics.

  • ckeegan

    Somebody get to doing some CSI/24/Eagle Eye shit with the reflection in the window behind them!

    • Joe Ibanez


      • ckeegan

        Clearly someone needs to figure out where Alton was yesterday, nevermind… (see below)

        Wednesday, October 12
        Books Inc
        301 Castro Street
        Mountain View, CA 94041
        Talk, Q&A, Booksigning

        Now that we’ve established that, it looks like a phandroid reader who goes to Santa Clara University (see left breast logo on guy’s shirt) can identify the person in the picture and figure out why he (or a friend) has the Nexus Prime. That person can then sit down for a full length video walk-through, tear down, and whatever else we’d like to know.

        UPDATE: Damn, nevermind. Apparently I was the last to know it was Denis Lynch, who works for Google.

  • trevor

    where is google and sammy at? you think that they would announce something by now if the release of ICS is really going to be within the next week

  • The_ATL_Guy

    I am going to take a huge dump and snap a pic and edit the exif to say Google Nexus 4

  • Cipher Zero

    You’re kidding me, right? I know we all want Nexus Prime news (actually, I just want a release date on the damn thing), but now you guys are seriously reaching.
    OMG! Some chef from The Food Network was near a Nexus Prime! My life is finally fully fulfilled and enriched! :/
    /end sarcasm

  • eclipsenyou

    Damn guys….it’s freakin Alton Brown not Giada De Laurentiis! If it was Giada…..NOW we’re talkin!

  • FrillArtist

    Wow. I mean, I want the next Nexus as much as the next Android fan but c’mon this is a bit ridiculous and over the top. Calm down and in due time the phone will be released. No need to act like blood hounds. “ZOMG!! THIS PIC WAS TAKEN BY TEH NEXUS PRIME!!!”

  • Patric Falinder

    Can someone call CSI so they can take the reflection on the window and enhance it so we can see how the phone looks like?

  • zeum

    I hope its a fake picture. the camera look pretty grainy and the dynamic range is pretty bad. I was pretty shocked to see the 4s pictures today. such nice shallow depth of field and deep dynamic range. still no way i would buy one though lol.